Geagea Calls for Cabinet Action, Questions Hizbullah Leadership Role in Hariri Murder


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea criticized the March 8 forces on Saturday for discrediting the case against four Hizbullah members in ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s murder and hinted that the suspects had acted under orders from the party leadership.

The evidence provided by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon prosecutor in the indictment draws question marks on the role of Hizbullah, Syria and Iran in Hariri’s Feb. 2005 assassination, Geagea said at a press conference he held in Maarab.

The government should either convince Hizbullah to hand over the suspects or with regards to the tribunal it would truly become the cabinet of Hizbullah, he said.

“How would this cabinet continue to survive?” he wondered.

The government includes parties that are accused of involvement in the assassinations of Hariri and former communist party leader George Hawi and the murder attempts of ex-Minister Marwan Hamadeh and Elias Murr, Geagea said.

The Hizbullah-led March 8 forces have said that the indictment published by the international tribunal is only based on circumstantial evidence such as mobile phone records and analysis. Secretary-General Sayyed Nasrallah also said Israel bugged the mobile phones of Hizbullah members, allowing it to make false phone calls, send false text messages and track the users' movements.

However, Geagea ruled out the ability of Israel or the U.S. to manipulate telecom data as claimed by Hizbullah. Telecom uncovered 90% of Israeli spies, he said. “Had it (Israel) been able to control the telecom sector it would have protected its agents.”

The indictment is based on circumstantial evidence, documents and witness accounts, he stressed.

The indictment alleges the plot's mastermind is Mustafa Badreddine, a Hizbullah commander and the suspected bomb maker who blew up the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983, killing 241 Americans.

The other suspects are Salim Ayyash, also known as Abu Salim; Assad Sabra; and Hassan Oneissi, who changed his name to Hassan Issa.

Geagea wondered whether Badreddine could have carried out Hariri’s assassination without instructions from anyone. The indictment confirms that Badreddine didn’t act alone, he said.

“How could he have mobilized 15 to 20 people without the (Hizbullah) leadership’s awareness?” the LF leader asked.

He added that a few people couldn’t have received 2,500 kilograms of TNT without the knowledge of anyone.

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Default-user-icon Pong Lenis (Guest) almost 9 years

What is said by Geagea is not absurd.
It is difficult to admit that the STL is a big comedy involving more than one hundred actors among them juges, lawyers, investigators, etc...
And this whole comedy had been established on the basis of a previous one which is the fabrication of a multitude of phone calls and fictive cell networks.
Why did not the Abu Adas hoax directly acuused the Hezb, why did it point to an obscure sunni organization? of course here again we can explain things by adding endless inventions...And why did the Syrians right after the explosion ordered through Al Sayed the excavation to be backfilled... Did'nt they got scared to discover that there is a terrorist network who breached their security and could introduce into the middle of Beirut 2.5 tons of TNT? Too many logical facts that is dificult to deny. Difficult to admit that both syrians and the hezb are not involved...

Default-user-icon small dick (Guest) almost 9 years

Samir I agree with your queries!

Default-user-icon bakhos (Guest) almost 9 years

الحكيم = عقل اللبناني وواضع النقاط على الحروف.

Default-user-icon marie (Guest) almost 9 years

Yes we need more realistic politicians like Samir! Who can look beyond what these crooks are trying to feed us all these lies! Berri, NAsrallagh, Miqati, Aoun and all in this government Including Suleiman have to be accountable. We need to remove them from our society immediatley and start from scratch guys! We need a revolution NOW!

Thumb ado.australia almost 9 years

Geagea ruled out the ability of manipulate telecom data as claimed by Hizbullah. Telecom uncovered 90% of Israeli spies, he said. “Had it (Israel) been able to control the telecom sector it would have protected its agents.”

How can one argue with such logic.

Default-user-icon Luxembourg Bob (Guest) almost 9 years

How does he know it was 90%?

Does he know something we don't?

