Gadhafi to Contact Group: Libyan People Will Step on Your Decisions


Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Friday said that the recognition by Western and regional powers of the rebel National Transitional Council was of no significance.

"Recognize the so-called National Transitional Council a million times: it means nothing to the Libyan people who will trample on your decisions," he said in a message to thousands of his supporters in Zliten, 150 kilometers east of Tripoli.

He was speaking after Western and regional powers meeting in Istanbul boosted the rebels by designating them Libya's legitimate rulers, a move that gives them access to vital funds.

The fourth meeting of the Libya contact group also saw a fresh call on Gadhafi to go after more than four decades in power.

In a message relayed by loudspeaker, Gadhafi said he could not imagine the day when "the heroic Libyan people would be represented by a fistful of traitors who opened the doors of Benghazi to crusaders.

"Nobody can represent the Libyan people, not even Gadhafi. The people will therefore trample on your decisions," he said.

The embattled leader said he was giving one "last chance" to NATO, which has bombed loyalist positions since March.

"I have five million Libyans ready to die," he said.

"I have yet to grant them the green light to march against you. I give you one last chance to stop your operations and I ask the traitors in Benghazi to turn themselves in or scram."

He accused the leaders of Britain, France and Italy of "seeking to create a disaster for Europe, the Mediterranean and all of humanity by launching a crusade against the peaceful Libyan people."

He singled out French President Nicolas Sarkozy, slamming him for destroying the "common interests of France and Libya."

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Missing ramezg 9 years

Bla bla bla. He should try listening to himself on tape some day, maybe he would then realize how childish his rehetoric is. He has yet to grant his five million citizens the green light to march? How pathetic.