Hizbullah to Counter Indictment by Issuing its Own Report


Hizbullah has tasked a technical team with drafting a report that challenges the international tribunal’s indictment and the circumstantial evidence of telecommunications data that implicated four of the party’s members in ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s murder, a Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP said.

The lawmaker told As Safir daily published Saturday that Hizbullah would hold a press conference after drafting the report to present its findings to the public opinion and unveil new facts about Israeli manipulation of telecom data.

Meanwhile, al-Joumhouria newspaper reported that Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah will unveil new documents allegedly linking foreign intelligence agencies to several assassination attacks in Lebanon.

Hizbullah sources told the newspaper that the party has recordings and copies of correspondence between the Central Intelligence Agency and several other spy agencies of moderate countries.

The data implicates the involvement of one of the agencies in several assassinations carried out in Lebanon in the past few years, the sources said.

They told al-Joumhouria that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev handed over the documents to his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad after the Russian army found them during a raid on an apartment in Georgia used as a base by the CIA in 2006.

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Default-user-icon Gabriel (Guest) almost 9 years

It is so evident to all enlightened Lebanese and the entire world that Hizbollah is a mafia bent on terrorist activities . The best way for a criminal to clear his name is to go to court . Stop insulting our intelligence with your asinine lies .

Default-user-icon Reader (Guest) almost 9 years

Bring your documents to court. Bring your experts to court. If they are innocent then they have nothing to worry about! Do they really think we are this unintelligent with all this meaningless talk and propaganda?

Thumb thepatriot almost 9 years

Well, this sounds fantastic. He have seen the kind of proof that Hezbollah can come up with. Forged documentation, and cheaply photoshoped pictures. The problem is that this populistic strategy aims not at convincing educated and intelligent people, but rather the masses that do not question their party.
As a matter of fact there are 3 kind of people:
1- People who perfectly understand the indictment, the reports, the proof, and understand Hezbolla's implication.
2- People who undersatnd the above but deny it (for many different reasons).
3- Idiots who don't understand and are blind followers... this is the core that hezbollah relies on unfortunately... They will always come up barking "Israel", "zionist", "USA" every time they are threatened...

Missing mansour almost 9 years

hahahah the monkeys gonna release there own crap...hahhahahahah its so funny you cant make this shit up.i want to see the documents by "Abou Hassan Michel Aoun" his would make for interesting reading.Thank you

Default-user-icon Free Lebanon (Guest) almost 9 years

Will the report include Hassan's remarkable 1997 satellite images of Saint George area - claiming that the Israeli planes were filming the road 8 years before the assassination? Or, will Russian technologies impress us with new creative material? Can't wait to enjoy another episode :)

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) almost 9 years

When will this clowns finally pick up on what the STL is? It is not a political trial but a legal proceeding. It is not to be played out in the media but in a court of law.
If Hezbollah has evidence that will acquit those charged, then they should be talking to the lawyers, not calling press conferences and attempting to be a parallel body to the United Nations.
Hezbollah does not equal the United Nations.
The "Hezbollah Report" (whatever that is) is not the equivalent of the STL Indictment.

Raad looks silly. and he makes Hezbollah look even more guilty. If Hezbollah's defense is that its hit team was following the orders of the Israelis or the Americans in assassinating Hariri, that does not aquit the indicted hit team. They would still be guilty regardless of whose orders they were taking. They do not become innocent or less at fault if they were following Israeli orders.
Raad still needs a shave and tie if he is to go to court.

Thumb shab almost 9 years

Next he will warn us of strife.........boooooring

Default-user-icon Roy (Guest) almost 9 years

The fat lady did not sing yet! Just wait and see...

Default-user-icon a fan (Guest) almost 9 years

Boy oh boh gee wiz I hope they hired the dude that made the fake documents showing MP Jarah sending arms to Syria or that picture that Shows the Resistance hero Photoshopped into a Zionist LFer complete with cross on the headstock, they have used him extensively since 2005 with great effect.

Default-user-icon TITUS (Guest) almost 9 years

The Criminal Iranian Terrorist Organization is just clutching at straws, these Neanderthals don't even have the intellect to fool anyone except for their Die Hard (literarly) criminal zombie pawns they sacrifice here and there in order to stay in power and be the obedient rabid dogs of the Iranian supreme Criminal in Tehran so they can get their hand me down in Iranian blood money while the Iranian people themselves are living mostly in extreme poverty and Tyranny with no hope for the future. These Neanderthals have been lving for so long in their Faqihi LaLa Land world that they find it very difficult if not impossible to fuction or to have any meaningful argument with anyone in the REAL world that doesn't envolve threatening strife or bombings and murder! Justice will be served and the Turbanator and his criminal masters and handlers in Tehran and Damascus are in for it BIG TIME....

Thumb ithinkthere14iam almost 9 years

This is politicized ya hassan

Thumb bashir almost 9 years

Will it be written in farts or will their be translation?