Live News
ISF: Snow has cut off the Faqra-Hadath Baalbek road. 5 hours
LBCI: The ISF Intelligence Bureau arrested Hisham al-Danab, a supporter of Ahmed al-Asir, in the al-Bustan al-Kabir area in Sidon. 5 hours
The Beirut Fire Department has managed to extinguish the blaze that erupted at the warehouse of Speza Supermarket in Zarif. 7 hours
MP Ahmed Fatfat to MTV: Dialogue with Hizbullah requires an agenda for it to be productive or else it would lead to negative results. 7 hours
MTV: Al-Nusra Front now considers that the issue of the abductees has become a minor detail compared to the military achievements it is making in the villages of Qalamun. 7 hours
MTV: A major blaze has erupted at the warehouse of a store in the Zarif area and crews from the Beirut Fire Department are trying to douse it. 8 hours
A functional hand grenade was discovered on the highway between el-Heri and Batroun and security forces removed it from the location. 8 hours
Abou Faour: I received messages from four establishments that informed us that they have worked on meeting safety standards, requesting that the inspectors make new searches to verify that they have indeed met the standards. 10 hours
Abou Faour: The health inspectors accessed establishments in Beirut's Sabra area in spite of Sunday's assault. 10 hours
Abou Faour: I believe that this campaign will bolster tourism. 10 hours
Abou Faour unveiled a restaurant syndicate booklet highlighting the standards of food safety that should be adopted, saying that he is open to proposals in this field. 10 hours
Abou Faour: The food safety campaign will continue. 10 hours
Abou Faour: The campaign may have been launched from the Health Ministry, but it has transformed into a government plan. 10 hours
Abou Faour: The campaign was aimed at rectifying the situation in the food sector. 10 hours
Pharaon: We would like to stay abreast the efforts of the Health Ministry. 10 hours
Abou Faour: I thank Pharaon for his cooperation regarding the food safety campaign. 10 hours
Pharaon: We are proud of the restaurant sector, but hope that it will be up to certain standards. 10 hours
Tourism Minister Michel Pharaon during joint press conference with Health Minister Wael Abou Faour: We are keen on safeguarding Lebanon's tourism sector. We hope that the food safety campaign would become a routine practice. 10 hours
Ex-president Suleiman from Vatican: Fundamentalism is alien to the Islamic religion and it has tried to threaten Christian presence in Lebanon. The future of Christians cannot be secured through foreign military protection or through integration with tyrannical and totalitarian regimes. 11 hours
Ex-president Suleiman from Vatican: Lebanon cannot accept to see the Holy Land being emptied of its citizens and a Jewish state being declared, as these acts are against the principle of humanity. 11 hours
Ex-president Suleiman from Vatican: I reiterate my call for all Maronite parties to put aside personal interests and elect a new president immediately. 11 hours
Ex-president Suleiman from Vatican: I exerted efforts during my presidential term to fend off extremism, which were crowned by the Baabda Declaration that has the ability to protect Lebanon. 11 hours
A ceremony to decorate former president Michel Suleiman with the Knight's Cross of the Order of Pius IX got underway at the Vatican, in the presence of Patriarch al-Rahi and Holy See dignitaries. 11 hours
The family of abducted soldier Khaled Moqbel denied receiving a call from the militants claiming they would execute him. 12 hours
Paul Jerjes Kraidy has gone missing after heading to Aqoura in Jbeil district on Monday morning for hunting. 13 hours
NNA: The family of Khaled Moqbel, one of the so-called Arsal hostages, received a phone call from the militants claiming they would execute him. 13 hours
VDL (100.5): An Ethiopian maid committed suicide after jumping from a building near Sidon. 13 hours
Speaker Nabih Berri met with Syrian Ambassador Ali Abdul Karim Ali. 13 hours
TMC: An individual was injured when his car hit a tree and flipped on its side in Hazmieh. 13 hours
OTV: The families of abducted servicemen set tires ablaze at Riad al-Solh Square. 14 hours
LBCI: Police arrested a Lebanese man who was photographing the entrances and exits of the Serail in the Akkar town of Halba. 14 hours
VDL (93.3): A man was killed and several others wounded in a traffic accident in the Akkar town of al-Jdeideh. 15 hours
A meeting was held between head of al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc Fouad Saniora and U.S. ambassador David Hale. 15 hours
Kanaan: Let the people choose their real representatives as stipulated by the constitution. 15 hours
Kanaan: The Change and Reform bloc urges all blocs to preserve Lebanon and coexistence and to steer clear of personal and sectarian interests. 15 hours
Kanaan: Parliament lacks legitimacy. 15 hours
Kanaan: The bloc made more than one initiative to end the presidential deadlock and return to the Lebanese and the Christians their right to choose a president and have a good representation. 15 hours
Kanaan: The bloc will hold open ended meetings pending a decision by the council on the extension appeal. 15 hours
Kanaan: Constitutional Council judges should preserve the constitution. 15 hours
Kanaan: The bloc will follow up the meetings of the Constitutional Council on the parliament extension appeal. Its MPs believe the judges have a historic role in ending the attack on the Constitution. 15 hours
MP Ibrahim Kanaan after the Change and Reform bloc extraordinary meeting: Letters were sent to Arab leaders last July on the implementation of the Taef Accord. 15 hours
VDL (100.5): Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi prayed for stability in Lebanon and the end of its political and economic crises. 15 hours
The Change and Reform bloc will urge the Constitutional Council to carry out its tasks and prevent any constitutional violation. 15 hours
Turkish Ambassador to Lebanon Inan Ozyildiz left the Bustros Palace without making any statement. 16 hours
VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway between FM Jebran Bassil and Turkish Ambassador to Lebanon Inan Ozyildiz. 16 hours
U.S. Ambassador David Hale left the Bustros Palace after a meeting with Minister Bassil without making any statement 16 hours
PM Salam is holding talks with the Russian ambassador. 16 hours
Ibrahim from the Grand Serail: Qatar's mediator is still functioning and the negotiations set to release the abducted servicemen are ongoing. 16 hours
Minister Boutros Harb after communications committee meeting at Grand Serail: The meeting was good and objective. 17 hours
VDL (100.5): Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil held a meeting with U.S. Ambassador David Hale at the Bustros Palace. 17 hours
VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway between PM Tammam Salam and General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim. 17 hours
VDL (93.3): PM Tammam Salam headed a meeting for the communications committee. 17 hours
TMC: A person was injured after a car hit a lighting column in Tripoli's al-Mina area. 18 hours
MP Farid al-Khazen ruled out to VDL (93.3) any link between the Iran nuclear crisis and Lebanon. 18 hours
MP Hadi Hbeish to VDL (93.3): The dialogue between al-Mustaqbal and Hizbullah will focus on the priority to elect a president and impose security. 18 hours
VDL (100.5): EDL contract workers closed the entrances of the city of Tyre with burning tires. 18 hours
ISF arrested 28 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon. 19 hours
TMC: Two vehicles collided on the Saadiyat highway causing material damage only. 20 hours