Live News
Al-Manar: MP Mohammed Raad has called for postponing tomorrow's cabinet session. 39 minutes
Protesters outside Bourj Hammoud landfill: There are less costly waste management solutions but the government must sack Shehayyeb and his committee. 19 hours
Deputy Speaker Makari to LBCI: We call for postponing Thursday's cabinet session and we will conduct contacts in this regard in a bid to find solutions. 19 hours
LBCI: Kanaan has arrived in Maarab for talks with Geagea. 19 hours
Reports: Pharaon has conducted contacts with Salam and the leaders of the FPM, the LF, Mustaqbal and some independent ministers, urging the postponement of Thursday's cabinet session. 19 hours
Bassil: Will our partners in the country accept a government that governs in the absence of Christians? Without all Lebanese components, Lebanon itself is absent and as a movement, we are always ready to take to the streets to defend dignity. 20 hours
Bassil: We might face a political system crisis after Thursday's session. 20 hours
Bassil: We have decided not to attend Thursday's cabinet session in order to send a warning. 20 hours
Bassil: The government is not doing anything regarding all the files. 20 hours
FPM chief Bassil after weekly meeting of Change and Reform bloc: Some people ask us why we don't resign from the government and we tell them that we don't want to plunge the country into total vacuum. 20 hours