And that highly sophisticated 10% that remains at large, how does he know they were not the ones who manipulated the telecoms data?

My God he is the dumbest person alive!

Default-user-icon :. (Guest) almost 9 years

You are right, it makes sense.

Default-user-icon Truthwar (Guest) almost 9 years

But of course Israel controlled the telecom data. It also controlled the heavy machinery that destroyed the evidence of the bombing and the Israeli agent who ordered the clean up, Jamil Al Sayyed.

bigdig, do you also predict that Jbeil will be cleansed of the Christian invaders and given back to it`s per-invasion Shiite owners, we did not get to hear your opinion yesterday.

Default-user-icon m60 (Guest) almost 9 years

bigdig I believe you and your friends also predicted the annihilation of the LEBANESE FORCES on many occasions.As we all witness the LF have never been stronger and more influential .The LF represent the majority of the Lebanese Christians in Lebanon Like or not.Dr Geagea and the great party he leads defended Lebanon against many conspiracies and prevailed ie the Syrian pathetic regime and their cohorts.Lebanese Forces are at it again keeping the dream alive for the patriotic Lebanese who want to live free from the evil influence of Iran and there pathetic corrupt stooges.Dr Geagea the true believers salute you.

Default-user-icon Banana Republic (Guest) almost 9 years

Since March 8 love to play the conspiracy games, and it seems to me that conspiracies is all what they believe is a conspiracy for you guys:

Hezbollah put the so-called "Israeli spies" in the telecom sector on purpose so as to discredit the investigations of the STL. By the time these guys were arrested Hezbollah had known that telecom information was used for the investigation. How do we know that? Wissam Eid was killed using radio communication devices, after he was threatened by Hezbollah to stop the investigation remember?

I think this conspiracy theory has more grounds than any cheap conspiracy theory Nasrallah ever blessed the Lebanese people with.

Also, it seems that M8 are only focusing on the Hariri assassination. What about the other bombings, what interest Israel has in killing them? Why didn't it kill its fiercest enemies, or the 14 political assassinations were also another conspiracy?

Wake the hell up March 8 supporters. WAKE UP.

Default-user-icon Proud to be Lebanese (Guest) almost 9 years

Metel l 3ade ka2ano jeye men l fada law chi mara bass bye7ke chi zake hehe

Thumb shab almost 9 years

Hizb Mossad and Israel will destroy Lebanon

Thumb ithinkthere14iam almost 9 years

Geagea makes a great point about the Israeli spies caught! What a man what a man.

Default-user-icon neutral (Guest) almost 9 years

Israel and hizbo are one. they both are working on the distruction of lebanon. Even the us is with hezbo and assad.It is all a game to benefit Israel and only israel. the us is out to destroy the sunnis in the world . the proof is instead of attacking iran they attacked iraq. the us destroyed the shah and brought back khomeini. the us keeps talking about assad but assad is israels ally . they keep giving him time and time again. its all and israeli plot and hizbo is cia and mossad together. as long as there are jews in the world there will be no peace in the middle east. i beleive that the jews are involved with the murder of hariri via hezbo. no one can plot such a murder but the takes proffessionals and that does not exist in lebanon it is a jewish plot .hariri wanted a free and open lebanon and peace.
the jews did not like it. they wanted that money coming from the us.

Default-user-icon marie (Guest) almost 9 years

At Least Geagea is has the brains to think! Unlike Aoun!

Default-user-icon Banana Republic (Guest) almost 9 years

Isn't that what you just did "Honest Lebanese"?

As ironic as the statements made by your leaders. It is funny how if you invert whatever Nasrallah blames others of doing, it exactly applies on him. This is a psychological tactic, whereby sheep like yourself fall for.

Default-user-icon Irony (Guest) almost 9 years

Isn't it ironic that the King of criminals (AKA Dr. gaga) is seeking justice?

