Lebanese Belly-Dancer Raises Eyebrows after Performing with Israeli Heavy Metal Band


Israeli heavy metal band Orphaned Land performed alongside Lebanese belly dancer Johanna Fakhri at the Hellfest music festival in the western French town of Clisson on Sunday, according to France24.

“Cooperating with belly dancers has become a trademark for the band, which makes a point of using its music to bring Israelis and Arabs closer together,” France24 reported.

But this was the first time the group shared a stage with a Lebanese artist, it added.

“The gesture is far from inconsequential. Lebanon and Israel remain technically at war. The Jewish state is considered an enemy and any dealing with Israelis is considered criminal under Lebanese law” the news agency commented.

Orphaned Land lead singer Kobi Fahri told Israeli website Ynetnews that it was Fakhri who had insisted on bringing the flags onstage, despite his concerns that she would be criticized in her homeland.

Online videos of the performance have sparked a wave of comments, ranging from admiration to shock and anger, noted France24.

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Default-user-icon Youssef Haddad (Guest) almost 9 years

Melhem Barakat praised Assad , the butcher of Syria, and claimed that he was the best president Syria could have. Now this is appalling and not a common dancer who dances on the tunes of an israeli band!

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) almost 9 years

what do u think?this never happened b4 siding openly with hizballah and iran/syria...one extremism lead to another.
nagib is doing belly dancing to syria/iran,confirming the respect of lebanon for international law and hassoun denying even the calling of tribunal ,if it's not political belly dancing, its what??????????

Thumb canaanite almost 9 years

They all look drugged....
And anybody else find it insulting that the Lebanese flag was smaller than the Israeli flag?
Seems everybody wants to use Lebanon for their own personal gain...including this pot head in red...She must be Aounist...

Thumb canaanite almost 9 years

and that music is shit...!!

so too is her dancing

Default-user-icon Oscar (Guest) almost 9 years

Oh stop your silly comments, wherever you travel Lebanese and Jews (including isrealis) work together and in many cities live in the same neighborhoods....

Missing mirvete11 almost 9 years

I don’t see anything wrong with it. In advance, don’t try to label me Zionist as really I don’t care....

Missing roger almost 9 years

She lives in France and free to danceno restriction -

Thumb benzona almost 9 years

Bravo madame Fakhri, vous êtes bien plus courageuse que les politicards véreux du pays dont vous portez si bien le drapeau. Ce sont des qualités telles que les vôtres qui manquent cruellement dans ce monde. La paix est la seule issue...

Default-user-icon Ahla (Guest) almost 9 years

I don't care who sided with Iran or Syria. I don't care if you think they're enemies or traitors. That is not the point. The point is that this belly dancer danced with a state considered an enemy of Lebanon and even expressed political notions. That is not acceptable. Forget everything and look at this.

Default-user-icon john101 (Guest) almost 9 years

Lebanon is at war with Israel. In other words you mean, Hizbullah is at war and using it as a means to control Lebanon.

Many Lebanese in the west do business and work alongside Jews. Especially in the US. So what is the big deal.

Israel is our enemy, trying to control us with its weapons. Syria is our "friend" trying to control us through HZB nowadays and in the past through its army, assassinations, explosions etc. So what is the difference. Nothing. Just a label.

Default-user-icon Muhamad (Guest) almost 9 years

At least she was dancing with a Lebanese flag not with Syrian or Iranian flags, like many of hezboshaitan do. Why some Lebanese have the privelage to serve the interest of the Syrian and Iranian above the Lebanese people interest and a woman can't dance with Lebanese flag on stage. I really dont see a problem.
The real problem in Lebanon is Hezbollah and their crimes against the Suni moslem including their terrorist activities.

Default-user-icon mike (Guest) almost 9 years

on applaudit les deux artistes qui ont le courage de chanter et danser que la paix est plus importante que la guerre...

