$8 Million Worth Cocaine Seized from 4 Foreigners in Kaslik


A unit from the Drug Enforcement Bureau seized 53 kilograms of cocaine worth an estimated $8 Million from two vehicles driven by foreigners in the coastal town of Kaslik, the National News Agency reported Tuesday.

NNA said that the unit seized the drugs from a Range Rover and a Mercedes. Two of its occupants were Palestinians and the other two were Irish and Dutch.

The 53 kilograms of cocaine were “stashed in secret places inside the two vehicles,” NNA said.

The four men were taken to the Hobeish police station in Beirut for questioning. Investigators are now trying to find out how the big quantity of drugs was smuggled to Lebanon.

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Default-user-icon euro (Guest) over 8 years

too Lebanon ? or from Lebanon ?

Thumb canaanite over 8 years

Those drug running foreigners are better known as Hezbollah - foreign Iranians illegal aliens in our country.

Default-user-icon MrBrain (Guest) over 8 years

Mr Canaanite are you okay?

Default-user-icon Carl Sakr (Guest) over 8 years

i am an anti-hezbollah person but i personnally think that had it been hezbollah no one would have ventured to trying to capture the dope, why tackle the small pieces the Bekaa's Valley is filled with as much as anyone can find Basterma at Bedo's

Missing petersdemocracy over 8 years

hahaha to lebanon or from lebanon ? i shall say its from lebanon to europe, get money buy weapons, long live palestine and the camps.

pffffffffffffft ye right

Thumb bipartisan over 8 years

can you please guys stop insulting yourselves like 15 years adolescents and have some critical thinking about the matter. Please try once to think by yourselves rather than adopting the 8-14 march idiotic debate. Get over it. For once it is not Hezbollah, fine lets hope things last that way in regard of drugs. Via weapon, we have existential contradiction. a considerable part of the christian faction sees Hezbollah as their end if the party of God prevails the rest sees it a vengeance against the lebanese forces for their bad military conduct in 1990 and before. Sunnis sees it as the murderer of their once in a life time leader, and Druze are too scared to judge for they are on the line of fire and they have this skill of surviving all eras. I think that it is time to search for what unite us instead of what divide us unity can not be done between Hezbollah and Hezbollah, it must be done between Hezbollah and the rest of the lebanese

Missing petersdemocracy over 8 years

Bipartisan it shall start with hizballa. im not saying i disagree i actually strongly agree with you,

but it should meet all other lebanese requests in order to acheive peace. That is to turn all weapons into the army, and have only ONE army in lebanon with the support of ALL factions and parties. THEN WE CAN TALK PEACE

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) over 8 years

If this was Hizb Allah they wouldn't have been caught, long live the resistance of drug dealers and terrorists.

Thumb shab over 8 years

devine powder to devine fighters