Report: Lebanese Waiter, Filipina on Trial for Dubai Beach Sex


A Lebanese waiter and a Filipina saleswoman have been accused of public intimacy after police caught them having consensual sex on a public beach in Dubai, Gulf News reported on Tuesday.

“Prosecutors charged the 21-year-old waiter, A.B., and his 30-year-old Filipina girlfriend, M.B., with having out-of-wedlock sex in a public place and committing an indecent act in public,” said the English-language daily.

The suspects did not attend Monday's hearing at the Dubai Misdemeanors Court. The presiding judge adjourned the case to August 18.

Gulf News said that the Lebanese waiter and the Filipina admitted having consensual sex.

"We were at the beachside having a walk along with my two friends. I took her to a poorly lit spot near the rocks... when we finished and were getting dressed, police arrived,” the man has reportedly said.

M.B. confirmed A.B.'s statement, the daily said.

Public display of affection, such as touching, kissing or hugging, is illegal in Dubai and couples — particularly if not married — can be detained by police for indecency.

The city has worked hard to cultivate an image as a party hot spot for Western tourists and businesses in the Middle East but has a conservative legal code based on Islamic laws and tribal rules.

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Default-user-icon ALi (Guest) over 8 years

What a bunch of hypocrites.....!!! Dubai is full of open prostitution night and day spots. It is all done openly..... so why arrest these 2 down trotted people? At least, they are in love.

Default-user-icon Blue (Guest) over 8 years

The Lebanese waiter is so cheap.... he thought he could get away not paying for a hotel room!

Missing rudy over 8 years

They did have it coming. it's not like they are the first couple to go through this. what happened to going home. I mean they both must live somewhere, or have a friend who has a house.

they'll probably get a lot of sex where they're going now

Thumb Marc over 8 years

Truth of a matter is people can not have sex any public places no matter where! I live in Canada and people can not do that..... When things get hot, someone will always say to the couple... Get a room! Regardless if they have places with open prostitution or whatever.... certain things should always be discreet....

Just my opinion :)

Missing petersdemocracy over 8 years

LEAVE THE MAN ALONE !! he was just horny :(

AND marc im in canada too if it aint my room its a public park or parking lot or whatever floats ure boat ! hahaha cmon brooo

Thumb Marc over 8 years

petersdemocracy: My point is basically discretion ... and it is illegal to do it in a public place here...That is all

Thumb shab over 8 years

Boring article and boring picture

Default-user-icon Caydence (Guest) over 8 years