Netanyahu: Israeli Soldiers Acted Properly in Border Clash


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Monday that the Israeli army had the right to defend itself during the border clash with Lebanon at Wazzani earlier on Monday, reported the Jerusalem Post.

He told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee: "The soldiers behaved like they were supposed to.”

“They are determined to defend themselves and the border,” he said, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Yediot Ahronot Israeli daily Monday also reported him as saying: "Israel does not want to inflame the border with Lebanon. There was an incident there, the soldiers acted as they should have, but we're not looking to inflame it."

According to sources close to Netanyahu, the message on the matter was "conveyed to the appropriate people,” reported the newspaper.

The Lebanese and Israeli armies exchanged fire in the area of Mountazahat in Wazzani on Monday morning after a Jewish state patrol crossed the U.N.-drawn Blue Line.

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Default-user-icon Norwegian Ex-UNIFIL (Guest) 8 years

The Israeli soldiers did not cross the border.
The UNIFIL spokesman is confirming that the Israelis are telling the truth.
It was the Lebanese soldier who fired without any reason and should be punished.
Read details here:,7340,L-4102681,00.html

Why don't the Lebanese greet and make friends with the Israelis instead?
To shoot bullets at their neighboor is very evil. I know they can be friends and good neighboors if the Lebanese stopped their cruel and senseless hostility. Israelis are very friendly people who want peace with Lebanon. I know this very well after serving with UNIFIL for several years.

Default-user-icon Ghassan (Guest) 8 years

Norweigian, are you Danny B or Asaf? LOL. Pathetic attempt. But your right, the "israelis" were so friendly when they murdered hundreds of children and when they destroyed our houses, especially when they threw thousands of cluster bombs on our areas, that was so nice of them. 1400 hundred dead thousands injured in 3 weeks, how nice and sweet. Not to mention the violations before 2006 and after. So niceeeeeeee so sweeeeet. Get a life zionist and dont use the norwegian name falsely after one of your zionist friends in true zionist fashion decided to slaughter norwegians, including kids in the name of zionism.

Default-user-icon Cartouje (Guest) 8 years

Fares Soaid and Samir Geagea agree with Netenyahu 100%.

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 8 years

Ghassam: you forgot to mention that the Zionist Jews also kidnap Christian children to use their blood for the passover bread.
:Let me remind your small box you carry among your ears (by mistake you can call it brain) who started in 2006 and who breached the ceasefire by crossing the border killing 7 patrol soldiers and kidnapping other 2.
Let me remind you that Lebanon became a shelter to PLO , Black September, and other terror groups who used Lebanon as a base for terror acts against Israel including airplane hijacks and the attack on Israeli sport delegation in 1972, the attacks in Northern Israel and the murder of Haran family by the butcher Samir Kuntar the big Druze "Hero" who smashed the head of 2 years old baby against a rock.
If you don't like Israelis , don't mess with us.
Keep the border quiet so you live quiet.
You start with violence we'll take our revenge 10 times more.
Time the Jewish blood was cheap has passed.
Live and let live.

Default-user-icon Soledado (Guest) 8 years

It was all a misunderstanding those crossing the border into Lebanon were members of the Mossad infested Hezbollah coming back after picking up their Ramadan paychecks.

Thumb joesikemrex 8 years

SHUT UP, you crossed the blue line, too bad our boys didn't kill your troops. Stay on your side, no issues. And don't give HizbK hara any reason to bother us all.

Default-user-icon Norwegian Ex-UNIFIL (Guest) 8 years

Ghassan: I am an atheist Norwegian. Proof: Norwegian letters ÆØÅøæå.
What are you? A muslim? Do you know that the Quran says that Israel belongs to the Jews? Many Muslims support Israel:
You mention a lot of suffering on the Lebanese side, but nothing about the suffering on the Israeli side and nothing about the reason Israel had to defend itself when it was attacked. Do you agree that there has been too much suffering on both sides and it is time to stop the hostility and make peace instead?
Jordan and Egypt made peace with Israel. Many Israelis have visited Jordan and Egypt as tourists and all have benefitted.
It is time for Lebanon to do the same. Imagine how nice it could be if youths from Tel Aviv could visit friends in Beirut and the next day host their new friends from Beirut in Tel Aviv. They could dance in discoteques and enjoy Shawarma, Falafel and Knafe together.