UNIFIL: Israeli Pullout from Ghajar is Nonnegotiable

UNIFIL spokesperson Neeraj Singh said Tuesday that the Israeli withdrawal from the northern part of the occupied border village of Ghajar is a nonnegotiable condition.

“It is imperative that the Israeli army withdraws from the area. This issue is nonnegotiable,” Singh told the state-run National News Agency.

UNIFIL has made several suggestions to facilitate Israel’s withdrawal. “We started discussions with all sides and are continuing intense talks after the Israeli cabinet finally announced that in principle it agreed to UNIFIL’s proposal.”

“It is worthless to discuss details in public,” he said.

While confirming that UNIFIL’s role is to help the Lebanese government impose its sovereignty through the deployment of the army in the south, Singh said: “As far as northern Ghajar is concerned, we aspire for the same thing that Lebanon desires.”

Meanwhile, Israel Radio said Tuesday that the Jewish state will inform UNIFIL on Tuesday about its government’s official decision to withdraw from Ghajar.