Saudi Lays down Tough Penalties for 'Terror' Offenses


King Abdullah Monday decreed jail terms of up to 20 years for belonging to "terrorist groups" and fighting abroad, as it struggles to deter Islamist Saudis from becoming jihadists.

"Taking part in combat outside the kingdom, in any form" will be punished by jail terms of between three and 20 years, said the decree published by state news agency SPA.

Similar sentences will be passed on those belonging to "extremist religious and ideological groups, or those classified as terrorist organizations, domestically, regionally and internationally," it said.

Supporting such groups, adopting their ideology or promoting them "through speech or writing" would also incur prison terms, the decree added.

Saudi Arabia set up specialized terrorism courts in 2011 to try dozens of nationals and foreigners accused of belonging to Al-Qaida or being involved in a wave of bloody attacks that swept the country from 2003.

Scores of Saudis are believed to have joined Islamist extremists fighting in Syria, where Riyadh is a strong backer of the nearly three-year rebellion against the regime of President Bashar Assad.

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Thumb _mowaten_ over 5 years

only a little detail anonyme, 90% of terrorists around the world are saudi, and their financing comes from saudi.
the legal system there is a joke, they can publish any laws or anything and then do something completely different on the ground.

Thumb kanaandian over 5 years

lol, they'd have to put their grand mufti in jail and ban wahabism if they were serious about terrorism, violence and hate.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 5 years

actually this explains it better. it's a scam to repress any challenge to the king

Thumb cedre over 5 years

'90% of terrorists around the world are saudi'

source al manar, isn't ?

Thumb cedre over 5 years

+1 mystic

Thumb _mowaten_ over 5 years

seems like you went on a cruise on the nile and never came back cedre