Missing khanzir almost 9 years

@canaanite, music is shit?!? have you ever heard orphaned land? the studio recordings of course? Freaking israelis know our music better than us, show me one Lebanese band that can do what they do! plz separate between your opinions about arts which i do not respect for a good reason, and your political opinions.

Default-user-icon Andrew (Guest) almost 9 years

I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with it. I am with 14 March. I hate Israel more than anyone including our bearded friend in the Baalebek. That being said, not to be narrowed minded, having a problem with the Israeli government does NOT mean that you need to hate its people. What did they do to you? Did they blow up school and bridges or was it the politicians in Tel Aviv? Further, the same story goes for the cowards in Syria. I Despise Syria more than anything but I have no problem with its people. What is happening in there now is nothing short of a massacre...
In short, try and be opened minded about the situation. You have people trying to show the world that people can coexist regardless of their differences, beliefs, and religions...If music is a way to show the world that peace is possible, than I am totally with it. Open up your eyes people...Open up your eyes...

Default-user-icon Danny B. (Guest) almost 9 years

This is the difference between us.
While Arabian world is keeping a boycott office supported by the Arabian tax payers and chasing after those trading with the "Zionist Entity-Israel" and god forbids if someone will find Israeli goods in the market or listen to Israeli music, we in Israel can consume freely Arabian goods. myself I like to drink Arak Zahlawin, listening to Lebanese music and singers.
Iove Fairuz , Have been in Jordan and saw the performance of MaJda El Roumi (a performance I'll never forgett) Love Haifa Wahbi.
Can listen freely their CD's in my car and nobody will threaten me for that.
It seems that the Arabian world is going backwards instead of forward . After 65 years of independence they still dreaming of liquidating Israel.
Well, keep on dreaming while i'll continue listening to the Lebanese music and consume good Arak.

Missing future_vision almost 9 years

''We are all brothers and sisters at the end..''

neighbors who want to live in peace and security, have economic and technological and university research exchanges, trade goods and services.. share our natural gaz resources equitably.. build railways that connect the countries ..

do u realize how many investors will be attracted to the middle east and tourist will come to visit Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Lebanon at the same time going by car, bus or train ? the economic boom it can create and better lives for everyone

It will start with Israel and Palestine Peace process.. both will have to recognize each countries and probably it will happen in regards to the borders of 1967 but with some modifications to it .. then peace between Lebanon and israel and syria and israel..

This Lebanese dancers have balls to do that because it is going to be difficult for her to come to Lebanon now ... at least she is starting the dream I have ..

Thumb canaanite almost 9 years

let me clarify... I am pro M14 maronite.... I am for peace with Israel (and Syria), and want HA's weapons gone...

But I can't dance with the stranger who attacks me and my family, no matter how many issues I have with my brothers...

Missing mirvete11 almost 9 years

You don't have to clarify your point of view, we believe in democracy, freedom and exchange of point of view.

Default-user-icon Andrew Hajj (Guest) almost 9 years

I don't care what prehistoric monkeys in lebanon say, this footage is awesome!!!!!

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) almost 9 years

john101: You can consider me as your enemy. I don't feel same.
My concern is to raise my children in peace.
Same feeling shared by many Israeli.
Can assure you that in case borders will be quiet from Lebanese side toward Israel and no threats Hezbulla rockets of missiles I will be the 1st to stand at Phatma crossing or Nakura and object any provocation from Israeli side.
I'm ready to share the exploration benefit of gas and oil by both countries.
I'm not ready my house and family will be threaten by Iranian's messengers whom are ready to fight till the last drop of blood of innocent Lebanese.
Have been to Lebanon in the 80th and unfortunately not as a tourist.
You have a beautiful country and the name "Switzerland of the Mediterranean " is correct. what a pity all can be destroyed by non responsible and coward leaders. Both nations suffered too much from the an-necessary wars and bloodshed. time to grow as conflict between both countries is much smaller used to be with Jordan or Egypt

