Jumblat to Show Further Disagreements with March 8 Forces over Syria


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat is expected to show more differences in his point of view from those of the March 8 forces, especially regarding the Syrian developments.

High-ranking opposition sources told An Nahar daily in remarks published on Monday that Jumblat’s stance in his weekly editorial in al-Anbaa newspaper should be observed.

The sources stated: “The March 14 camp’s breaking of its silence over the developments in Syria, especially by former Premier Saad Hariri, reflected the shock felt all over the world over the developments in Syria”

“Lebanon isn’t allowed to remain silent, and the March 14 forces were the pioneers in the Arab Spring movements,” they added.

They said that the other forces in the country are not commenting on the developments in the Syria because of their close links with the regime.

However, the sources stressed that ignoring the bloodshed in Syria for well-known interests is not justified before the public, the Arab, and international world.

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Default-user-icon Former Lebanese (Guest) over 8 years

Youp thats Jumblat. . . reading whats going on around and what might impact him and his people and making the choices he think will keep him and the druze viable. . . . I don't care if you returen to the March 14 camp you are pathetic and you will remain pathetic.

Default-user-icon BlueSky (Guest) over 8 years

When the sun of freedom will soon shine in Syria as a result of the unbelievable sacrifices of the brave Syrian people, those silent thugs here in Lebanon will pay the price. They are co-conspirators in the massacres committed by the Syrian regime. How naive..... when a new regime assumes power in Syria, you think they will forget what Hiz of Iran and its allies did to them??? this day is coming sooner than later......

Default-user-icon whistling past the graveyard (Guest) over 8 years

i head walid is shopping for a new lawn chain to put river side and wait for the body of his enemy to pass.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) over 8 years

Jumblatt has managed to keep the Druze a major power broker in Lebanon and nearby despite their small numbers, obviously his political readings usually end up correct.

Default-user-icon Juan Valdez (Guest) over 8 years

He looks cranky the photo probably taken before he got his cup of morning coffee..


Thumb kato over 8 years

@Former Lebanese: I agree. Why would the March 14th camp even want him back anyway? He must be part fish as many times as he has flip flopped. Pick a side and stick with it man.

Default-user-icon Sombrero (Guest) over 8 years

Hey Naharnet, you losers, keep hope alive.

Default-user-icon Aziz (Guest) over 8 years

I feel i am gonna throw up every time i read the news and the comments of people on tayyar.org= Baath and hizbullshaytan propaganda. Anyone feels the same?