Al-Rahi: We Hope Constitutional Authority Would Become Responsible for All Arms in Lebanon


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi stated on Monday that the people are uneasy with the spread of arms outside the military institution.

He said before a Maronite delegation from Cyprus: “We congratulate the army on the occasion of Army Day … and we hope the constitutional political authority in Lebanon would become responsible for all the arms in Lebanon.”

“The safety of the people can only be achieved through constitutional institutions, the security forces, and army,” he stressed.

“We hope that the political authority would be able to unify its ranks and we thank the army for all of its sacrifices,” the patriarch added.

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Default-user-icon Abbas Hajj Hussein (Guest) over 8 years

"constitutional institutions, the security forces, and army" no mr abou samir it's "the people, the resistance and the army"

Default-user-icon Fardousse (Guest) over 8 years

Did you hear that the so called hezb Allah and their tool Hajj Hassan Naiim Aoun and his Dhimmi Christians?

Default-user-icon Youssef Haddad (Guest) over 8 years

Those who believe only in their own words will not listen to Al Rahi or any other peaceful suggestions.
Their ideology is built on repressive violence and they will yield only to power. Once all who oppose Hezbollah understand this fact we will be in a better position to confront these extremists.

Default-user-icon hajj sayyed my poop (Guest) over 8 years

the time has come to unite the christians in lebanon and outside to build beautiful Holy Land and spread Christ Message that he is the Bread of life and the Door to heaven and eternal life, not the other guy who can't even make on small miracle but rule them by the sword.

come people compare and see between your god and Christ, and see the Son of God is the SAVIOR of your souls and HE bought-ed all by spreading His Precious Hands on the Holy Cross and took your place. You see how Jesus Christ God how much he loves us, He left His Glory just to became a Man to save mankind from sin and satan illusion lies.

look if still not convinced that Christ is the True God then Him and ask your god (allah ) and the one answer your prayers follow.

Chirst is the Living God, just ask and see for yourself, choose eternal life no one can give that except Jesus Christ Savior who raised people from death. Read the Word of God in the Holy Bible.

Its time to preached the message of Christ from lebano

Thumb ithinkthere14iam over 8 years

Slowly but surely he is becoming like Sfeir; the voice of reason which ALL Christians should respect and honor.