Live News
VDL (100.5): The severe power rationing in the South was caused by the breakdown of 2 out of 3 units at the Zahrani power plant and the supply will return to normal on Wednesday evening. 17 minutes
National News Agency: A blaze erupted in a forest on the peripheries of the Lebanese University complex in Hadath. 2 hours
Al-Jadeed: A fire erupted on the 9th floor of a building in which Minister Hussein al-Hajj Hassan resides in Beirut's southern suburbs. 2 hours
LBCI: A man identified as Hassan Toufiq Abdul Rahman killed his son, Naii, in Hrar in Akkar over a real-estate and inheritance dispute. 5 hours
VDL (93.3): The residents of Ras Baalbek blocked the international highway to protest the “occupation of their land by gunmen.” 5 hours
A fire on the outskirts of Beino in Akkar erupted again and residents called on Civil Defense teams for aid. 6 hours
NNA: The army carried out raids in Jabal Akroum in Akkar, arresting over 30 Syrians for lacking legal documents. 6 hours
Israeli jets are flying over al-Arqoub, Hasbaya, and the western Bekaa region. 7 hours
MP Ammar Houri to Future TV: PM Tammam Salam deserves our support because he is carrying additional responsibilities given the difficult circumstances Lebanon is passing through. 8 hours
Young men residing in Old Sidon set dumpsters on fire in the area of Buwabat al-Fawqa to protest water and electricity cuts. 20 hours
A wanted 35-year-old man was arrested at the Dahr al-Baidar checkpoint for having an arrest warrant on drug charges. 20 hours
NNA: A woman was hospitalized after she was injured in a car accident in the area of Majdelyoun east of Sidon. 20 hours
NNA: The Lebanese army destroyed a vehicle transporting gunmen on the outskirts of Arsal in Khirbet Daoud. 22 hours