Miqati Urges Officials to Adopt Balanced Rhetoric


Prime Minister Najib Miqati urged on Monday officials to cooperate in order to strengthen unity and save the country, the National News Agency reported.

“I call on all political leaderships to adopt a balanced rhetoric to lay the appropriate foundation for dialogue,” he said after meeting with Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani.

The PM stressed: “Dar al-Fatwa belongs to everyone and will always have a say on all national issues.”

Miqati noted: “Cabinet launched its agenda to serve all the Lebanese and will continue on working to achieve the goals it set in its policy statement.”

He later held a closed-door meeting with Qabbani congratulating him on the month of Ramadan.

The conferees then met with President of the Supreme Islamic Sunni Courts in Lebanon Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian and several muftis.

For his part, Qabbabni praised Miqati’s visit to Dar al-Fatwa, saying he was honored to receive the premier on the first day of Ramadan.

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