STL to Unveil New List of Suspects by End of August


The Special Tribunal for Lebanon probing the assassination of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri will take new procedures before the end of August, al-Liwaa newspaper reported on Friday.

STL’s Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare obtained new information on the case, the daily said.

It revealed that General Prosecutor Saeed Mirza contacted several Lebanese officials in the light of the new information.

According to the newspaper, the STL is expected to release a new list of suspects in the assassination.

Al-Liwaa remarked that the new measures will highlight other crimes executed in Lebanon.

The tribunal will unveil links between the assassination of Hariri and mainly the assassination attempts of then Defense Minister Elias Murr on July 12, 2005 and MP Marwan Hamadeh on October 1, 2004.

It added that there is information that links Hariri’s murder with the assassination of then Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel on November 21, 2006.

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Default-user-icon assaad123 (Guest) almost 9 years

ressentent le danger comme provenant du hezbollah beaucoup plus que d'Israel, et au lieu de les traiter de traitre il faut essayer de comprendre pourquoi on en est arrivé là. et c'est la faute a qui?? refuser de discuter les preuves presenter par le tribunal ne fait que aggraver la situation. le hezbollah perdera les derniers neutres solidaires avec le parti

Missing people-power almost 9 years

We have been waiting for this moment for a long time...... patiently

Default-user-icon Voyager (Guest) almost 9 years

....... it is getting more interesting! But, of course, Hizb of Iran will maintain that all these people were killed by Israel to discredit the "resistance", as if this arrogant resistance needs more than it has already done with its own hands to discredit itself!

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) almost 9 years

Why do naharnet keep on showing us such an ugly picture when they talk about the STL ? Cant they put something else that doesn't hurt our eyes ! or something more decent than that ugly face ?? Thank you .

Thumb shab almost 9 years

Get the popcorn. Show's begining

Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) almost 9 years

Iran Revolutionary guards say Najad is jewish.....LOL....

Default-user-icon Visitor (Guest) almost 9 years

May GOD bless your soul, Hariri. What a picture! As if he's still among us.

Default-user-icon Fadi Fida (Guest) almost 9 years

He is with us every time we look at Centre Ville, which he robbed from under the feet of its rightful owners, and we curse the hour he set foot in Lebanon and thank God a million times for ridding us of his filth.

Thumb ithinkthere14iam almost 9 years

Yala more saints. St Wiam w st sleiman. When r their holy days?

Default-user-icon Roubio (Guest) almost 9 years

Nobody cares other than the losers who lost pretty much everything, and will lose this one after all the pain. It's like their last lifeline, except that they are terminally ill.

Missing roger almost 9 years

Le Phenicien: yes he is correct it's time to show the turban

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) almost 9 years

Justice is coming to Lebanon and soon to Syria.

Default-user-icon Sammak (Guest) almost 9 years

Every decent Lebanese should demand that their name is on the list of accused because nothing is more honorable than to serve our country by ridding it of the filthiest of the filthy.