Miqati Urges U.N. to End Israeli Violations, Says Lebanon Will Defend its Rights


Prime Minister Najib Miqati expressed fear on Tuesday over the ongoing Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty, urging the United Nations to demand Israel to implement Security Council resolution 1701.

Miqati stressed after meeting with U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams that Lebanon will defend its rights and protect its sovereignty with all the available means.

Israeli and Lebanese troops exchanged fire near the border on Monday morning, with the two armies trading accusations on why the shooting happened.

Miqati informed the U.N. diplomat that the cabinet accomplished in cooperation with the parliament a draft law that identifies the Lebanese maritime borders in order to preserve its rights. The U.N. will be informed about it after its publication in the official gazette.

The PM renewed his condemnation of the attack on the French contingent in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in the southern city of Sidon last week.

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Default-user-icon Youssef Haddad (Guest) over 8 years

If I was the prime minister of Lebanon I would not even mention UN Security council resolution 1701 because its stipulations were never respected from our side.
The international community looks at Lebanon as a puppet of the Syrian and Iranian regime and have little respect for Miqati and his government.
If a deflagration happens this time there will be no one to come to save us, no one. Hopefully Miqati and others who are allied with the evil party would understand one day and save Lebanon before it is too late.

Default-user-icon Miqati (Guest) over 8 years

How will u defend lebanon? Stop blowing hot air..... Hiz iran weapons will lead to the destruction of Lebanon. We are a small fish in an ocean. Be wise and use our strengths not our weaknesses. Our strength lies in our ability to transform Lebanon into a model country and attract investments and not boasting about Hiz ability to defend lebanon. Shu defend? Shu? The minute these thugs start firing shit-1 and shit-2 rockets, hell will break loose and whatever left of this country will be in ruins.... you know it and we know it.

Default-user-icon BlueSky (Guest) over 8 years

Mr. Najeeb: is Lebanon in full compliance of resolution 1701? Do you know what 1701 encompass? 1701 practically ENDED the role of the so called resistance by not allowing these thugs to be within tens of kms from the border (Litani River). It calls for unarmed presence except for the lebanese army and UNIFIL. Now, Mr. Najeeb: you think there are no Hiz weapons inside mentioned territory? You think there are no Hiz personnel and bases inside said territory? Spare us your wise quote of the day. When you respect U.N resolutions such as 1701 and the STL, then you can sit and blab away about others respecting U.N resolutions. You will always be PM in "principle".

Missing leb4all over 8 years

Bluesky, you must be still very angry from the humiliation your party suffered on May 7, hence, the harsh tone. The more you stand against the resistance, the more you'll fall, if not militarily then politically. You've been swimming in quicksand since May 5,2008 and still not learning. The majority of our population stands with them and depending on foreign changes for your domestic policies just shows how stupid you all are. It's never too late to change to Orangesky, maybe you'll be on the side of correct decisions for our nation without posting a saudi banner.

Default-user-icon BlueSky (Guest) over 8 years


"Bluesky, you must be still very angry from the humiliation your party suffered on May 7". I really did not want to reply to you and get down to your level. However, having said that, your comments to me have nothing to do with the contents of the article and represent a pure personal attack on me. Your prejudice (hide it as much as you want) led you to believe that I am a Mustaqbal supporter. You go under the name of Leb4ALL which i assume means Lebanon For All..... yet, you keep reminding us how your party achieved divine victory on May 7 against another sect/party?! I advise you to change your name to Leb4Shits ooops i mean Leb4Shiites.