Feltman: I Have Been Told that Search is Underway to Find Hariri Murder Suspects


U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said that he had been informed that a search is underway for the four suspects in ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s assassination case.

In an interview with al-Hurra TV, Feltman said that the search for the four Hizbullah members against whom arrest warrants were issued by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon was “the responsibility of the Lebanese government.”

The behavior of Premier Najib Miqati’s cabinet is the best test on whether Lebanon will support the tribunal or not, he said.

Feltman announced that Washington could continue to support the Lebanese Armed Forces if they remain committed to preserving the sovereignty of all Lebanese territories.

On the recent conflict between Israel and Lebanon on oil and natural gas fields, the diplomat told al-Hurra that the dispute and counter accusations over aggression on each other’s economic zones is not worrying.

“This has always been the situation,” he said, hoping that the two countries’ reliance on the U.N. to demarcate their maritime borders would allow both Lebanon and Israel to export their resources without fears of the eruption of a new conflict.

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Missing mirvete11 over 8 years

I support peace, STL, M14 and what Feltman said....On the other hand, I doubt it, finding the four suspects.

Default-user-icon March 14 supporter (Guest) over 8 years

woof woof woof woof woof woof

Default-user-icon Trovattore (Guest) over 8 years

The killers of Rafik Hariri must become in order to give them the highest medal of honor, which they deserve, and the greatest appreciation of all decent Lebanese for ridding them of the filthy thug and mafioso. alla yghame2lo

Default-user-icon Muhammad R. (Guest) over 8 years

mirvete, have you ever heard of the term house negro?? You are a house negro, a maronite version of one. That is clear from your comments, in each and everyone you want to proove to the white man that you are an obediant slave, trying to sound politcly correct according to their view of what politicly correct is. The sad part is that you think your the civilized one. I honestly pity you because you have been brainwashed in to believing that its the "other" who is brainwashed, not you. A time will come when people like you will realize how stupid and pathetic you were. BNow go ahead post another comment condemning while confirming to the white man that your an obediant slave.

Default-user-icon Apocalypse (Guest) over 8 years

@Muhamad R(aad)

Are you black or negro? I did not know that you can tell someone's sect by how they write?

Default-user-icon BlueSky (Guest) over 8 years

I am entertained by what I read from supporters of the so called resistance. Their ingenious school of thought is as follows: Since they and their Murshid are the "Center" of this universe, the powers of evil (America, Israel, and whoever else) met on a rainy dark night, the wolves were howling, the lightning was striking.... and said" Oh, lets kill Rafik Harriri, coz we know once we kill him an STL will be formed, and we can control the STL and we will accuse Asharah Al Nass of the murder"! Then, comes a young smart officer in the ISF, his name Wissam Eid, who finds traces of the communication between the killers and their leaders in Dahiye and he suddenly gets blown to pieces! Also, he was killed by Israel..... ?

What leads did ur nasrallah present? what? old satellite images? computers sent to Israel? As if the STL needs to ship the actual PCs to give Israel the info? How naive..... You believe your own lies! Murderers, thugs and killers.

Default-user-icon Black & White (Guest) over 8 years

To Muhammad R.
Sounds like you are the ignorant. Using racial expressions make YOU sound like the STUPID one.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) over 8 years

situation in syria is of atmost importance.
from bahrein to beirut persian fingers will be cut.

Missing mirvete11 over 8 years

@ Muhammad R.

Have you tried to be smart, elegant or stylish by saying this expression or it is a new one you’ve just learnt and didn’t know how to use it. The sad part is that you are absolutely bias, prejudice and full of hate to any other religion. Am I civilized??? Did you appoint yourself as a chairman to judge us, if so; you are the last person I’m interested in his opinion. In time you will realize how narrow-minded, inflexible and blinkered you are. Definitely I’ll keep on posting my comment only to proof to you that I am not obedient to your beliefs and values.
I strongly believe that writing is a form of personal freedom and [You can judge a man by his writing]. How Pathetic, Pitiable….. you and your comment are....

Missing startrip over 8 years

Thank you for your eloquent remarks.

It is abundantly clear to me that the few gadflies that post sophomoric comments on this site shouldn't be taken seriously and most certainly shouldn't be regarded as capable of reasonable discourse. Like a steel trap, their brains are impermeable and incapable of dialogue. These zombies take on the nature of their masters in Iran/Hezbollah/Assad. They are to be toyed with, made fun of, given verbal spanking, or ignored.

Missing allouchi over 8 years

Very nice reply mirvete11 but I doubt that he's intelligent enough to understand your point.

Default-user-icon Expat (Guest) over 8 years

I skipped through the comments, and all I read is sectarian hatred that will lead to War.
poor Lebanon!!!