Eight Killed, 15 Wounded in Syrian Shelling on Arsal


A number of people were killed and wounded on Friday in shelling from the Syrian side of the border against the Bekaa border town of Arsal.

The National News Agency reported that seven people were killed and 15 wounded in the attack.

Five of the victims have been identified as children from the al-Hujairi family, whose ages range from 2 to 11-years-old, added NNA.

Another victim has been identified as Hassan Ezzeddine.

Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) later said that the death toll from the shelling had risen to eight after a young women died from injuries she had sustained.

The town's municipality chief later told VDL (100.5) that four houses received direct hits in the shelling.

Several rockets fired from the Lebanese-Syrian border area struck a number of other regions in the Bekaa region on Friday, reported NNA earlier.

Rockets landed in the area between al-Qaa's barren mountains and Ras Baalbek near the border with Syria.

Al-Jadeed television said that the mortar shells landed near an army position in the area.

Other shells hit Sahl al-Ain in north of Bekaa and Bouwaida.

The areas of al-Labwe, Zaboud and the outskirts of Hermel were also hit by four rockets.

Earlier the news agency said that two rockets hit the villages of al-Qasr and al-Kwakh, which are located in northeast Lebanon's Hermel district.

The Army Command later confirmed the shelling in the various regions, adding that a total of 20 rockets and mortar shells were fired from Syria.

President Michel Suleiman later condemned the shelling, demanding that the army and military officials take the necessary measures to protect border towns and villages.

“Protecting Lebanese regions and people against any assault is a priority,” he added.

Moreover, the president warned against the “dangers of getting involved in the Syrian crisis as the Lebanese people are paying a hefty price for it.”

He also offered his condolences to the families of the victims of Friday's attacks.

Caretaker Premier Najib Miqati later condemned the Arsal shelling, saying that he had requested that the army take the necessary measures to protect Lebanese territories.

In addition, Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam condemned the attack in a telephone conversation with caretaker Minister Marwan Charbel.

Meanwhile, head of al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc MP Fouad Saniora held phone talks over the deadly shelling with Suleiman, Miqati, Army chief Gen. Jean Qahwaji and Arsal municipal chief Ali al-Hujairi.

Saniora stressed "the importance of conducting a speedy and transparent probe into the circumstances of this criminal attack."

He noted that the bombardment proves that "demanding the withdrawal of Hizbullah from the fighting in Syria and the deployment of the army and UNIFIL on the eastern and northern Lebanese-Syrian border was based on substantial reasons.”

“The only serious solution is the deployment of the Lebanese army, assisted by the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon, to control the border, curb violations, put an end to retaliatory attacks and identify those responsible,” Saniora said.

He added that that must happen simultaneously with “the pullout of Hizbullah and its militias from the Syrian conflict, because its continued participation in the fighting between the regime and the Syrian people will lead to inflicting further tragedies and problems on Lebanon and the Lebanese.”

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat warned that Lebanon could witness more terrorist activities as he mourned the victims of Arsal.

"The resilient and proud city of Arsal that has given many sacrifices is paying the price once again,” Jumblat said.

"And today, again, several people were killed or wounded. These victims are innocent of whatever is happening.”

Hermel comes under frequent shelling from the Syrian side of the border.

On Thursday, a group calling itself Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon said it was responsible for the deadly bombing that targeted Hermel, a bastion of Hizbullah.

The Bekaa town of Arsal and other areas in the Bekaa have also been targeted by rockets fired from Syria in recent months and most attacks were claimed by Syrian rebels.

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Thumb ice-man almost 6 years

Flamethrower: I am of the opinion you should be given a medal of honor for your patriotic stances.

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Dear Samy: I totally approve of your very and detailed assessment of Flamethrower.

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Learn for next time dear terminator.

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Thumb cedre almost 6 years

beka3is that went to qusayr, homs, qalamoun were mainly shias...

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Flamethrower: Why do you have to attack me? Why do you have to insult me? What have I ever done to you to deserve such a treatment? Please, don't force me to vote you down. You know how much I hate doing that!

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flamethrower should be stripped off his nationality.

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your IQ is so low that you drag down the national average.

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also that whole thing where you are a traitor to the state

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"i'm sure you're so open minded that your brains fell out."

more jokes from Ron Paul's diary and Fox News. FT for such a staunch supporter of Assad and HA you sure are a Republican lackey.