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) almost 9 years

john101: You can consider me as your enemy. I don't feel same.
My concern is to raise my children in peace.
Same feeling shared by many Israeli.
Can assure you that in case borders will be quiet from Lebanese side toward Israel and no threats Hezbulla rockets of missiles I will be the 1st to stand at Phatma crossing or Nakura and object any provocation from Israeli side.
I'm ready to share the exploration benefit of gas and oil by both countries.
I'm not ready my house and family will be threaten by Iranian's messengers whom are ready to fight till the last drop of blood of innocent Lebanese.
Have been to Lebanon in the 80th and unfortunately not as a tourist.
You have a beautiful country and the name "Switzerland of the Mediterranean " is correct. what a pity all can be destroyed by non responsible and coward leaders. Both nations suffered too much from the an-necessary wars and bloodshed. time to grow as conflict between both countries is much smaller used to be with Jordan or Egypt

Default-user-icon Borat (Guest) almost 9 years

Why is the Israeli flag bigger than the Lebanese?

Default-user-icon Jamal A. (Guest) almost 9 years

Where is the hell the "scandal" in this news??? When the very masters of our president & prime minister & speaker plus Aoun (see Fayez Karam), eg the Assads clan & the funbamentalist dictator in Tehran, have the most official and vital continous relations with Israel!!! So go to bed, you the "scandalized" & understand that Lebanese brains are not washable, unlike 8 Qadhâr enslaved brainlets..

Missing mirvete11 almost 9 years

It seems as if same people are using many names to post comment?????

Default-user-icon Jamal A. (Guest) almost 9 years

لكل المتبكبكين الوطنجين هواة الشوربة العفنة التنديدية بالعدو والمُدينة للصهيونة والناهقة بالقضية الفلسطينية وغير ذلك من الطبيخ الأهبل العفن نقول بالمشبرح : فكوا عن ظهرنا وحلّوا عن سمانا باسطوانتكم المهترئة. خاصة انكم من اذيال سلطان الاجرام وذابح العرب بمئات الآلاف سيدكم الأرنب الجولاني المدعو "أسد". وهو رب العمالة لإسرائيل ومدين لها ببقاء عائلته الحجرية متسلطة برقاب العرب. كما أن حكامكم الحاليين في هذا البلد المفجوع المسمى لبنان ولا واحد منهم إلا ويعتاش ويرتزق من العمالة والخيانة في جميع الاتجاهات. حلّوا عن سماواتنا وروحوا بلّطوا كل مجارير الضاحية ومراحيض جحورها مع مخلوقاتها. اسرائيل تحارب اعداءها بشراسة، لكنها لم تذبح مئات آلاف الاسرائيليين يوماً. وهذا الفرق الشاسع بينها وبين من يجرؤ بعد على المناداة بالعروبة والبلوط. جمال العوض، سني بالأب وشيعي بالأم. ولبناني 14 آذاري غصباً عن كل الأنوف.ببالتالي، روحوا بلطوا هونيك شغلة. صرماية هذه الفنانة فيها مرؤة وشجاعة ألف مرة أكثر من "حكومة" 8 قاذار.

Thumb Marc almost 9 years

Arabs/Lebanese and Israelis live in close communities and do a lot of business together throughout the world....... And eat at each other's restaurants...... And that is a fact...... Nothing new in this story except thepicure taken! Generally speaking, artists from both sides call for peace and harmony among all

Thumb Marc almost 9 years

Arabs/Lebanese and Israelis live in close communities and do a lot of business together throughout the world....... And eat at each other's restaurants...... And that is a fact...... Nothing new in this story except thepicure taken! Generally speaking, artists from both sides call for peace and harmony among all

Default-user-icon Jeanne D'arc (Guest) almost 9 years

Johanna Fakhri, cette traitresse, mérite d'être tondu pour avoir dansé avec ce bande israelien au Hellfest (festival satanique anti-Christ)! Tfuh 3aleyké! On doit la déchoir de la nationalité Libanaise.

