STL Prosecution Says Booby-Trapped Truck Came from Dahieh, Mentions 'Syria' for First Time


The Hague - Naharnet Exclusive

The Prosecution of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on Friday crowned its 2-day presentation about the outcome of investigations into the assassination of former premier Rafik Hariri by unveiling the route taken by the booby-trapped truck, the hierarchy of the assassination squad and a series of elements that might lead to major surprises as the trial moves forward.

The noteworthy conclusions on the second day of the trial -- during which Prosecution representative Graeme Cameron continued what he started Thursday regarding the telecom data evidence -- can be summarized as follows:

1. At least two individuals monitored the movements of ex-PM Rafik Hariri during his presence at the parliament building, especially in the last hour that preceded the assassination crime, and they used two cellphones that activated a mobile phone tower that covers an area of only 84 square meters, which means that the surveillance occurred exclusively inside the aforementioned spot. This point raises speculation about the identities of the two individuals who enjoyed freedom of movement inside this circle, in which the parliament building and MPs' offices are located.

2. The accused Salim Ayyash, who was in the vicinity of the parliament building, telephoned the two suspects S5 and S7 who were in Beirut's southern suburbs and asked them to bring the booby-trapped truck after he confirmed Hariri's arrival. Following a phone call between S5 and S7, the duo headed from Dahieh to the Ras al-Nabaa area before entering the Suleiman Franjieh Tunnel.

At that point, the two suspects parted, with S7 heading to Ayyash's location and S5 continuing his advance to the crime scene in Ain el-Mreisseh. This raises an important question: is S5 himself the suicide bomber or he only accompanied the attacker to the crime scene and left him there to carry out the murder?

3. For the first time since the release of the indictment, the Prosecution mentions the word “Syria.” The Prosecution said investigations revealed that the accused Hassan Merhi received a 20-minute phone call from the accused Mustafa Badreddine – the longest phone conversation to be mentioned by the Prosecution until now. Merhi then made a phone call a few hours later that activated a mobile phone tower located near the border between Lebanon and Syria.

Could this hint be indicative of certain information that will be unveiled by the Prosecution regarding the possible involvement of Syria or Syrian individuals in the crime? Does this verify reports that the truck was booby-trapped in Syria's Zabadani? Was the phone call related to the issue of Abu Adas, knowing that reports had said he was handed over to the Syrian intelligence?

4. The Prosecution clearly detailed the hierarchy of the assassination team, saying it was led by Mustafa Badreddine who issued instructions to Salim Ayyash, who in turn was in charge of the surveillance and execution teams that were moving on the ground as well as the trio Assad Sabra, Hussein Oneissi and Hassan Merhi. The latter three lured Abu Adas and distributed the video in which the false claim of responsibility was announced.

Legal sources following up on the investigations into the assassination did not rule out that the Prosecution might disclose other details pertaining to the structure of the pyramid-like hierarchy that go higher than Badreddine during later stages of the case.

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Missing imagine_1979 over 5 years

Lets wait to see the rest... We might hv some surprises...
Plus 1000 STL...

Missing people-power over 5 years

This keeps getting better and better

Missing imagine_1979 over 5 years

Sagh u should right a book, ur knowledge and critical thinking should be shared by all humanity... U will certainely get sponserring by the so secular, progressist and modern gardians of the islamic iranian revolution...
Keep it on man, bravo...

Thumb geha over 5 years

you are giving me instructions about bad language? you, the one guy who admit being an azaar?

any name calling you think I am issuing is nothing compared to what you guys keep throwing to exacerbate sectarian strife.

actually it would be best for m8 paid commenters like you and the other few to stop commenting this way these days as you guys are showing no decency trying to spread more of your obvious lies.

wait till this tribunal ends and let us hope the judgment will be clear.

Thumb ice-man over 5 years

Flamethrower: I am deeply disappointed in your online behavior and your constant harassment of respectable posters such as @geha and others. Please, don't force me to stop voting you up. I hate doing that....

Thumb Mystic over 5 years

This trial looks more and more staged. Very funny, the CIA are setting up their best computer and animation experts to make up these false claims/videos.

Default-user-icon Free lebanese (Guest) over 5 years

The martyr on the picture of ure profile(Imad Moghnieh) was murdered by his own party HA and with coordination with the syrians in the middle of damascus, so we know that he was if you love him so much , then have compassion with his teaching and not with his party whom he belongs too...So the TSL is a good thing, allow me to say!!!

Default-user-icon dansk (Guest) over 5 years

M14 didnt exist in 2001, no?

Thumb saturn over 5 years

Mystical Conspiracy Dude, was the Special Court for Sierra Leone also an Israeli tool? The one that brought to justice war criminals including a head of state sentenced to 50 years?

Thumb Mystic over 5 years

I don't believe in conspiracies, i believe in facts and not CIA based STL. This is a waste of time and money.

Thumb Mystic over 5 years

I repeat again, what about the 4 innocent LAF generals?

Thumb Mystic over 5 years

Where were the evidence against the 4 LAF generals?

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) over 5 years

Does anyone know which sewer terrorist Nasrallah is hiding in?

Missing greatpierro over 5 years

southern what about all the hard evidence that is being reported and which is based on real data. Do you think all is fabricated?

