Muallem: Hizbullah 'Preemptively' Defending Lebanon Through Syria War Involvement


Damascus justified on Friday Hizbullah's involvement in the Syrian war, saying the party is “preemptively” defending Lebanon.

“Hizbullah's men are resilient fighters that are defending their country,” Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem said at a press conference in Switzerland's Geneva.

He continued: “We saw the terrorist bombings that targeted (Beirut's southern suburbs of) Dahieh and accusing Hizbullah of terrorism is ridiculous.”

Syria's Deputy FM Faisal Muqdad had stated on Thursday that Hizbullah “is not a terrorist part.”

"It is an honorable and reputable party,” he told reporters when asked about Hizbullah's involvement in the ongoing fighting in Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says at least 262 Hizbullah fighters have been killed in Syria since the beginning of the conflict in March 2011.

The party first publicly confirmed its intervention in the conflict in April.

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Thumb LEBhasNOhope over 5 years

someone should've preemptively defended Lebanon from you and the likes of you 60 years ago.

Thumb ice-man over 5 years

yes indeed HA is an "honorable and reputable party", if you were a sectarian shia or alawi.

Missing over 5 years

Legit - What about the killings of tens of thousands of political prisoners in Syria. You call him president for life! You can be against both. It is not a crime to be principled and reject crimes no matter who commits them.

Missing cedars over 5 years

What do you know about Ba'ath Assad and it's moukhabarat that terrorized its own citizen and also we got a taste of it for 30'yrs of war. Ever heard of mazzi prison? Ever heard of doulab-tire abuse? Ever heard of promotions are allowed only to Baathists? Ever heard of anyone who prayed outside of Friday prayer got kidnapped and disappeard because he was accused of being extremist, his parents were told he got hit by a car. And many other examples

Thumb cedre over 5 years

Moallem watched yesterday Minority Report and try to apply it to the syrian war.

Soon he'll tell us that his boss Assad is preemptively killing future terrorists by barrel bombing thousands of kids...

Thumb shab over 5 years

Appearing like a barrel, someone should drop him too

Thumb cedre over 5 years

Amin ya Rab...

Thumb lebanese.hash over 5 years

what a shame you people are all from the same country and yet you talk of one another as if your leaders are better or less sectarian. Be reasonable for once, Hizbullah is sectarian but so is every other party Phalange are what Liberals?/ or Future Movement hiding behind their toxidos are Liberals? they are funded by Saudi Arabia how could they be liberal? Walid Jumblat is not sectarian? each and every leader you die for is doing nothing but filling up his pockets and steping on your souls while you smile and chant his name.

Thumb legit over 5 years


Missing peace over 5 years

what a joke this man is! king of propaganda and BS as usual.....

Missing peace over 5 years

we know how dear this regime is to your heart, no need to lick their boots more....

Thumb cedre over 5 years


Thumb beiruti over 5 years

No Mr. Mouallam, that is not how it works. If Hezbollah were "preemptively" defending Lebanon by participation in the Syrian War, then there would have been a political decision made by the Lebanese Government to defend the nation by dispatching LAF forces into Syria to defend Syria under some mutual defense pact between the two states.
But the decision of the Lebanese Government is embodied in the Baabda Declaration which is one of neutrality, not of "preemptive warfare".
So, you see your very ignorant statement regarding the role Hezbollah is playing in Syria is an affront to our sovereignty as a state.

Thumb Hajjeh.Hayat over 5 years

@legit I don't blame your stupidity is cultural, inherent and inbred

عندما نأخذ القرار، أو نمشي في أي درب، أو ندخل إلى أي ساحة، أو إلى أي ميدان أو إلى أي قتال، نحن لا نلجأ إلى عقولنا، ولا إلى علومنا ولا إلى مستوانا العلمي، ولا إلى ولا إلى نحن نلجأ إلى فقهائنا وكبارنا ومراجعنا، الذين هم على أعلى مستوى من الفقاهة والعلم والاجتهاد والتقوى والورع والأمانة والوعي أيضا...إن لم يكن هناك باب شرعي، لم يكن هناك مجوز شرعي، لم يكن هناك ما يقرب إلى الله عز وجل، كيف يجوز لي أن آتي بأخ وأجهز له سيارة وأضع فيها متفجرات وأقول له اذهب إلى هذا الهدف وفجر نفسك؟ كيف؟.. هذا كان التزامنا بالإمام، وهذا التزامنا بعد الإمام رضوان الله تعالى عليه، بسماحة الإمام القائد آية الله العظمى السيد علي الخامنئي

حسن نصر الله

Default-user-icon Trueself (Guest) over 5 years

I agree with Muaalem entirely that HA is preemptively defending but not Lebanon as he stated instead itself from withering once the crisis in Syria finishes in favor of the opposition. HA is certainly not the master of its decision. Iran is the one that finances HA and hence dictates what and how HA should go. unfortunately, Iran has taken the uprisings in the Arab world in a sectarian way by agitating deeply seated hatreds between the two main sects of Islam: Shai and Sunni. This is detrimental to the entire region as instead of fighting Israel the Muslims are killing each others for unfathomable reasons. Iran is really disturbing the Arab scene which should be reserved to the Arabs alone. I really hope that HA one day would come back to its senses before it's too late. would that happen? I doubt that very much!

Thumb -phoenix1 over 5 years

Ariel Sharon's twin brother, corpuscle as ever.

Missing mohammad_ca over 5 years

so why don't they "pre-emptively" strine Israel and the US...the "Great Satan"???

Thumb general_puppet over 5 years

Southern why do you post such nonsense? "Muallem's words are true"…. Muallem is Assad's mouthpiece to the world, what ells would he say?

Thumb general_puppet over 5 years

"It is an honorable and reputable party,” :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Well what ells can you expect to hear from Nasrallah's Axis partners. The truly pathetic part is seeing the M8 posters cheering him on.

Thumb FlameCatcher over 5 years

Walid Muallem is as full of shit as Hassan Nasrallah. And you sheep gobble it up.

There is no such thing as a "preemptive war". Hezbollah is not a country to launch a preemptive war. They do not protect Lebanon. They do not act under Lebanese orders or will. They are mercenaries paid to help the regime and terrorize the people.

The only people the truth hurts are those like you Southern holding on to the illusion. The only resistance Kezballah is doing is to the crumbling of this illusion that have served the traitor Hassan Kezballah for so long. He will be hanged for his crimes against Lebanese, against humanity...