Hizbullah Criticizes Hariri’s Statement on Time Interview


Hizbullah said on Saturday that Al-Mustaqbal movement leader Saad Hariri had rushed with his conclusions on the Time interview with one of the four suspects named in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon indictment.

“Hariri hastened, as his usual habit and the habit of officials (affiliated in his party), to claim the content of the fabricated and false interview in the Time magazine,” a statement issued by Hizbullah’s media department said.

A man suspected of killing former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri told the Time magazine on Friday that the Lebanese government knows his whereabouts and would have arrested him a long time ago if it could.

conclusions and political assessments are void

Hizbullah’s statement added: “He (ex-Premier Saad Hariri) based his conclusions and political assessmentson misleading reports, which makes us more convinced that his statements are part of the media fabrication by the STL to cover up the truth.”

Hariri earlier in the day issued a statement on Saturday condemning Hizbullah over Time magazine’s interview.

The STL on Wednesday unsealed large parts of an indictment accusing four Lebanese citizens with close ties to Hizbullah in the February 14, 2005 bombing that killed former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and 21 others in Beirut.

However, the indictment draws extensively on "circumstantial" evidence against Mustafa Amine Badreddine, Salim Jamil Ayyash, Hussein Hassan Oneissi, and Assad Hassan Sabra, all of whom remain at large.

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Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) almost 9 years

Its so irrelevant if Mr. Hariri rushed to judgement on the Time's article. After all, its the Time, a world respected magazine. What is relevant is that Hizballah is hiding the four criminals. Nasrallah simply does not have the balls to turn them in because he was aware of the plot to assassinate Rafic Hariri and approved it, he knows he would be convicted and sent to jail to rot there.

Default-user-icon Banana Republic (Guest) almost 9 years

Let us take a moment and think using the same poor reasoning skills as the one used by Hezbollah, which is all based on baseless conspiracies.

Let us pretend that Rafik Hariri was assassinated by Israeli agents who happened to hack into the telecom sector. As the STL report shows: the substantial time spent preparing for the assassination took place between September 2004 and February 2005. 2500 kg of explosives entered Lebanese territories (either from our Syria-Hezbollah controlled land borders, or by the ports and airports of the country which are known to be controlled by Hezbollah). The execution of the operation occurred in the capital of Lebanon and not a remote area.

Using this reasoning, Hezbollah failed to "protect Lebanon" from an operation of this size. Based on this fact, it is safe to conclude that Hezbollah suffered from a "divine defeat" that renders it a disposable entity supposedly contributing to Lebanon's security.

Is this reasonable to Hezbollah supporters?

Thumb will_rogers almost 9 years

On one hand we have an STL Investigation and Report done by Numerous High Caliber Professionals, and on the other hand we have a bunch of THUGS, LIARS, THIEVES, MURDERERS, OUTLAWS and MORONS. Who do you think a rational and intelligent person would Believe, the STL or HIZBUSTAN ?

Default-user-icon Youssef Haddad (Guest) almost 9 years

Who is more credible the Time Magazine or the "hidden imam"?

Default-user-icon Youssef Haddad (Guest) almost 9 years

the Time article time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2089420,00.html

Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) almost 9 years

all you zionist shitters, domestic traitors and sectarian haters wioll achieve nothing. the resistance is getting stronger every day and is ready to defeat your masters in tel aviv. dogs bark and howl, caravan passes by.

Default-user-icon What do I know (Guest) almost 9 years

You are all Morons. In the 1970, John F Kennedy, was murdered. I'm sure that Rafiq Hariri as great as he was, Isn't a John F Kennedy. Now If America, didn't care enough to resolve the death of one of their own greatest president, why do they care about who Killed Rafiq Hariri. Is this a joke? Listen all you Lebanese out there. While you are fighting each other, the Americans and Israelis are going to steal our oil and split us up. You Lebanese are so smart overseas, but when you come back to your countries you turn into idiots. Stop letting the Israelis and Americans create a Sunni-Shiaa war all over the middle East. They used Sadam to fight Iran and than killed him. Now they are using the Saudi's to fight Iraq. Wake up you diots. STL???? What a Joke. Let us figure out who killed JFK first.

Thumb ithinkthere14iam almost 9 years

Apparently nasrallah hired those 200 people to respond to every remark made by Hariri....foooooool

Default-user-icon George Haddad (Guest) almost 9 years

Let’s be frank here! Hezbollah is controlling Lebanon at the moment. Every single thing in Lebanon now rotates around him: from Migati to Suleiman to Aoun and so on so forth. Having said that, it’s really illogical asking them to loose all this that they fought for over 30 years. Lebanon is theirs and Iran is the main decision maker in Lebanon. Anyone who believes that they will abdicate all of this power is a dreamer. Only if Syria's situation deteriorates and the Sunnis take over, would Hezbollah think that they should relinquish power they have now. So, I am certain that for the foreseeable future Hezbollah would be the only leader in Lebanon. The Christians have already lost everything: they are second class citizens let's face it.

