Netanyahu: Iranian-Style Dictatorship Similar to Lebanon is Bad for Arabs


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he hopes the Arab Spring will result in democracies in the Arab world, warning that an “Iranian-style dictatorship” would harm revolutions in the region.

"If there's genuine democracy in the Arab world, in the Arab countries, then there will be genuine peace. Because a genuine democracy reflects the desires of the people, and most people Arabs, Jews, anyone they don't want their sons and daughters dying on battlefields," Netanyahu told al-Arabiya satellite channel in an interview aired Thursday evening.

He said: "If it goes toward an Iranian-style dictatorship, as it did, unfortunately in Iran and in Lebanon, then it's bad. It's bad for the peoples there, but it's also bad for peace."

Israel's prime minister turned to the Arabic media for the first time since taking office two years ago.

In the interview, Netanyahu said he is willing to negotiate anywhere and with anyone who accepts Israel's right to exist.

"Everything is on the table. But we need to get to the table," Netanyahu said.

"I'm prepared to negotiate with President (Mahmoud) Abbas directly for peace between our two peoples right now. We can do it here in my home in Jerusalem, we can do it in Ramallah, we can do it anywhere," he said.(AP-Naharnet)

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Default-user-icon Jinan Smeha (Guest) over 8 years

Listen to this hypocrite. Is he serious? Has he forgotten that all arab dictators are the friends of israel and have helped them survive and thrive? Not to mention the al saud family who even helped them come in to existence via their deal with the british colonialists!!!!! Moreover, the will of the arab people is to have israel removed from the middle east because its nothing but an extention of colonialism based on land that doesnt belong to them. Israel thinks that if they find a couple of token arabs to do some propaganda for them in exchange for cash and fame this means arabs will eventually like and accept israel - IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Never, not in a million years. The zionist entity is unnatural and can never survive in the middle east. Even if hadnt murdered the over 100000 people it has murdered nor destroyed everything they destroyed nor caused all the harm it has caused, it still couldnt survive because its existance is based on having a state on land they steal.

Default-user-icon SaturN (Guest) over 8 years


Do you know what they say in Iraq? Israel is too kind, it has killed 100,000 people in 50 years. Saddam Hussein had killed 100,000 of his own people in a day.

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) over 8 years

Mr. Netanyahu, you are bad for Arabs, your Israeli government is bad for Arabs. It is true that Hezbollah is bad for Arabs. So, if you are bad for Arabs and Hezbollah is bad for a
Arabs, then you both are from the same place and one,feeds off of the other. Hezbollah needs Israel to justify it's armed presence in Lebanon, and Israel needs Hezbollah in Lebanon to Justify itself to it's American patrons and to keep the flow of money coming,as well as the vetoes in the UN coming from the US.
It is in the interest of both Hezbollah and Israel that the adversary remain strong and threatening so that each may justify the other. Meanwhile, ordinary Lebnese suffer the Los os theirt state, and ordinary Israelis are made to continue to live the ghetto life.

In other words, from the people, Netanyahu go to he'll, and take your little fat rat with you.