Default-user-icon sacre (Guest) almost 9 years

According to the law Lebanon and Israel remain technically at war.
Change the law then. mister Berri!
Why :
a- your master Hassouna will never dare shooting the smallest bullet towards Israel for tne newt 300 years. He has learnt his lesson. Therefore he is at peace. He can always bark.
b- the palestinians and the israelis are at peace. Forget the Hamas. it is an instrument of Iran.
c-Egypt Jordan Qatar Tunisia Morocco.... account for more than 60% of the so called Arab population and have diplomatic relations with Israel.
d- You don't know the number of Lebanese people living in Europe that have visited Israel for religious purposes or business (information and technology), I know. They come back absolutely amazed.

FINALLY let us stop the bullshit.
The Assad's stance towards Israel justified the dictatorship. Horseshit. Now that the regime will change, new Syria will be at peace with Israel.

Missing undefined almost 9 years

I don't mind, but the lebanese flag should have been the same size as the israeli flag.

remember that not all israelis support what their government and army is doing. some of them support peace, support the creation of a palestinian state with east jerusalem as its capital, support the return of refugees etc.

while i wholly reject israeli violation of lebanese sovereignty and various other aggressions, i don't have anything against israelis that want a fair and just peace with its neighbors

Default-user-icon SINBOY (Guest) almost 9 years

Too All The Retards that are brainwashed. Many of you and i mean MANY of YOU live outside of lebanon ie: Europe, North AMerica, South America, Africa etc.. Your Next Door Neighbour is a bleeping Jew, your BOSS is a JEW, the gov in the country you live in is controled by a majority of JEWish decendants. Therefore, you ill retards are and should follow the rule of your stupid countrymen that brainwashed you that israel is an enemy, thus you are forbidden to live anywhere in the world, work, and socialize because dealing with a jew on a daily basis in europe and americas etc is a given any moment. so following your reatrded brainwash you should stay home collect welfare ( from a jew worker) ad not live a nromal life all just because SOME BLEEPIG RETARD Brainwashed you. Get a grip you ridicule people. if you were born a jew, where is your fult in all of this? who on earth are you to dictate to me who i should and should not talk to , work with, marry, love, hate, befriend with?

Default-user-icon Mohammad Beiruti (Guest) almost 9 years

Cheap, disgusting, dirty and filthy. What else can be said about her? There will never be any peace with israel as peace and israel are two opposites. Its very existence is based on land theft, war, massacres and ethnic cleansing. And what i find insulting is how many maronites on naharnet will claim that their political party is the defender of christianity yet at the same time defend a bellydancer performing with the children of satan. Since when does christianity allow bellydancing in public like this? Is this how virgin mary acted? Since when does christianity support heavy metal and rock concerts? Since when does christianity support dancing with the children of satan as jesus (3alayhi al salam) called jews???? SHAME SHAME SHAME on you.

Default-user-icon Fouad (Guest) almost 9 years

What a terrible performance! They both suck!

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) almost 9 years

To: Mohammad Beiruti. I'm a Jew and reading your post I can see that even in 5 thousand of years from now with Jew haters like you there will never be peace. Must tell you that if no Jews you would have continued sleeping with your goats and sheep.
What did people like you donate to the world except of spreading hate, bloodshed and incitement? you are not guilty, your parents are.
They are guilty for bringing to the world an Imbacil with IQ of an ape.
You are the outcome of using a 2nd hand condom.
People like you should have replace my grandfathers and grandmothers who went to heaven through the Auschwitz chimneys.
Guess who run to help the Nazis? the Mufti Hag Amin El Husseini let his soul be rotten in hell together with people like you.
Wishing you be a Shahid and instead of meeting 70 virgins in heaven you will meet one virgin 70 years old but in hell.