Default-user-icon you know nothing (Guest) almost 9 years

Kennedy was murdered in the 1970 and we are all morons ya moron, to answer your name you know nothing, go kill yourself.

Default-user-icon majd (Guest) almost 9 years

jabal amel ta7tak, so what is the percentage of Mossad agents amongst the resistance members aeh, every other one? I mean Shiites made up the bulk of Lahd's army and old traitors dies hard. I think they told the other Shiites about the money they could make betraying their country and they all jump on it. Iranian money, Israeli money what's the difference they both start with "I" and those motorbike are pricy even at one for every two kids . I mean a Shiite gotta eat what with twenty nine to a nuclear family. Robbing and drug dealing isn't enough to make ends meet in this economy a little cash from uncle Bibi to tell on your friends doesn't hurt plus they're all doing it, right, Hassan of the downstairs said so.

Thumb bashir almost 9 years

How does Hezbollah know the Time interview is 'fabricated and false' unless they have contact with the suspects?

You are either lying bastards or criminal bastards, take your pick.

Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) almost 9 years

All the Lebanese should be aware that the Syrian regime and Hizballah are still very much conspiring for more assasinations and the four criminals wanted by the STL are under the protection of Hizballah. Please read this article at:


Missing th21 almost 9 years

Jabal amel,

yes the caravans pass by, the ones your party uses to smuggle illegal weapons and other products ("el akhdar wel yebis... wel abyad" quoting your supreme leader)

please stop thinking your side is " ashraf el shorafa2". wade3kon sayye2, w beddo y sir aswa2 unless you can recognize the need to compromise with the other lebanese who share the same nationality as you ( no, not the iranian one)

Thumb tabasco almost 9 years

what's new ?
didn't the sayyed himself boast about the incapability to reach any of those in 300 years ???

Default-user-icon Jake (Guest) almost 9 years

@Banana Republic:

Not at all reasonable. Your assumption that Hizballah's capabilities are as such, that they supersede the American-Israeli's capacity. That is not at all the case, and everyone with a good understanding of world politics would agree. Hizballah's past victories were mainly ideological, that translated to political clout.

If the American-Israeli project can operate as it did, pre- and post-2006 (as evident by its extensive spy network, and operative training in the mountainous regions of Lebanon), it can definitely plan and carry out a simple explosion in downtown Beirut.

Default-user-icon reaper (Guest) almost 9 years

very possible that hezbollah set up a phony interview so they could later claim
how fabricated it was to try to discredit the tribunal. they are the masters of false witnesses.

Default-user-icon 80} (Guest) almost 9 years

People are talking as if the indictment based on the telecom evidence only when it's not. Remember this only part of the full indictment. The unsealed part of the indictment also says that it's base on close circuit video footage and eye witness accounts. What if those can put the suspects where the telecom evidence say they were. Hezbollah rejected the whole thing because it's a Zionist ploy and we have to take their word on it, when things go wrong accuse Israel, they first tried to accuse Israel of killing Capt. Hanna. Nasrallah claims the four are innocent and cannot even be suspected because he said so. Of course everything he says is the God given truth.No long ago Nasrallah answered that the resistance should be confined to his Islamic sectarian militia because, unlike the Lebanese army, it could never be penetrated by the enemy, some of his followers still repeat this even though it's been proven wrong. So we know he could be wrong today again.

Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) almost 9 years

@slash: You will have to remember that the Syrian regime is willing to fight until the last Syrian and last Hizballah member. As the snooze tightens around Bashar's neck, he and the Alawite regime are willing to commit more killings and carry out more assasination in Lebanon which they think would divert attentions of the international community from what is happening in Syria. Hizballah will be used by the Syrian regime at any cost. As far as Israel is concerned, the equation has changed now. They realize with a democratic Syria, the possibility of signing a peace treaty is very much exist. As for Lebanon, Hizballah would be nuetralized and Lebanon would welcome a peace agreement which has been blocked by the Syrian regime for over 4 decades.

Thumb kato almost 9 years

@jabal amel - First, I would accept a person as my friend from any religious faith as long as they are of of good character and morals. While I am of the Christian faith, my choice of friends is dictated by that standard and not based on sectarianism. Second I would like to ask how your masters in Syria and vicariously in Iran are doing these days? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Default-user-icon fat man (Guest) almost 9 years

You are right the Israelis and American's resources are huge, could you enlighten us on which ones they used to get Surete Generale chief Jamil Sayed to order the clean up of the evidence of their crime.

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) almost 9 years

Hey Nassy. Your giraffe neck friend is going down fast. You are next. Get ready for your end.