Huge Blaze Breaks Out at Building in Salim Salam Area, Residents Flee on Fire Ladders


A huge fire broke out at around 6:00 am Friday in Souk al-Rawshi building at the Hawd al-Welaya-Salim Salam area of Beirut. Firefighters finally doused the blaze at midday.

In the morning, firefighters evacuated people from their apartments on an emergency fire ladder. The firefighters later brought in a new ladder that fits for 5 people at a time.

Several families fled to the rooftop of the 8-storey building which has 6-7 apartments on each floor.

Sources told Naharnet that the blaze broke out in depots containing furniture and carpets. The residents weren’t able to flee from the building entrance because of the smoke.

The fire caused a huge traffic jam on the Salim Salam highway in the morning rush hour. Security forces later closed the Salim Salam highway, blocking the traffic coming from the Mazraa area. The side linking downtown to Mazraa is still open.

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Thumb bipartisan almost 9 years

i think that in addition to the fire that occurred in jounieh in the same conditions in a furniture workshop also the phosphor ship that caught fire on the shores of Batroun there is something suspicious, i have researched and found that many substances used in carpentry especially in the fields of lamination and lacquering can also be used in bomb mounting. Either ways since that is not the first of a kind accident the ISF should have a serious say about it.

Thumb mrbrain almost 9 years

Residential area should be residential areas....corrupted people…..