Thumb ithinkthere14iam almost 9 years

Also: it's sheikh Sami Gemayel btw

Thumb ithinkthere14iam almost 9 years

Bayrouteh: he's a whole lot better than any of the corrupt foreign agents u follow

Thumb mouallek almost 9 years

La langue de bois, les entourloupes verbales, la déformation des faits, les fausses déclarations de patriotisme et surtout l’hypocrisie de ceux qui utilisent des circonlocutions insipides qui ne veulent rien dire pour éviter de se compromettre, toutes ces attitudes qui sont l’apanage de nos politiciens et qui ont grandement contribué à mener notre pays à la situation catastrophique où il se trouve, tout ceci donc vient d’être remis en question par les déclarations de Samir GEAGEA concernant la responsabilités des chefs du Hezbollah dans les assassinats politiques instruits et jugés par le STL.
Il fallait dire directement et sans ambages qu’un chat est un chat et qu’un assassin est un assassin et non pas un héros ou un saint ou un Sayed victorieux.
Bravo Monsieur GEAGEA ! Vous l’avez fait !

Default-user-icon lost in translation (Guest) almost 9 years

What he actually said was that 90% of the spies caught were caught using of the telecommunication networks.

Missing sensei961 almost 9 years

he is one of the few in lebanon that use logic when talking politics, he is one of the few lebanese leaders that is really commited to the cause, the cause of a democratic and free lebanon, and above all...he is the ONLY lebanese leader to put his own security in danger and to endure 11 years of prison and pay the price that none of the other war lords have paid (compare him the coward michel aoun who ran away leaving his soldiers guetting slaughtered by the syrian army) how can you not respect this man ????

Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) almost 9 years

why is he left out of prison? oh yes i know...we don't have enough tarot, astrology and other fantasies.

Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) almost 9 years

all you sectarian haters and traitors and zionist war information workers are howling in vain. resistance is getting stronger every day and is ready to defeat your masters in tel aviv. again. keep on howling and barking, caravan passes by.

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) almost 9 years

He said it all ! Nothing to add ! Did the Israelis purchase the Mitsubishi in Tripoli ? Did the Israelis import some highly sophisticated material to break the ability of Hariri's convoy to stop all cell commiunicaitions in the area he was going through, and have the customs control broken by a syrian officer then as was reported in the press after Hariri's killing? Did the Israelis kill those who are accused by the Hezb to be their allies?? Have the israelis used loaded cars with explosives to kill palestinian leaders in Palestine and elsewhere? Is Lebanon the only country where srael has got enemies, which are moreover eliminated by using booby trapped cars??
So much more will be clear later on, that will show that the STL indictment is far from being bases on the telecom evidence......Your days are counted bastards!

Thumb bashir almost 9 years

Geagea, Lebanon is unworthy of such an honest perceptive man as yourself.
Every time this man speaks the truth is revealed. Bless you Saint Sami.

Default-user-icon Le PheneChien (Guest) almost 9 years

Serious Accusations against Hizballah leadership should force the Government to begin asking for all their weapons to be handed over as a step #1, and then begin a fair investigation in the court of law on the Lebanese Territory with high-end security.
The truth of killing Harriri, Hawi, Jemayel, Tueni, (Hamadeh, Murr and Chidiac) need to be revealed.
Israel want peace with Lebanon just like Egypt/Jordan. Killing anti-syrian figures will enforce the Syrian-Hizbollah regime in the state of Lebanon which is against their zionist tactics. Israel would want to protect the Anti-Syrian regimes and support it. If at the end in the court of law those accused by the STL are wrongfully accused then there is no doubt in anyone who has a brain that Syria and its allies in Lebanon have done it simply because this is how the Syrian regime rules in Syria for more than 50 years, speak out and you will disappear the next day.

Missing th21 almost 9 years

Jabal amel,

I am sure that if you conducted an investigation on the people who post on naharnet, you will realise that most of them are not zionist propaganda agents.

But if thinking that helps you sleep at night, then im glad im not in your place. Goodnight,
and seriously, goodluck !