Thumb aless almost 9 years

hehe, how ridiculous and fanatic some people are..
well let me tell u this: I WAS THERE at the Hellfest.. I was in the front row at the Orphaned Land performance, holding my Lebanese flag.. and guess what? all the band members had their thumbs up for me.. and Johanna, the brave belly dancer, she was more than happy glad to see another lebanese person supporting her.
moreover, there was an iraqi dude next to me holding his iraqi flag
and i met israeli people there and u seriously dunno how happy they were to meet lebanese people
so to all of u fanatic retards out there, Kobi (orphaned land's vocalist) said it clear: music is the religion..
so get over it!!

Thumb aless almost 9 years

to Jeanne D'arc: ferme la geule! Johanna rocks! et puis, le hellfest est satanic?? hahahaha, nice joke.. 3anjadd ba3d fi hal2add 3alam ignorant w retarded?? ma7ada ghayrik malezem ykoon lebnene ya ************ ;)

Default-user-icon SAMRA (Guest) almost 9 years

samra ya samra chAgalne hawaki

Thumb shab almost 9 years

Who cares? Nxyt will see Hizib Mossad # 1 dancing in his brown dishdash and black turban singing halelluja

Default-user-icon Joseph-LEB (Guest) almost 9 years

its time to learn that its only through peace and through forgiveness and loving your enemies that you could achieve something in the middle east, am shocked to read the comments on this video. to be honest with this mentality we will never be able to find peace and security. does this band represent the zionist government and its wars against our country? surely not. this very act itself with the lebanese flag shows the inentions of peace from the anti-war pro peace people in palestine. are we all hisbolla ? are we all Qaeda? are we all lthe lebanese forces or aounists? surely not. and we look forward to a time where the only means to solve a conflict is through hard work and honest love. all my love to everyone who commented on this. i guess i understand the reasons but we should look further than a metal band and a belly dancer.

Default-user-icon Enima (Guest) almost 9 years

dancing for peace when our children have been butchered by Israel for more than 30 years, what the hell is wrong with you people? What Peace?Israel (Palestine) is based on hatred ,and blood shed They just that woke up one day and said lets take this land,and another day said lets take some more and more,and shame one you Lebanese that accept such a thing..

Default-user-icon ummagumma (Guest) almost 9 years

SHAME ON YOU JOANNA! the band sucks big time...the vocalist looks like a junkie as much as she is...orphaned land? thank god they didn't name it Promised Land cos it will never be theirs...bunch of terrorists, women and children killers...

Default-user-icon Enima (Guest) almost 9 years

To danny ! Only a zionist would think that if you talk about israel then you have a problem with jew,Beiruti said nothing about jews you ignorant ass.Jews are welcome o live anywhere they want, The problem is something called Israel that invaded us over and over again.Talking to us about Hezbullah rockets,where were hezbullah when Israel 1st invaded Lebanon? they didnt even exist you .The resistance formed when israel attacked,invaded and killed our children and TRIED and i emphasize on Tried to take our land.Now trying to steal our gas, water and still occupies part of our lands. So piss off and try some other argument.

Default-user-icon Lancelot DuLac (Guest) almost 9 years

What?! She danced in the vicinity of Israeli performers? She should be hanged by the umbilical cord for high treason! What if Israelis were to learn her dance moves? How can we possibly protect our country from Zionist plots if belly-dancing, our most lethal war tactic, is no longer a secret?

No divine victory the next time around. They'll rock'n'roll all over us!

Default-user-icon HELL_MAN (Guest) almost 9 years

It is called HELL FEST.
When you are in Hell do you care who dances with who?

Thumb ado.australia almost 9 years

No big deal. The israeli flag larger than the Lebanese flag, i think is most of the controversy. Jews love our food and culture. i know many of them in Australia who cant get enough, especially hommous and falafel. Lebanese are proud of our culture, food and music, and we love to share this culture, but they are politicizing it with the flags... which to many, represents Lebanese acceptance of Israeli policy. take the flags out and you take out the politics.

