Live News
Al-Nusra Front official: The freed Lebanese soldiers are Ahmed Ghiyyeh, Ibrahim Shaaban, Saleh al-Baradei, Mohammed al-Qaderi, and Wael Darwish. 27 minutes
Al-Nusra Front official: We released 5 Sunni Lebanese soldiers who were in our captivity and they are now in Arsal. 28 minutes
The residents of the town of Mishha blocked the highway near Meniara to protest the abduction of soldier Ibrahim Mustafa Shaaban. 1 hour
Army Command: An Israeli drone crossed into Lebanese airspace and staged circular flights over the Bekaa regions of Riyaq and Baalbek. 2 hours
VDL (93.3): Families of kidnapped troops blocked the Rashaya-al-Rafid road in the Western Bekaa with burned tires. 2 hours
A group of men in the Wadi Khodr region near the Bekaa's Nahle attacked and kicked out employees of the water authority in the area who were transporting water to the neighborhood. 5 hours
Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq signed a decree to pay the municipalities' dues from the mobile phone sector's revenues. 6 hours
Telecommunications Minister Boutros Harb: A March 14 initiative concerning the presidency will be announced soon to overcome the 2-leader phase and start looking for alternatives. 6 hours
Mufti of Tripoli and the North Sheikh Malek al-Shaar: The torching of a ISIL flag at the Sassine Square was an individual act and we condemn attacking religious symbols, regardless of which sect they represented. 6 hours
NNA: The international road in Akkar was reopened but the tent set up for protests stayed in place. 7 hours
LBCI: The international highway near al-Qalamun was blocked by protesters demanding the release of the abducted troops. 7 hours
Mashnouq: Arsal is a region where clashes continuously take place and this requires important political decisions related to the presence of Syrian refugees and to dealing with the military situation. 7 hours
Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq: There is more than one party involved in the efforts to release the kidnapped soldiers. 7 hours
Muslim Scholars Committee to MTV: We are ready to back to negotiations over the kidnapped soldiers when the situation allows. 8 hours
NNA: Syrian warplanes flew over the Arsal plains and carried out strikes targeting gunmen positions in the area. 8 hours
VDL (93.3): A Kuwaiti national was abducted in Baalbek and the kidnappers are demanding a million dollars in exchange for his release. 9 hours
LBCI: MP and lawyer Ibrahim Kanaan decided to defend the youth who burnt down the ISIL flag in Ashrafieh. 9 hours
EDL: The work at the facility will not be organized unless those who are occupying it withdraw. 10 hours
OTV: Families of the kidnapped soldiers and policemen blocked Tripoli's al-Beddawi road. 10 hours
A meeting is underway between Minister Ali Hassan Khalil and U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly. 12 hours
LBCI: The relatives of Arsal captives in Talia blocked the Baalbek international highway. 12 hours
FM Bassil ordered the Lebanese missions and embassies to start preparing for the expats voting during the parliamentary election. 12 hours
MP Ziad al-Qadri to LBCI: The republic is in a difficult situation because of the current vacuum. 13 hours
The relatives of Arsal captives erected a tent on al-Abdeh highway, vowing no retreat until the release of the kidnapped soldiers and policemen. 13 hours
VDL (100.5): A Lebanese-Syrian fraud ring was busted in the Bekaa. 13 hours
The relatives of the Arsal abductees reopened the al-Labweh-Arsal road. 13 hours
Beirut police detained 10 Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians and seized 34 violating motorcycles and 9 other vehicles. 13 hours
Minister Butros Harb to VDL (93.3): The Lebanese should unite and the case of Arsal captives must be resolved away from any political interests. 13 hours
The relatives of the Arsal abductees blocked the al-Labweh-Arsal road. 15 hours
ISF detained 55 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories. 15 hours
VDL (93.3): The Lebanese army upped its measures in Arsal and the areas surrounding it to limit the movement of gunmen. 15 hours
VDL (93.3): The residents of Fneideq in Akkar blocked the road connecting Tripoli with Akkar. 16 hours
TMC: A car went up in flames on the Zouk Mosbeh highway, causing only material damage. 16 hours