Assiri: Saudi-Syrian Initiative Not Linked to Indictment

Saudi Ambassador Ali Awad Assiri said Monday that the Saudi-Syrian initiative aimed at ending the Lebanese crisis was not linked to the indictment that will be issued by the international tribunal in ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s assassination case.

“The Saudi-Syrian initiative … is ongoing and will continue. It has nothing to do with a decision or the release of an indictment,” Assiri told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

Riyadh and Damascus are concerned with bringing viewpoints closer and consolidate Lebanon against deterioration in the security situation, the ambassador said.

“We trust the ability of Lebanese and the efforts of President Michel Suleiman and are optimistic that involved parties will respond to his move to preserve the unity and stability of Lebanon,” Assiri told VDL.

Rumors and reports published by the media about the indictment could be aimed at hitting national unity in Lebanon, he said.