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Yediot Ahronot: Hizbullah sent a message to Israel via the U.N. peacekeepers' commander in Lebanon on Wednesday night, saying the organization was not interested in further escalation and describing the ambush as "an eye for an eye" revenge for a Jan. 18 strike in Syria. 7 hours
MP Jumbat via Twitter: The operation occurred on Syrian soil seeing as the border is yet to be demarcated, and this was a very important, smart move. 7 hours
MP Jumbat via Twitter: It is clear that the resistance's operation has reminded Israel that playing with fire is costly, but this does not prevent taking the necessary measures to confront any aggression. 7 hours
EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini appealed for an "immediate cessation of hostilities" on the Lebanese-Israeli border. 8 hours
AFP: The U.N. Security Council will meet at 2100 GMT over the Israel-Lebanon flareup. 9 hours
France requested an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council to discuss the flareup of violence on the Israeli-Lebanese border. 9 hours
AFP: Dozens of citizens and leaders of Palestinian factions took part in a Gaza sit-in in support of Hizbullah's operation. 10 hours
The U.S. urged all parties to avoid escalation as it stressed that it supports “Israel's legitimate right to self defense.” 10 hours
Israeli army: Daily life must continue but citizens must heed the army's instructions. 10 hours
Israeli army spokesman: The operation was carried out carefully and the army is ready to respond. 10 hours
The U.S. State Department urged all parties to respect the Blue Line and exercise restraint in the wake of the Shebaa operation. 10 hours
MTV: The Israeli army is readying for a broad combing operation in Ghajar and Abbasiyeh and it might spread to Lebanese territory. 10 hours
LBCI: Calm is engulfing the southern towns at the moment. 10 hours
Jerusalem Post: At least five Kornet missiles were fired at the Israeli convoy from a distance of at least four kilometers. 11 hours
Netanyahu: The Lebanese government and the Syrian regime will be held responsible for the repercussions of the acts launched from their territories against Israel. 11 hours
Israel's Channel 10: The two slain troops are a major who heads a battalion and a corporal. 11 hours
Israeli media outlets said Netanyahu told the security cabinet that "Iran has been recently trying to open a front against Israel in the Golan." 11 hours
Israel's Channel 10: The convoy targeted in the Shebaa Farms was carrying senior officials who had just finished a tour of the area. 11 hours
A senior Israeli army official said that the Spanish UNIFIL peacekeeper was killed by “one of the mortar shells that we launched,” expressing “regret” over the incident. 11 hours
Mustaqbal bloc: No side has the right to usurp the government's decision regarding issues of war and peace. 12 hours
Israel informed the U.N. Security Council that it will exercise its right to defend itself and take all necessary measures to protect its residents. 12 hours
Yediot Ahronot: Isareli President Reuven Rivlin decided to cut short his U.S. visit following the events at the Shebaa Farms. 12 hours
Israeli media outlets: The convoy targeted in the Shebaa Farms consisted of non-military vehicles with the aim of camouflaging it from Hizbullah's eyes. 12 hours
Netanyahu warning against any new attacks on Israel's northern border: "We know how to respond forcefully to defend our towns, citizens and sovereignty." 13 hours
Al-Jadeed: The Israeli army informed UNIFIL that it will not carry out further strikes in response to Hizbullah's operation in Shebaa. 13 hours
Al-Arabiya: The Israeli army declared the Golan region a closed security zone. 13 hours
VDL (93.3): Salam held talks with Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq at the Grand Serail. 13 hours
Israeli FM Lieberman telephoned his Spanish counterpart and offered condolences over the death of the Spanish peacekeeper while blaming Hizbullah for the escalation. 13 hours
Geagea tweeted his condolences to UNIFIL over the death of a Spanish member during the unrest in southern Lebanon earlier on Wednesday. 13 hours
