Berri Determined to Hold Top Security Officials Accountable, Says Parliament Will Meet Weekly


Speaker Nabih Berri said on Monday that the parliament’s full agenda makes it imperative to hold a weekly session until it finishes studying the draft laws, As Safir newspaper reported.

“The parliament will hold a meeting every Wednesday,” he stressed.

Berri told his visitors that “Ramadan will not be a month of rest, but it’ll be the month of hard work on the level of the cabinet and parliament.”

He said that the committee formed by the cabinet to establish a plan to demark the maritime borders of the Exclusive Economic Zone will meet on Monday with Energy and Works parliamentary committee, as agreed upon with PM Najib Miqati.

The speaker noted that the “the committees will discuss a draft law prepared by MP Mohammed Qabbani to merge the government’s vision with the (parliamentary) draft law.”

The visitors quoted Berri as saying: “The draft law will be included on the parliamentary session agenda next Wednesday if it was accomplished, and if not, it will be postponed.”

Concerning the issue of demands to sack top security officials, An Nahar newspaper reported that Berri is determined to hold those accountable without carrying out any vicious acts against the judicial and security apparatuses.

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