Danny B. i would love to believe you that you would stand at the fatima gate, but the spin doctors will always be able to convince the Israeli public that poor innocent israel is defending against the evil on the borders. there just doesn't seem to be any public desire for peace in Israel anymore... especially after electing the most fanatical, extremist government in Israeli history.

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) almost 9 years

Ado: Australia-It seems that you don't know the Israeli people.
If we believe that a war isn't justified we'll oppose it same as myself and many other of the Israeli people did.
I was in 1982 war in Lebanon and agreed for the reasons the war started, as Lebanon turned into shelter for terrorist against Israel.
Most of the terror acts planed and executed from Lebanon and you can't deny it. but after we reached Beirut and PLO left to Tunisia the public opinion changed also due to many casualties.
I participated in the demonstration at Tel Aviv against Sabra and Shatila massacre although it was done by Christians but we the IDF was responsible for letting Christians in as we were thinking from European eyes and not Mediterranean.
About our extreme government , you should know that if was a moderate government in Israel they could not move, only this government is able to give back territory and evacuate settlements, same as was with Begin who gave back all Sinai and destroyed settlements,

Default-user-icon mrbrain (Guest) almost 9 years

The Lebanese values have an identity and value crisis....The belly dancer is just a low life who wants to get some credit that's it that's all....now the important point in this is the culture hijacking...The tabouleh, homos and falafel are being sold as israeli traditional cuisine!!!!! the song is of Arabic origin....Most likely this cheap belly dancer is not aware of anything ..making few dollars here and there is her objective....an interview with her will reveal her intellectual level...cheers

Thumb tar_de_moutonnoir almost 9 years

I admit that I know nothing about this band and that their motives may be good but the bottom line for me is that it is completely inappropriate for her to be performer with an Israeli group considering the history and continued suffering of the Arab world Muslim, Christian and other at their hands. If this group were to disavow Israel or publicly stand against its actions, in other words if its members are honest an enlightened then I would b supportive of it. But so long as they are occupying Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian territory and conspiring against Arabs all across the ME then "Bringing Arabs and Jews together" is meaningless.

Thumb ado.australia almost 9 years

Danny b. I agree that a right wing conservative Likud leaders have it easier than the left, when talking peace and dismantling of settlements. But let's not kid ourselves. The Sinai desert is very different than the west bank. Even gaza is much easier to disengage from. Who is going to remove the Hebron jewish settlement? Also you need the will and conviction that what your doing is right. Bibi and the fm lieberman have no such ambition. Lieberman is of the ultra orthodox shas... The same which justifies and authorizes the preemptive killing of gentiles or non Jewish civilian and children. One the rabbis was recently briefly arrested for inciting this violence that killing non Jews is not murder! This is what the Israeli government has become... Al Qaida type religious fanatics.

Missing mabboud almost 9 years

Danny B... Stop with your bedtime stories about the mufti of Jerusalem (http://www.monde-diplomatique.fr/2010/05/ACHCAR/19109) which is pure propaganda and u know that.

In fact, Arabs protected jews during WWII all over north Africa and in the ME!!!

The Tora can't be considered as a proof that it's the land of jews it is simply ridiculous. U know perfectly well also that Zionist started killing arabs & ethnic cleansing operations started before the creation of a Jewish state (helped by the sentiment of guilt of Europeans)... Jews is not a superior race, we're all humans and stop ur "Aryan" speech...

If your grandparents died in Nazi camps, it's not our problem and u should blame the democracies that r helping Israel kill palestinians and steal arab land, they r responsible not Arabs!!!

We and all arabs are not guilty whatsoever of what was done to Jews during WWII but Zionist are certainly guilty for the many Palestinians expelled or dead... STOP ur stupid propaganda!!!

