No Weekly Article as Jumblat Voices 'Solidarity with Oppressed Peoples'


The progressive Socialist Party media department announced on Monday that PSP leader MP Walid Jumblat will not issue his weekly editorial in al-Anbaa magazine “because now is not the time to make speeches and lectures.”

“Now is not the time to drown in the boring Lebanese details, but it is the time to show solidarity, even if only on a moral level, with oppressed people,” it added.

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Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) over 8 years

waiting for bashar by the side of the river.

Thumb Marc over 8 years

His popular base is sympathizing with the Syrian people and its uprising.... He has to respond and comply with his followers and the grass roots of the PSP..... Be brave and come out with it ya Walid.... Say it, Bashar is . . . . . .

Default-user-icon BullsEye (Guest) over 8 years

The Beyk's behaviour is very much like the market - ups and downs ad a real roller-coaster. He's "bearish" toward Syria this week...

Default-user-icon RIo (Guest) over 8 years

I guess the chameleon could not choose his color today, ey?

Thumb charbel over 8 years

@marc, Jumblat never cares about his people sympathy.. they sympathize with the opposite side.
The reality is, he needs to choose the right time to jump ships again, and things are not easy to predict, if he comes out again and call Bashar the murder like he did again, and the Bashar crushes the revolution, Walid will have to mend his ties again, like he did last year, and it will be even harder.
Walid will do it, when Walid is sure he will not regret it, and when Walid does it, you can tell it's a big sign that Bashar hit the rock bottom

Default-user-icon Cartouje (Guest) over 8 years

We all do. Now we can all go back to doing our little things.

Thumb joesikemrex over 8 years

What!! Mr. I switch sides to protect my own back side at all cost! Now you care ...LOL. Go get a job you are not a politician, you are masquerade as one.......

Missing roger over 8 years

Flip flop!

Missing roger over 8 years

Jump a lot !

Default-user-icon Stavros (Guest) over 8 years

A few days his luniness Nasrallah called him over and told him to shut it. poor puppet