PS: running an investigation would be worthless, because if the result is not what you were expecting, you will just say its a conspiracy.

Seriously, wad3ak sayyi2

Thumb ithinkthere14iam almost 9 years

Jamal amel: he was let out of prison bc Syria took it's hands off of our nuts...have u ever even bothered looking at the chArges that were placed on him? Ordering the bombing of the church in zahle (wrongly accused no evidence), Maintaining a militia in the guise of a political party (fii haraket Amal, psp, etc) and ordering assassinations during the cw (Kamen, haraket Amal w psp w ssnp w Hezbollah etc ordered assassinations as well). The other pigs were just protected by the amnesty law bc they kissed Assad's feet. Hakeem on the other hand refused to be subjugated by Syrian hegemony, thus him being accused of the zahle bombings. Unfortunately a Syrian leech is still sucking all the blood out of your balls...sad sad soul u r.

Missing realist almost 9 years

The idiots who believe M8 propaganda rather than scientific and logical evidence are not worth arguing with. Dudes, refuting evidence happens in courts by experts not by shiekhs who do not have a grade9 education via plasma screens! if you are truly innocent go higher your own laweyrs and professional experts who can refute the evidence SCIENTIFICALY . Hiding the culprits and claiming innocence only deepens your hole. And don't worry there are millions of honest hard working people in the western satanic world and I can assure you that there are 10 times more honest people per square mile in the christian west than in the muslim middle east (im muslim btw). Thaat there are hundreds of STL employees and investigators all conspiring in a grand conspiracy against your "muqawama" is mere fantasy and simplyu impossible. in addition, this is the era of wiki-leaks, and even the pentagon has problems keeping secrets, so just cause the truth was "leaked" to the spiegel does not prove innocence.

Thumb mrbrain almost 9 years

Oh please.. Dr Green Thumb has a bloody history why are you giving him attention? Is it for sectarian and religious reason you are reacting with his speeches or you simply became became brainwashed...Think a minute before you start a new war...

Thumb mrbrain almost 9 years

Mr Flush,
Dr Green thumb’s credibility was washed away by bloody's a fact that even Dr Green thumb admit it…..

Thumb thepatriot almost 9 years

MrBrain is a retard!

Missing startrip almost 9 years

C'mon guys. mrbrain is the third most entertaining poster here. Please don't discourage him. I'm a big fan of his brain flatulence, especially on topics where he demonstrates a depth of understanding of the Lebanese psyche rivaled only by his ability to type ellipses. Keep posting brain. I'm a big fan.

Thumb thepatriot almost 9 years

@startrip hahahahah..
my bad!

Default-user-icon canadian (Guest) almost 9 years

i dont understand how those people can think , they have no brain to think ( they cant figure it out that those people fabricate all this story . how can a invistigator follow a phone call to show the truth . especially in lebanon iam lebanese and live in canada and lebanon they cannot trace even internet ip since 100000 people use 1 real ip for internet so it make no sense so i dont understand how they can make it as proof for such a big crime and we dont forget how many people killed since 1983 so what is the difference btw hariri or all othr people has been killed in mysterious way . but the only thing i can think about as alot of people agree with me is trying to get ride of the powerfull and lebanon protected hizbollah so people think well before you talk with dignity and dont listen to the stupid high people in the governement because all they care about is them self they wil never serve the community and the people they only their own business . i feel bad for the lebanese ppl

Default-user-icon canadian (Guest) almost 9 years

and 1 more thing no lebanese can forget that samer gaegae the one that spent more than 10 years in jail for crims he commited against his own people christians and sunni muslims ( now they are his alliens ) now he`s the angel that coming down from sky to help lol oh believe me guys the murderer always stay a murderer and who cant just think about him fabricate all this thing since we all know his past ? i cant judge anyone but i have brain to think with . so i hope all you guys to think before you talk and act . we all lebanese and we should defend lebanon from stupid people that trying to do their own business on lebanese back community .