Gemayel Rejects Hizbullah Threats to Turn Arms Against its Foes


Phalange party leader Amin Gemayel warned Hizbullah on Friday against attempts to target the March 14-led opposition saying its project is doomed to failure.

“Hizbullah should be aware that its project is doomed to failure,” he said at the opening of the 29th Phalange conference. “We stress to Hizbullah that no one in Lebanon wants to target it but we don’t accept that it turns its arms against us.”

He accused the Shiite party of adopting the security logic of Israel to preserve its existence. “What guarantees its presence is the logic of legitimacy, politics, coordination and openness.”

“If Israel is adopting the logic of security against enemies, then Hizbullah is adopting it against the citizens of its nation,” Gemayel told the conference.

He urged Hizbullah to unite with the Lebanese, saying “what guarantees the sustainability of Hizbullah is partnership with the Lebanese and not alliances” with regional countries.

Neither Christians nor Muslims will allow anyone to change Lebanon’s identity, the Phalange leader warned.

He reiterated his call for Hizbullah to recognize the legitimacy of the Lebanese state, put its arms under the control of the Lebanese army and hand over the four suspects in ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s Feb. 2005 murder case to the Lebanese authorities.

“If the accused are saints then we wouldn’t have had martyrs,” Gemayel quipped.

He stressed that his party backs the Special Tribunal for Lebanon because it believes in justice and wants stability.

Turning to President Michel Suleiman’s invitation for dialogue, the former president said: “Dialogue requires that all parties believe in the state of law and legitimate authorities.”

“The Phalange doesn’t reject dialogue,” he said, wondering “what benefits the dialogue would have, if they consider the arms sacred.”

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Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) almost 9 years

You hypocrite like Geagea and Carlos Edde , Soaid , Samir Frangieh and so many of you that were not elected and disapproved by the Lebanese .. Go get elected first , than come back and give your opinion ! Or at least , get apponited as minister to have a say in Lebanese politics .

You are a has been and you dont exist anymore Cheikh Amine . Send your son to talk to us , at least him ; he is elected thankd to GMA that left him a vacant seat !! but will not do it in 2013 as lonf as Samy and yourself , dont go to Rabié .

Default-user-icon Ibn Batouta (Guest) almost 9 years

Well said Mr. Gemayel....!

Default-user-icon Citizen-1 (Guest) almost 9 years

For those ignorant wafflers: Is Bassil elected? did he win a seat in parliament in batroun? i believe he failed twice..... but he is still the miracle child in the eyes of his Ammo (Uncle) Aoun....

Thumb bashir almost 9 years

Le Phenicien in a democracy you don't have to get elected to express an opinion.

Even the turbaned rat gets to speak, of course from his cowardly hole in the ground.

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) almost 9 years

@ bashir ,

I agree with you , but also in democracy , when you talk about a major problem in the name of the Lebanese or a part of them ! you should be representative , Like Syed Hassan is ! he represents ALL THE SHIIAS , where Amine doesn't represent more than 4 % of the Christians or the Maronites ..

Next time bashir , have some respect for people like Sayed Hassan or others , that are very representative of their community . You dont have to call him names or insult him , just discuss his political views that are not the same as yours ! That is democracy .

Thumb joesikemrex almost 9 years

We can also fight, however we choose democracy, and we will prevail

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) almost 9 years

Hypocrites like Geagea and Carlos Edde , Soaid , Samir Frangieh and so many of you that were not elected as opposed to the Magnificent GMA who was twice elected but still works for the never elected his beatitude SHM . I

n fact monseigneur SHN was not even appointed by someone in Lebanon but by the Ayatollah of Iran .

So to sum things up GMA in the tool of someone that never got one Lebanese vote but gets his legitimacy from an old Iranian relic .

Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) almost 9 years

not being elected did not stop hassan nassrallah from imposing his will on us and trying to change our way of life?

Default-user-icon visitor (Guest) almost 9 years

Not too long for Rabié to fall down, what do u think folks?

Default-user-icon surfer (Guest) almost 9 years

visitor, we think you have fallen down on your hear when you were a child.

Thumb bipartisan almost 9 years

guys please wake up: First we said not too long before Antoun Saadeh falls then the Shhabs then frangiehs then the Hobeikas then.... etc. People we have to do what we have never done, dialogue, serious dialogue and this time an honest dialogue. Had we gone through dialogue in 2005 with FPM we wouldn't have had Aoun on the other side but no our artist leaders Samir Geagea and Amine gemayel did what they know best; ignore the man. that doesn't justify his actions but still many bad things were done and today we have this situation, an impasse. Soon Hezbollah will fall and then we shouldn't be cheap, we will have to stretch our arms to the repentant to save our nation even if this is Aoun or Jumblat or anybody because each of them has the power to drag a faction of lebanese people with him, and Bashir once said Lebanon can only be one, or would never materialize.

Default-user-icon Christopher Rushlau (Guest) almost 9 years

So when did Hizbullah "threaten to turn arms against foes"?
Maybe Hizbullah said, "We won the election--why won't they let us serve?"

