Phalange Party: Unacceptable to Stay Silent over Syria Human Rights Abuses


Phalange Party’s political bureau on Monday discussed the “developments in the region, especially in Syria where things have started to take a tragic course that has left scores of people dead.”

“Although the party has pledged itself not to interfere in the affairs of others, that does not mean that it is acceptable to remain silent over the Syrian state’s human rights abuses and unwarranted violence against unarmed civilians,” the politburo said in a statement issued after its weekly meeting.

On a separate note, the conferees extended their greetings to the Lebanese army’s command, officers and soldiers on the occasion of the national Army Day.

The politburo lauded the army’s “sacrifices in defense of Lebanon, especially during this critical period the country is going through.”

It said “the Phalange Party hopes to see the day when the Lebanese army and the legitimate security forces will extend the State’s sole authority over the entire Lebanese territory.”

The political bureau also described the recurrence of the bomb attacks against the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) as “suspicious,” wondering whether the bombings are aimed at driving UNIFIL peacekeepers out of Lebanon and dragging the country into the “unknown.”

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Default-user-icon Le Phénicien (Guest) 8 years

So why dont you go and fight with them than ! bunch of hypocrites and impotents .

Thumb shab 8 years

tick tock

Default-user-icon henrietta (Guest) 8 years

why dont u comment about what israeli soldiers fireing at the lebanese army what a shame

Missing scrapig 8 years

@ phénicien, we have our own war to fight at home, thanks to you! With that being said, caring about other human being when they are being slaughtered by their own leader is not wrong.

Default-user-icon Pierre (Guest) 8 years

Good its time for all Christian Parties to support the Syrian people against Assads barbaric regime. If we dont accept Syria to occupy us and take away our rights then we should support the people of syria to reclaim their basic rights.

Thumb joesikemrex 8 years

What they did in Lebanon, now they are doing to their own citizens. Murdering the innocent...This regime along most of out politicians must be ousted and brought to justice. Human life is precious, enough blood

Default-user-icon xen (Guest) 8 years

does anyonw have any idea if the regime falls what will come after & will it be in favor to lebanon?
maybe it might be chaos & terrorism
how can people not take that as an option!!!!

Default-user-icon Hajj Toma (Guest) 8 years

I understand why we would want to support the Syrians for Human Rights abuses.

Pierre, I understand your willingness to support the Syrian people against the Assad regime.

However, where were the Syrian people protesting for how many years of Syrian Human Rights violations and massacres against the Lebanese?

Default-user-icon MrBrain (Guest) 8 years

Pure political statement that i don't it's honest.....