Missing greatpierro over 5 years

Southern, you claim that the data submitted is circumstantial. Well there is nothing circumstantial when planning an assassination of this extent. It requires many people planning and executing this murder. The data shows the extent of the preparation of this murder and how the holders of the telephone mobile line were following hariri like a shadow. This cannot happen to be circumstantial or based on coincidence.

Missing people-power over 5 years

There is evidence that all 4 generals were involved in the Hariri murder, but the evidence was not released to the public. Evidence of "being involved" is different then evidence required for a conviction for actually committing the murder, that is why they were released.

Here's a quote from Detlev Mehlis....

"we did find sufficient evidence that all four generals were involved in the Hariri case"

Just because the evidence was not released to the public, doesn't mean the evidence doesn't exist, and doesn't mean they weren't involved.

The STL announced that further indictments could still be handed down in the future.

Missing people-power over 5 years

If you doubt me, here's a link....

Missing minlibnan over 5 years

We don't have to defend this international tribunal. Those that fear it, are probably guilty. Blaming everything in Israel has become a bit old. HA keeps all it's military capabilities because of the Israeli threat. HA was in an uproar over the telecom network, if you ever wondered what's so dangerous about it, now you know how they used it to kill the prime minister. (And many others) Emperors have fallen and empires have crumbled, yet these filthy drug traffickers believe they are untouchables! Just like there beloved IMAD mighniyi got roasted, hassouna will too. You know it's coming. Moussa el safer all over again!

Missing people-power over 5 years

Who would have thought that Israeli car bombs come from Dahieh?

Thumb proudm14. over 5 years

some other evidence:

Hariri lives in KSA
Gemayel is a Zionist spy
M14 are heart-eating takfiri's

this is all proof that the car did not come from dahye

Missing people-power over 5 years

M11 +1 from me

Default-user-icon Hammerhead (Guest) over 5 years

The trial might be interesting to hear as things progress, the entertaining aspect to me is how detailed evidence was obtained regarding the case and how high up the command chain within the ranks of HA they were able to penetrate. Since we have always known that HA commited the act, the important aspect of this trial is weather hard evidence was obtained to be able to implicate countries beyond that point.

Default-user-icon AUS (Guest) over 5 years

Hey puppet,if terrorist attack in September was done by Saudis, Egyptians but at least their countries or governments didn't sponsor their attack or they were occupying positions in the militia like those ones from hezb el fasad and destroying the country. All the names mentioned in STL were in important positions for hezb el shaytan. You have to understand the STL is giving evidence and factual information. There's no chance of denying, and we all know and have seen heat happened to Lebanon after his assissanation, and who had and is still having the benefits. Hezbollah and his M8 including hitler Aoun, led the country to the hell . Making people to live in miserable and stressing Lebanese for the sake of their source of income and their leadership SYRiA and the long neck Assad.

Missing imagine_1979 over 5 years

Verry constructive and descent comment, bravo...
Keep on the great job game8, plus one for ur participation, bravo...

Missing people-power over 5 years

"1. At least two individuals monitored the movements of ex-PM Rafik Hariri during his presence at the parliament building, especially in the last hour that preceded the assassination crime, and they used two cellphones that activated a mobile phone tower that covers an area of only 84 square meters, which means that the surveillance occurred exclusively inside the aforementioned spot."

Who were the Hezbollah members who monitored Hariri inside the Parliament building???? Was it Raad and Fneish?? Their phone records will reveal the truth.

All phone records related to the assassination should be released to the public!!!

Thumb general_puppet over 5 years

Gentlemen why bother responding to the Assad/Iranian militia babblers… all they know is what comes out of Nasrallah mouth, specially when he is waving handfuls of refutable evidence that prove the Israelis did it.

Thumb thepatriot over 5 years

Prime! Refrain from attacking sects please!! Filthy Hezbollah as much as you want, not an entire community! This is not acceptable!

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@josephirani: I commend you on your stances, integrity, and deliberate character. You have demonstrated in many of your previous comments a high level of integrity, an enthusiasm for civil debate, and a clear secular point of view. Never change my dear friend.

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ice-man stepping on M8 necks!

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Akh... the popcorn joke... yaaaaawn...zzzzzzz.....

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why is it always these random usernames that are so caught up on the whole cannibalism thing? what a better way to reveal yourself as a Syrian Alawite than to bring up the whole cannibalism thing...

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Thumb proudm14. over 5 years

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2. praises Ayatollah Kharamanyak in a different post

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Thumb Loubnani over 5 years

Really proudm14 that's your answer? I thought M14 were supposedly for tolerance, progress and freedom... No? How can you call yourself proud M14 and say that? One of my best friend is Shia who had to flee Iran in the 80s because his family were against the new regime at the time. Is he included as well. If you disagree with hizbullah then surely you should say damn hizbullah no? They are not interchangeable are they?

Thumb Mystic over 5 years

Loubnani Welcome to Lebanon.

Thumb Loubnani over 5 years

I don't understand anymore mystic. If people disagree with someone's political views why bring religion into it. Lebanon will seize to exist if we continue with this retarded talk. Either we're a country for all or not a country at all

Thumb Mystic over 5 years

Good point