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Patriarch al-Rahi signed on a Lebanese flag as part of a petition aimed at showing solidarity with the demands of the Civil Defense volunteers. 12 minutes
The army confirmed that two bombs it dismantled in Tripoli's Nejmeh Square were set for detonation, saying the first weighed 1.5 kilos and the other 10 kilos. 1 hour
National News Agency: Speaker Nabih Berri sent a cable of condolences to Syrian President Bashar Assad over the death of his mother. 1 hour
LF deputy chief MP George Adwan: The real candidate today is General Aoun and vacuum is the main enemy for all Lebanese. 1 hour
LF deputy chief MP George Adwan: Franjieh's withdrawal would facilitate rapprochement between al-Mustaqbal and General Aoun. 1 hour
LBCI: The two bombs that were discovered in Tripoli were not set for detonation. 2 hours
VDL (93.3): The army dismantled a bomb weighing 10 kilos in Tripoli's Nijmeh square. 4 hours
Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi: We urge political and parliamentary blocs to make up their minds as soon as possible because the country is on the verge of collapse. 6 hours
MP Ibrahim Kanaan to VDL (93.3): The understandings we are reaching are aimed at protecting national unity, partnership, and balances. 8 hours
ISF: Roads leading to Kfardebian are only accessible to SUVs equipped with snow chains. 8 hours
NNA: Around 20 vehicles were stranded on the Tarshish road because of heavy snow. 22 hours
NNA: Unknown assailants teared the tires of car owned by the municipal chief of al-Hesniyeh in Akkar. 24 hours
Police said they arrested a suspect in Zahle for having 6 warrants against him. 24 hours
NNA: Police intelligence found in Akkar Jalal Ahmed al-Mouri, who had been missing in the past two days. 24 hours