Thumb ithinkthere14iam almost 9 years

Sheikh amine why are u afraid to say NOOO Hezbollah!

Default-user-icon bill and hillary klingon (Guest) almost 9 years

bipartisan please wake up , aoun had a deal with the Syrians through Lahoud and Pakradoni before he returned that has been established now without a doubt, his 2005 orange electoral book was a scam to trap the electorates he broke every chapter in it withing weeks of the election. that's how his support went from 75% to 45% according to his own admission so please enough with the bipartisan handle is as real as the guy le phenicien trying to pass for a Christian and ex March 14 supporter claiming to be an ex March 14 supporter.

Missing petersdemocracy almost 9 years

@ Le Phenicien I always see you running your mouth, but i never bothered to comment, all you do is negative remarks, your just pure bias and dont have logic, i could be a supporter of one party but sometimes leaders make mistakes and the enemy might sound more logical. get of that brainwash and use your mind to think. The Gemayels are the most people that have sacrificed for Lebanon since its foundation. Its the only family that has lost most of its members for this country. So if you dont appreciate their politics at least have some respect

Default-user-icon LOgic exper insp (Guest) almost 9 years

If it wasn't for the Lebanese Forces( Ahrar, Kataeb, cedar guards and other patriots), Christians in lebanon would had been slaughter like sheep similar to damoor and we hear it every day christian should die. we as christians(all) must have one voice under BKirki Blessing to stand the storms that are coming toward us with only one purpose is to destroy us off the surface of lebanon. We must protect our selves and no one on the face of the planet gives a hoot if we live but most(muslims fanatics/nonfanatics they in same book) want us dead and history tell us that.
bottom line a united christian is a survivor of lebanese christians not hostilities toward other, because our natural live and let live but if binladen boys or hassan pirates wants to start killing us who is going to stop them, lebanese government , usa, europe, most highl ythey would not lift a finger.

we are the only one who can be their for us and no one else.

for our kids future and is the fact read historynsee

Thumb mrbrain almost 9 years

While visiting the Egypt, the statement of Mr. Gemayel was as follows:
As we all know President Mubarak is very keen to support the democracy and freedom in Lebanon ……
Few days ago Mr Mubarak appeared in the court …..He is accused of initiating orders to killing freedom and democracy demonstrators ....
Therefore i don't trust Mr Gemayel.....

Thumb bashir almost 9 years

"le Phenicien

You demanded our former President 'Go get elected first' before speaking.

when exactly was Nasrallah elected? Thank you.

Default-user-icon Sandovani (Guest) almost 9 years

Oh keep quiet you failed president-on-top-of-Israeli-tank without shame.

Default-user-icon aoune sebi2 (Guest) almost 9 years

well said cheikh amine!!!! despite what some of the above comments say claiming that aoun represents the maronites and christians in lebanon......aoun does not represent 1% of the christians. aoun is too busy buidling himself to become a president. if he was going to ever be a president he would have been in 1990. aoun is a fallen history and in 2013 we will see the election results. maybe this time ppl wont be bribed with money in order to vote for aoun. lets hope ppl dont sell their nation again. and to al those who support the current corrupted government, justice will prevail and justice is coming with the tribunal. the only thing left in lebanon that isnt corrupt is this tribunal.

Default-user-icon Mr Ouat (Guest) almost 9 years

Le Phenician you should call yourself Le Syrian it fits you better you, you are tarnishing our great ancestors!

Thumb benzona almost 9 years

This can't and won't go on forever. We're heading towards a new civil war... There's no possible outcome through dialogue. Well, at least no as long as a weapon is pointed at the interlocutor. Lebanon is a lame country... Sans avenir pour ses citoyens.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) almost 9 years

@Le Phenicien: Not elected? You mean like Aoun's ministers in the government that lost in the elections to parliament? Since when is not being in parliament mean you can't comment about politics?

Everyone knows the Kataeb have a base of support with a certain weight on the ground and they have as much a right to talk as Aoun or Nasrallah.

Missing future_vision almost 9 years

@ Mr Ouat : Very well said ! haha

le Phenicien you are a disgrace, pitiful, irrational man that has no respect
like the people you follow

i m just gonna say what everyone here thinks when they read you:


Default-user-icon Comment (Guest) almost 9 years

Christopher Rushlau
Go check Nawwaf Moussawi's statements in 2009 amongst others after they LOST the election till then your opinion is as useless as your existence, You are very blessed about this part of the world.

Default-user-icon ONE Hand (Guest) almost 9 years

Dear All

with my enormous respect to all of your opinions,

the major problem is that we (in Lebanon) aim to politics in all our fields (NEWS, Funny TV programs, Meetings, etc. why dont we, for a second, try to unique our opinion and aim to alleviate our economy rather than politics...

I swear that if you go all over the world you will not find a single place better than lebanon in location, weather, and social relations...

Go to the foreign news websites, and see that most of their home pages are about growing and enhancing their economies.

kindly for the sake of lebanon, deviate ur comments to the benifit of all citizen because finally we are ONE HAND!!