Israel's Channel 1: The security cabinet will convene at 6:30 pm. 13 hours
LBCI: Judge Germanos demanded the death penalty for Charbel George Khalil, Charbel Charbel Khalil, Juliano Saadeh, and Christian, Elie, and Mario Khalil for their involvement in the murder of Yves Naufal. 13 hours
Israel's Channel 2: The commander of a Givati Brigade unit was among those killed in the Shebaa Farms. 13 hours
Al-Jadeed: Ali Yehya Ahmed Hoblos was arrested in Bqarzla in Akkar for being affiliated with the group of fugitive cleric Sheikh Khaled Hoblos. 13 hours
The Israeli army admitted that two soldiers were killed in the Shebaa operation. 14 hours
Al-Mayadeen: The Israeli Military Censor allowed the publication of news of the death of two soldiers in the Shebaa operation. 14 hours
Salam: Lebanon stands united behind the legitimate armed forces that are tasked with defending its land, security, and people. 14 hours
Sky News Arabia confirmed that four Israeli soldiers were killed in the Shebaa Farms operation. 14 hours
MTV: Hizbullah has not yet announced its full alert, saying that less than five operatives carried out the Shebaa attack. 14 hours
Israeli media: Instructions were given in the Upper Galilee to avoid taking children to school. 14 hours
VDL (93.3): PM Salam stressed that Lebanon is committed to resolution 1701, calling on the international community to rein in Israel's aggression. 14 hours
Al-Manar: Palestinians welcomed the heroic operation in the Shebaa Farms that demonstrated Hizbullah's credibility and leadership. 14 hours
Israeli media outlets: A meeting will be held shortly between Netanyahu, Yaalon and Gantz in Tel Aviv to discuss the possible scenarios. 14 hours
Israeli army Spokesman Brig. Gen. Moti Almoz confirmed that “seven troops were lightly to moderately injured” in Hizbullah's operation. 14 hours
Iran's Revolutionary Guard on Shebaa operation: We will stand by the resistance against the Zionists. 14 hours
The Foreign Ministry condemned the Israeli shelling of Lebanese land. 14 hours
MTV: Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi contacted FM Jebran Bassil to discuss the developments in the South. 14 hours
LBCI: The suspicious car in the Saifi-Port area did not contain any explosives. 14 hours
The Israeli army announced that at least 7 troops were wounded in the Shebaa Farms operation. 15 hours
Al-Mayadeen: Israel is promoting through some TV channels the equation of asking the resistance not to build posts in the Golan in return for avoiding war. 15 hours
Israeli media outlets: Washington considered the Shebaa attack a dangerous incident but noted that it does not require a war. 15 hours
Al-Mayadeen: The attack targeted an Israeli military convoy near the border fence on the road of the occupied Bustra farm. 15 hours
A suspicious Kia car has been detected opposite the army's naval base in the Saifi-Port area and traffic has been diverted to the other lane. 15 hours
Al-Mayadeen: The Israeli army's command has called on settlers to return to their routine activities while exercising caution. 15 hours
U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Sigrid Kaag expressed “deep concern over the serious deterioration of the security situation in South Lebanon” following Hizbullah's operation. 15 hours
VDL (93.3): PM Salam is holding a series of contacts to follow up on the situation in the South. 15 hours
UNIFIL is carrying out contacts to defuse tension and exercise self-restraint. 15 hours
Hamas: Hizbullah's operation in Shebaa is a natural and legitimate response to Israel's crimes. 16 hours
Haaretz: Airports in Rosh Pina and Haifa were closed to civilian aircraft due to the escalation on the border with Lebanon. 16 hours
MTV: Two Israeli vessels entered Lebanon's territorial waters and are cruising the shore line from Naqoura to Tyre. 16 hours
Israel's Channel 10: The Israeli army is preparing to launch an incursion into southern Lebanon. 16 hours
VDL (93.3): Berri carried out a series of contacts over the Shebaa operation and he also received telephone calls from PM Salam and Army chief Jean Qahwaji. 16 hours
VDL (93.3): Gunfire was heard in the vicinity of the Grand Serail no further details have been reported. 16 hours
