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Hariri: A series of meetings are underway at the Grand Serail to reach decisions that serve the Lebanese. 4 hours
Nasrallah: You are wasting your time if you think you can topple the presidential term. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: Shall Hizbullah respond to demands urging us to participate in the demonstrations, we won't back down until our demands are met even if we had to stay for months in the streets. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: Hizbullah ministers totally reject taxes on the poor. 8 hours more
Nasrallah to demonstrators: Your demonstrations have born fruit and the fees on Whatsapp were withdrawn. We respect your cries but you must not deviate from your main cause. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: The demonstrations were spontaneous, nonsectarian and non political until the night. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: We do not support the resignation of the current government and the luxury of forming a new government does not exist. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: If the current government fails to address the crisis, no other government can. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: Hizbullah does not want the current government to resign. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: Hizbullah did not intend to carry out demonstrations against banks as reports claimed. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: Everyone mainly the rich must make sacrifices in order to save Lebanon. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: Addressing the economic situation with taxes will lead to a popular explosion, although the government did not take a decision on new taxes. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: There are a number of options ahead to counter the crisis without imposing taxes. Saying the country has economically collapsed are totally not true. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: Officials must realize the people's inability to tolerate new taxes. Some in power thought that raising taxes can pass again like before, but the demonstrations relayed a message to officials that they wont tolerate that anymore. 8 hours more
Nasrallah: The Lebanese must be responsible enough to counter the economic crisis through vigilance. 9 hours more
Nasrallah: Everyone must shoulder his responsibility and coordinate efforts to find a solution. You may not rule the country for the last 30 years and turn the blame on others today. 9 hours more
Nasrallah: The current crisis is not something new, it has been accumulating for the last ten or twenty years. 9 hours more
Nasrallah: Some officials are relinquishing their responsibilities and throwing the blame on others. 9 hours more
Nasrallah on demonstrations: Everyone in the authority and outside the authority must shoulder their responsibility for how things turned out in the country. 9 hours more
Nasrallah marking Imam Hussein's 40-day mourning commemoration. 9 hours more
Nasrallah: I extend my gratitude to all those who came to Baalbek from various towns in Bekaa and other Lebanese regions. 9 hours more
Policemen and army troops have forcibly disperesed protesters in Beirut's Riad al-Solh Square and made a large number of arrests. 22 hours