CCC Hosts Meeting for Lebanese Business Leaders to Support Entrepreneurship in Lebanon


Nineteen Lebanese business leaders representing different firms in Lebanon met at a lunch hosted by Mr. Yusuf Kan’an Country Manager of CCC (Consolidated Contractors Company), and Board Member of INJAZ Lebanon, at Eau de Vie Phoenicia for the purpose of supporting entrepreneurship among youth in Lebanon.

The meeting included Fadi Yarak, the general director of the Ministry of Education and member of INJAZ Lebanon’s Advisory Board, INJAZ Board of Directors Raymond Audi, Michel Fattal, Ronald Farra, Kamal Katra, Ramzi Abou Samah, Joseph Maalouf, and Melek al-Nimr.

The attendees Wajih Bizri, Charles Arbid, Antoine Habib, Ghassan Assaf, Fawzi Farah, Salah Osseiran, Sheik Bahij Abu Hamze, Ghabi Tamer, Rabih Frem, Tony Ghorayeb, Moufid Beydoun, Mounir Douaidy, and Maroun Helou were introduced to the work of INJAZ Lebanon, a nonprofit non- governmental educational organization dedicated to educating students about work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial learning through experiential hands- on programs, to help inspire a culture of entrepreneurialism and business innovation among youth in Lebanon and increase their economic and financial literacy.

During the gathering, Audi expressed his appreciation to the mission of INJAZ Lebanon being part of its Board of Directors since 2007, reaffirmed the role it is playing in empowering the youth of Lebanon, and stressed the support provided by the private sector in equipping the youth with entrepreneurial skills.

In turn, Yarak shared with the attendees the co-existing partnership between INJAZ Lebanon and the Ministry of Education since 2003 and the values of the organization in reaching the underprivileged youth in Lebanon.

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You have done a beautiful change to Naharnet Mabrouk....but the english used is often deplorable!!!