Berri discussed with MPs during their weekly meeting on Wednesday the developments in the South, stressing that the attack on the Israeli vehicle occurred on Lebanese land. 16 hours
Israel denied that Hizbullah captured one of its soldiers in the Shebaa Farms attack on an Israeli military vehicle. 16 hours
Shadi al-Mawlawi via Twitter confirmed that he left the Ain el-Hilweh refugee camp. 16 hours
The Spanish peacekeeper was reportedly killed in the Israeli shelling. 16 hours
NNA: An Israeli soldier was captured during the Shebaa Farm operation. 16 hours
Anatolia news agency: Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi called on the U.N. Security Council to intervene immediately to halt the deterioration of the situation on the Lebanese-Israeli border with Syria. 16 hours
Israeli media according to LBCI: Israeli jets shelled a Hizbullah position in southern Lebanon. 16 hours
The Israeli army spokesman: We consider Hizbullah responsible for the dangerous developments in the northern area. 17 hours
Geagea: We are trying to agree with the FPM on a number of principles. It appears however that in the past 24 hours that disagreements have emerged over the Lebanese army's cooperation with Syria. 17 hours
Geagea: We are working on eliminating 30 years of hate and enmity with the FPM and I believe that we have succeeded. 17 hours
Geagea: The dialogue between the LF and FPM is ongoing. We agreed on a few issues and disagreed on others that have been put aside. 17 hours
PSP chief Walid Jumblat via twitter: It seems we will enter a big stage of turmoil. 17 hours
Geagea: Hizbullah has no right to take such a step in Shebaa. 17 hours
Geagea: How can Hizbullah take such a step in Shebaa given its dialogue with the Mustaqbal Movement and its repercussions on Lebanon? 17 hours
Geagea: The Lebanese government and people will bear the consequences of the Shebaa attack. 17 hours
Geagea: Hizbullah's role in the Golan Heights does not serve Lebanon or Palestine, but it serves Iran. 17 hours
An army unit raided on Tuesday a building in Dikwaneh, arresting six Syrians, four Bangladeshis, an Iraqi and a Lebanese and seized personal weapons, ammunition, drugs in addition to robbed items. 17 hours
Geagea questioned the purpose of the Mustaqbal-Hizbullah dialogue given “the party's expansionist plans in the region and the Shebaa Farms attack.” 17 hours
Geagea: We reject any cooperation between the Lebanese army and any faction from Syria, including the regime. 17 hours
Berri called on the joint parliamentary committees to hold a session on Tuesday to discuss 10 draft-laws. 17 hours
Geagea: I salute the bravery of the Lebanese army in its border clashes with extremists. 17 hours
Geagea: The army will bear the repercussions of the Shebaa Farms operations because it has not taken any decision over the matter. 17 hours
Lebanese security source to Turkish Anadolu Agency: Hizbullah has evacuated its security positions in Beirut’s southerns suburb in preparation for a qualitative operation. 17 hours
Geagea: We are discussing the presidency during our dialogue with the FPM. 17 hours
LF chief Samir Geagea during press conference: The solution to the presidential impasse lies in having the boycotting blocs head to parliament. 17 hours
Hizbullah: An Israeli convoy, comprised of several armored vehicles and including officers, was targeted in the Shebaa Farms with the adequate weapons. 17 hours
Al-Manar: A Spanish peacekeeper was wounded in an Israeli strike on al-Abbasiyah mosque. 17 hours
MTV: Intermittent shelling on Lebanese border villages. 17 hours
Hizbullah claimed responsibility for the Shebaa Farms attack. 17 hours
Al-Arabiya: Lebanese schools in the villages near the border with Israel are being evacuated. 17 hours
Al-Arabiya: Israel declared its northern region as a military zone in the wake of the Shebaa attack. 17 hours
Al-Manar: 9 Israeli military vehicles were targeted in the Shebaa Farms attack. 17 hours
Netanyahu: Israel will retaliate with force over the Shebaa attack. 18 hours
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu according to VDL (93.3): Those who challenge Israel must remember what happened in the summer of 2006. 18 hours