As for evidence of your treachery I will point you to the wikipedia page of the SSNP and the fact that you are allied with them:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Social_Nationalist_Party

Thumb ex-fpm almost 6 years

Five of the victims have been identified as children from the al-Hujairi family, whose ages range from 2 to 11-years-old, added NNA.

May they rest in peace. Tragic Tragic Tragic!

Thumb Loubnani almost 6 years

When innocent children die it is always indeed tragic. May they all rest in peace

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any reasons why u think that except u being a hizbo ?
Who is it btw ? mystic with a new account again?

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The army should always return fire at the source!

Do it LAF, Do it!

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So when the army fires at infiltrators from Syria or Kill someone at a checkpoint, they ask the president for orders?

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I totally agree with your accurate description of Flamethrower.

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who remember the video when arsal fanatics killed an officer and on air they said this one is still alive bring him down ?!!!

Default-user-icon bennie (Guest) almost 6 years

no .... Israel specifically attacked the Shia supporters of Nasrallah. Don't delude yourself.... you stand alone.

Missing helicopter almost 6 years

Seven Killed, 15 Wounded in Syrian Shelling on Arsal
.............. compare that to the title "one Israeli soldier crossed the green line temporarily"
Waynak you FM Mansour when we need you to sound complaints about the brotherly shelling.

Thumb lebanon_first almost 6 years

Waow.... the level of the debate today.... I will contact "le monde dipolomatique" to have that published.

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5/6 lebanese children killed by bashar, we're waiting for the government reaction and HA condemnetions... Are khomeynist thugs going to distribute baklawa in Dahieh ?

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well said eagledawn. This person belongs to another very dark world. I honestly believe he is evil....

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i remember myself condemning hermel shelling especially since they were done by ur mate bashar.
So now genius explain me what the difference between a kid killed in arsal or qusayr ? I'll tell u the difference : 30 km.
So ur mates were celebrating for qusayri blood and victims, they'll be probably do the same for arsali children.

LAF were killed in arsal and in tripoli for the same reason : they were attacking sunnis or covering HA killing sunnis.
I respect the LAF but dont idealize it coz at the end of the day, it is a reflection of lebanese society...

Thumb cedre almost 6 years

what part of it dont u understand ?
I never lived in lebanon, and will probably never live in it coz of assadists, hizbos, and people like u protecting them...
I live in Europe in a 'christian' country where I got more rights than i would have in lebanon being a sunni. I dont want my kids to grow up in a Hizb-dominated country, where they can be persecuted or killed for being sunnis...

Missing peace almost 6 years

"I never lived in lebanon, and will probably never live in it coz of assadists, hizbos, and people like u protecting them..."

everyone here knows how much i hate that iranian militia called hezbollah and those who support it...

but lebanon is still worth living in and sunnis are not persecuted. there is still a quality of life you ll never find in europe.
the only problem in lebanon is its politicians who play on sectarian fears and exacerbate the passions for their own interests. it is up to lebanese to kick these politicians out and then the extremists will follow...
extremists feed on poverty and ignorance, and the politicians are making this country poorer and poorer...and ignorance is encouraged by political tv channels and politicized education

Thumb cedre almost 6 years

'half the army is made out of sunnis'
prove it or zip it...

'what are you being fed in europe?'
u're right no mosque bombing in tripoli, no 7 ayyar, saado is in paris for the food, no killings in sayda, thats 'all paranoia at its best'...

Missing peace almost 6 years

a lebanese village is bombed by a foreign army in seek of justice and NO reaction from the gvt?
then i suppose when israel shells lebanon for the same reasons, the gvt and hezbollah should stay quiet....

pity this double standard nation....

Thumb -phoenix1 almost 6 years

Another day of infamy for Lebanon. Yesterday a town believed to be a Hezbollah stronghold suffered a terror bomb attack, a Lebanese town believed to be sympathetic to the Syrian regime, a day later it's Arsal, a Lebanese town known for its sympathy for Syria's rebels. Irrespectively, now Lebanon is truly and well drawn into a war it could have and should have avoided, now it looks a little too late, now almost daily, the Lebanese are getting their share of this catastrophe. As the saying goes, if the mountains doesn't come to you, go to it, well, this time the mountain has come to us and no one knows when it will go back away from us.

Thumb popeye almost 6 years

and of course you were on the ground in Qusayr and you will vouch under oath that no civilians were left in Qusayr. How ridiculous you think you sound. I cannot believe your arrogance and ignorance!

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people are already convinced from tripoli to saida, from beirut to arsal...

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no need to convince you of anything FT the bullets of syrian rebels into the skull of SAA scum is all the argument we need :)