Cabinet Expected to Approve Maritime Border Draft Law


The cabinet is expected to approve on Tuesday a draft-law on the delineation of Lebanon’s maritime borders which would be referred to parliament for the final green light the next day.

The parliamentary Public Works, Transport, Energy and Water Committee approved the 18-article draft law proposed by the committee’s chairman MP Mohammed Qabbani.

“We drafted the articles with semi-unanimity,” Qabbani said. “This law is the beginning of work which should be completed by parliament and the cabinet.”

Parliamentary sources said that in principle the draft law receives the support of both the majority and the opposition. They ruled out any differences between the March 8 and 14 forces.

The sources said that Speaker Nabih Berri, who will refer the draft law to parliament after receiving cabinet’s approval, insists on holding consecutive legislative sessions until lawmakers approve it.

Qabbani said that after parliament’s green light, the law will be published in the official gazette, which means that Lebanon will inform the U.N. about Lebanon’s maritime areas and its rights and obligations in this regard.

Lebanon accuses Israel of proposing maritime borders that infringe on the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

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Thumb shab 8 years

Boring...get over it and try to agree on the land border first