Live News
MTV: The Qatari envoy returns tomorrow morning to the outskirts of Arsal to complete the second round of negotiations about the soldiers 24 minutes
Information to the LBCI: The Qatari envoy, who is in the outskirts of Arsal, received the list of demands of the soldiers' kidnappers 25 minutes
MTV quoting George Adwan said: Berri informed me that he wants a national pact voting on the extension of the parliament's term and not only with the presence 27 minutes
LBCI: The brother of one of the abducted soldiers by al-Nusra Front said to the Anatolia News Agency that Al-Nusra and the Islamic State are responding and we are waiting for good news 1 hour
Army: A rocket and five explosives were discovered in the vegetable market in Tripoli. 2 hours
The army arrested F. Hoblos and F. Ibrahim after a chase and a shootout during a raid on Zouk al-Habalisa. 2 hours
Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi: We will not fear for the future of Lebanon against any group as long as we stand united to defend it. 3 hours
MTV: The army arrested two supporters of Sheikh Hoblos in Akkar. 3 hours
The army announced that it seized weapons, RPGs, sniper rifles, and ammunition belonging to Sheikh Bilal Diqmaq in Tripoli's Abi Samra neighborhood. 3 hours
NNA: The army carried out raids in Zouk al-Habalisa amid reports that it searched the house of F.Hoblos. 3 hours
KVA company: An armed group robbed some of the company's equipment as they were being transported to Brital. 4 hours
MTV: The army raided the residence of Yehya Hoblos, the relative of Sheikh Khaled Hoblos in Zouk al-Habalisa-Halba, where it found weapons and ammunition. 4 hours
VDL (100.5): Director of the Islamic charitable hospital Azzam Aswad was assaulted and his office was vandalized by an individual whose child was not admitted at the facility. 5 hours
Al-Jadeed: Speaker Nabih Berri held talks with MPs George Adwan and Nicolas Fattoush on extending parliament's term. 5 hours
LBCI: The army dismantled 5 explosives, probably used in the recent Tripoli clashes, near al-Rashwani mosque in the city's grocery market. 5 hours
NNA: A bomb was found during an army search operation at the grocery market in Bab al-Tabbaneh. 6 hours
LBCI: The army seized arms from the house of Bilal Deqmaq's father in Tripoli. 6 hours
Al-Jadeed: The army carried our raids in Fnaideq in looking for suspects, searching the residence of solider Akoumi who was killed in al-Dinniyeh while searching for his brother. 6 hours
Al-Jadeed: The army raided the residence of an EDL employee in Brital in the wake of the kidnapping of two company drivers. 6 hours
VDL (100.5): The army drew a tight dragnet around Othman bin Affan mosque in Tripoli's al-Mina after a suspicious car was found parked in the area. 8 hours
Firefighters are battling a blaze that broke out at a power transformer in Dohat Aramoun. 8 hours
The army command said the military arrested on Thursday night several people suspected of attacking soldiers and seized arms and ammunition from a depot in Tripoli. 8 hours
Al-Jadeed: The Brital truck drivers were released. 9 hours
Minister Boutros Harb from parliament: We will have to accept an exceptional extension of parliament's term pending the election of a president. 9 hours
LBCI: Al-Nusra and IS agreed not to give the Lebanese authorities a list of their demands pending their approval of a swap. 9 hours
LBCI: A shell from Syrian territories landed on a house in the Akkar town of al-Dbabiyeh, causing material damage. 10 hours
OTV: Armed men took two trucks at Brital's entrance over a dispute between a former contractor and the electricity company. 10 hours
VDL (100.5): The Qatari mediator negotiated at dawn with al-Nusra and IS and later briefed the related authorities in Beirut. 10 hours
TMC: An individual was injured in a collision between 2 vehicles on Zahle highway. 11 hours
NNA: The Lebanese army raids continued in Akkar's Bhennine and has so far arrested a number of wanted individuals. 11 hours
TMC: The Syrian driver of a truck died after the vehicle flipped over on the main road of Nabatiyeh-Kfar Dajal. 11 hours
MP Yassine Jaber told VDL (93.3) that there should be serious work to guarantee a unity, which would give the Lebanese army moral and political support. 12 hours
ISF arrested 84 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon. 12 hours
LBCI: 2 Syrians were arrested in Ras al-Dekwaneh during a joint army and municipality raid. 13 hours
Ex-PM Hariri donated $20 million for reconstruction efforts in clashes-hit Tripoli and Bhannine. 24 hours
National News Agency: A shell fired from Syria landed in the outskirts of the Lebanese town of al-Dabbabiyeh. 24 hours