Israeli media said that the army command is holding an emergency meeting in the wake of the Shebaa attack. 18 hours
Speaker Nabih Berri postponed the presidential elections session to February 18. 18 hours
Hizbullah claimed the attack against the Israeli convoy. 18 hours
Al-Arabiya: Israeli sources denied the abduction of any soldier in the cross-border operation. 18 hours
LBCI: The cross-border operation on the Israeli-Lebanese border through the planing of explosives as Israeli vehicles crossed through Shebaa. 18 hours
Lebanese security officials said Israel fired 25 artillery shells into Lebanon. 18 hours
Al-Mayadeen: At least 15 Israeli soldiers were killed in the Hizbullah attack on northern Israel. 18 hours
Sources to al-Maydeen Network: Hizbullah carried out the attack against the Israeli convoy. 18 hours
Al-Arabiya: At least 2 Israeli soldiers were killed in the attack on the military vehicle. 18 hours
Israeli media: Six soldiers were wounded, four critically, in the shelling from Lebanon. 18 hours
Israeli media: The Israeli army is investigating the possibility of the kidnapping of a soldier on the border with Lebanon. 18 hours
Lebanese source to al-Arabiya: Eight shells fired from Israel landed in southern Lebanon. 18 hours
Yedioth Ahronoth: Four Israeli soldiers were wounded in the shelling on northern Israel. 18 hours
LBCI: The Lebanese army deployed near Ghajar and combed the area. 18 hours
Al-Jazeera: Israel shelled an area near Kfarshouba. 18 hours
Haaretz said an anti-tank missile hit an Israeli military vehicle near the border with Lebanon. 18 hours
Reports that 3 people were injured in the suspected shelling in northern Israel. 18 hours
Israeli media said two cars were engulfed in flames near the border with Lebanon after a suspected shelling. 18 hours
Israel TV said several shells were fired from Lebanon on northern Israel. 18 hours
TMC: An individual was injured in a car crash on the main road of Fayda-Marj in Zahle. 19 hours
LBCI: The labor unions at Casio du Liban asked for a meeting with Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi. 19 hours
VDL (100.5): PM Tammam Salam is holding talks with the Australian Ambassador at the Grand Serail. 19 hours
Israeli media reports said the Jewish State's army began digging work on the northern border with Lebanon in search for Hizbullah tunnels. 20 hours
VDL (100.5): The ultra elite Strike Force raided the Handasa street in Tripoli's Qobbeh and detained Kh. al-Khayat and others. 20 hours
NNA: The Lebanese army arrested Palestinian Rami Lutfi al-Zankari in the camp of al-Bass in Tyre for the possession of two hand grenades. 20 hours
NNA: The ISF Intelligence Branch arrested in Zahle a suspect wanted for committing robberies and theft. 20 hours
TMC: An individual was injured after being hit by a car on the Bikfaya main road. 21 hours
Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi to VDL (100.5): It is important to keep politics away from the crisis at the Casino du Liban and reforms couldn't be made by discharging employees. 21 hours
MP Ammar Houri to VDL (93.3): The security plan should be implemented in all Lebanese territories. 21 hours
MP Robert Ghanem to VDL (100.5): There is no possibility to carry out a constitutional amendment to prevent the MPs from obstructing the presidential elections. 21 hours
NNA: Syrian national Samer Mohammed Sobhi was found dead with a shot in the head in Akkar's border town of al-Dababiyeh. 21 hours
TMC: A van collided into the traffic-light pole on al-Musharrafieh's Sayyed Hadi highway but only material damages were reported. 22 hours
TMC: A collision between four vehicles on al-Jamhour's Bsous road caused bumper-to-bumper traffic. Only material damages were reported. 22 hours
NNA: Israeli warplanes are heavily flying over the eastern sector as armors carried out unprecedented movements along the border near the Wazzani Hills and the Shebaa heights. 22 hours
ISF detained 85 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories. 22 hours
MTV: The bullet-riddled body of Aa. F. was found in Ain el-Hilweh camp. 22 hours
Gasoline prices dropped LL400 and diesel LL1,000. 23 hours