Live News
NNA: Five al-Nusra Front gunmen were killed overnight in a Lebanese army ambush in Arsal's outskirts. 20 minutes
LBCI: There was cautious calm in the area of al-Saadiyet and a heavy deployment of the Lebanese army following night clashes that left several people injured. 40 minutes
Salam: I call on lawmakers to approve the pressing bills. 10 hours
Salam: I called for a cabinet session in line with my jurisdiction and I call on everyone to return to their conscience and put controversial issues aside. 10 hours
Salam: The military institution must be kept away from politics. 10 hours
Salam: I reiterate my call for the election of a new president as a first step towards immunizing the country against any possible threats. 10 hours
PM Tammam Salam during iftar banquet: Terror has no place among us and extremism has no safe haven. 10 hours
NNA: The army targeted with heavy weapons the positions of gunmen on the outskirts of Arsal. 13 hours
Mustaqbal bloc: The priority remains the speedy election of a president and it's necessary to abide by the Constitution and refrain from inventing new legal norms. 14 hours
Brother of IS-held serviceman Seif Zebian: We will block most key roads during Thursday's cabinet session to make our voice heard by the officials. 14 hours
Kanaan: We will attend the cabinet session and we will address the absence of the security appointments issue. 15 hours
Kanaan: We want the government to take action and not just make statements. 15 hours
Kanaan: We ask the government to liberate Arsal from gunmen and ask it about the measures it has taken to that end. 15 hours
Kanaan: We call for serious efforts to combat takfiri threats. 15 hours
Kanaan: The Change and Reform bloc would like to remind people that it has long warned of the rise of the takfiri threat. 15 hours
Kanaan: We should no longer ignore the people or let them down. 15 hours
Kanaan: The disregard of the people has led us to the situation where we are now. 15 hours
Kanaan: We should hold the survey because it will mark a positive precedent in Lebanon and serve as a reminder that the people exist and we should resort to them. 15 hours
Kanaan: We have taken the Kataeb's objection to the survey into consideration, but we believe that it would not violate the constitution and it should be held. 15 hours
Kanaan: Some reservations were made on some aspects of the survey. 15 hours
Kanaan: Our series of talks with officials determined that the majority support holding a survey. 15 hours
Kanaan: Such practices hinder the functioning of cabinet, especially given the situation Lebanon is passing through. 15 hours
Kanaan: It is a legal violation because it disregards the principle of the rotation of power. 15 hours
MP Ibrahim Kanaan after Change and Reform bloc's weekly meeting: The security appointments file was not present on cabinet's agenda and we therefore consider this a legal and constitutional violation. 15 hours
TMC: One person was killed and four were wounded in a collision between two vehicles on the Jbeil highway. 18 hours
LF chief Geagea: The survey proposed by MP Michel Aoun is not directed against any Christian or non-Christian political faction because it is not binding or a violation of the constitution. 19 hours
Salam: We need a medical prescription to resolve our political crisis. 19 hours
PM Salam during launch of unified medical prescription: We must all cooperate to ensure Lebanon's continuity. 19 hours
NNA: An assailant tossed a grenade at dawn in Ain el-Hilweh's grocery market. 20 hours
VDL (93.3): Army Commander Jean Qahwaji is inspecting military posts in the area surrounding Arsal. 20 hours
VDL (100.5): Israeli troops conducted patrols on the border between Kfar Kila and al-Adaisseh. 20 hours
The Red Cross said two people were injured in a traffic accident in the area of Hboub. 20 hours
VDL (100.5): Central Bank Governor Riyad Salameh said the bank encourages loans for projects that limit industrial pollution. 21 hours
Palestinian factions in the North welcomed a General Security decision to start the renewal of residency permits for Palestinian refugees from Syrian camps. 21 hours
ISF said it arrested 52 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon. 21 hours
TMC: Two people were injured in separate collisions between vehicles and motorcycles in Beirut's Damascus Road and in Khaldeh. 21 hours
The Lebanese army said seven Syrians were arrested on suspicion of belonging to terrorist organizations spread on the outskirts of Arsal. 22 hours
The Lebanese army said it arrested Syrian Walid Ahmed Youssef in an area between the towns of Labweh and Arsal on suspicion of belonging to terrorist organizations. 22 hours
MP Michel Moussa to VDL (93.3): The fate of Thursday's cabinet session is still mysterious. 23 hours
NNA: Two people were killed in a personal dispute in the Bint Jbeil town of Shaqra. 23 hours
NNA: A man was killed in a fighting between Lebanese and Palestinian drug dealers in the Farhat neighborhood that lies behind Beirut's Cite Sportive. 24 hours