Default-user-icon Mohammad Beiruti (Guest) almost 9 years

Danny, you remind me of a barking dog. Spare us your proganda, its dead. It never worked except on those every people who put you in gas chambers and then felt guilty about it as well as on wannabes who think that acting civilized means dancing to zionist propaganda. You will never be accepted in the middle east. Its people like you that have turned people against jews, you have confirmed what the prophets and God said about jews. Had you never have made an israel in the middle east in 1948 then nobody would be hating you, but you chose to fulfil the prophecy regarding your own destruction, you chose the path of destruction. Even if you were to find a million arabs dancing to your propaganda parties in their ignorance (you never will), it still wouldnt save you. Enjoy the future, because we certainly will enjoy our liberated lands and zionazi free middle east. Look what you did to America, it is on its way to bankruptcy thanks to you, over 50 million americans dont have food!

Default-user-icon Mohammad Beiruti (Guest) almost 9 years

to alles, your the fanatic one who thinks that if a jew steals our property, lands, culture then we should thank him because at the end of the day he only did it because he thought it was nice and now he wants to be friends with us as long as he can keep what he stole and not be sorry about all the harm he caused. This is the logic of ignorants like you who think they are impressing the europeans by their puppet speaches. You have no principles nor understanding of history and at the end of the day, people like you are irrelevent because your ignorant and have no cause in life except to dance and follow satan. You said it yourself, you consider music to be religion so go follow your religion, meanwhile Muslims and real Christians will follow God instead of cheering a filthy fame-seeking belly dancer bcuz she was chosen by a satanic propaganda band to do some cultural propaganda for israel in the name of "peace".

Thumb aless almost 9 years

please don't delete this, i have the right to defend myself.. i dunno why i'm doing this but still
to mohamad beiruti: i replied to u before but apparently they removed my comment: 1) respect my friend, she's a great person
2) no1 told the palestenians to sell their land and it's not even my prob!!!! and i dont care about any of that shit!!
3) speaking of religion.. according to u, i'm a satanic?? haha, nice joke.. even if i were satanic, that's none of ur business.. u be a good muslim puppet and i will worship whoever i want
3) i'm christian and Jesus told me to love my enemies (apparently i know the bible!!) so i here i am loving my enemies and respecting the word of god
thank u :D

Default-user-icon SOmeone (Guest) almost 9 years

I wish her family and all the jackasses who support her to suffer for only one week of the zionist seige, and slaughter and brutality...MAYBE when they lose a mom or a 1 year old son will change their minds.
I'm sunni, i'm from beirut and I really dispite Hariri family for what they did to Beirut... I just wish they never existed...

Default-user-icon MrBrain (Guest) almost 9 years

Lebanese are divided and most of the time their opinion is not based on common sense.
Many arguments are brought up from proponent and opponent. To make it simple, the Lebanese government has defined Israel as an enemy -PERDIOD- Can anyone tell me why a Lebanese citizen defy the will of his government and the majority of his people? Again like I had explained before the dancer might have done that for personal interest…condemning her act could solve the problem…but what is shocking here is the emergence of proponents…guys can’t you take some time to think and come up with unbiased non sectarian judgment…. The religious hatred and ignorance is behind the Lebanese division…..Again it’s a self destructive weakness

Thumb aless almost 9 years

dear all,
1) the Hellfest was more than amazing: 3 days of camping, Metal and beer.. life couldn't get any better.. I'm definitely going back next year
2) when it comes to Metal, put politics aside and show some respect b/c Metal unites us all.. Israeli and Lebanese people were more than happy to meet there
3) much respect to Orphaned Land and Johanna.. great performance \m/
4) to all opponents and the attackers of Danny B.. no comment for such mentality.. we won't go that low..

Default-user-icon Moe (Guest) almost 9 years

it's about time that every single lebanese person stops relating himself to a leader or a political icon , it's about time that guys should worry about the importances of life rather than how to dominate with your religious conceptions and beliefs ... Lebanon and it's citizens are rather in a denial state of mind where they think of themselves as superiors where in fact they are nothing but sheep following the shepherds , but ill tell ... your shepherd are more lost and funny than all of you ...

By the way .. i'm lebanese .