Geagea: Govt. to Incur Hefty Price Should it Avoid Funding STL


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stated on Thursday that Prime Minister Najib Miqati is attempting to assume his responsibilities regarding the funding of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, adding that even if the government were to be transformed into a caretaking one, it wouldn’t be able to escape funding the international court.

He said: “The government will incur negative consequences if it shies away from its duty to fund the STL.”

On Hizbullah, he remarked: “The situation cannot endure as it cannot maintain is military and security branches because that will weigh heavily on its community and Lebanon itself.”

Addressing the situation in Syria, Geagea stated: “The international community has taken a decisive stand on it.”

The LF leader predicted that the Syrian regime would be toppled.

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Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) over 8 years

translation: he won't get his salary from cia/mossad if he doesn't ignite civil strife and hatred

Default-user-icon canadian (Guest) over 8 years

mr geagea
please move on and start thinking about the future of lebanon.if you are truely a patriotic lebanese, you will stop doing the dirty work for saad harriri and his gangs.I dont see him talking about about the STL. STL is dead.

Default-user-icon zizo (Guest) over 8 years

I am sick of all the negativity these people are trying to spread. Be objective. The only way to generate productive solutions is through cooperation. They all want a peace of the pie and don't give a crap about the stupid people that live in this country. Well maybe because people are stupid anyway.

Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) over 8 years

aragorn i'm goiug to answer all these questions since and i'm glad you ask, so that you can learn some:

1. there was no strife in 2006. it was just goverment that refused to resign according to the constitution.
2. there was no strife in 2008 also. it was just illegal armed groups (and many of them foreign mercenaries) that resistance and cleaned in a swift operation. and it was local west beirut sunnis that helped resistance to clean them by showing the resistance fighters location of illegal gunman. I know some sunnis took that as an act of attack on their sect, but it was not.
3. cia i'm not even going to accuse zionist enttity because i believe they could not cover up the tracks. but cia could.
4. george hawi was not anti syrian politician. nor was rafiq harriri. army generals were not anti syrian politicians.
5. really who? if you refer to nasrallah, he had couple of public appearances, like when planting a tree last year. of course he hides when mossad wants to kill him.

Default-user-icon jabala amel (Guest) over 8 years

6. i don't have masters. and the rest of the question is not understandable.

thank you for your questions. if you want to learn more about lebanon, do not hesitate to ask.

Default-user-icon Le PheneChien (Guest) over 8 years

@Jabal: You missed on the PLO fighting that the Lebanese Forces endured for many years to protect Lebanon versus those who embraced the foreigners (non-Lebanon militias) to destroy us.
Also, in 2006 your kidnapping of the Zionist soldiers destroyed the entire Country Infrastructure including 2000 killed.
Also, in 2008 the weapons were used for non-Israeli means and you lied again on this slogan of People-Army-Resistance by doing the opposite: Militia-attack people-no army to protect its own citizens(THE COUNTRY) by using your arms.
STL proved it that it is Hizballah, fight it in court if they lied as you claim. you are guilty until proven otherwise.

Default-user-icon Lebanez (Guest) over 8 years

Jabal Amel ,
You are yapping non sense, The Lebanese forces are the only political party that has clear agenda on rebuilding the Lebanese government. They could easily turn it back on and be the powerful force they were in the 80s but they choose not too unlike your Iranian suckers that are sucking the blood out of Lebanon as a hole ...but your masters have their own plan that will eventually going to be toppled… “When “As soon as your wacky regime in Syria goes down the tube “Stay tuned

Default-user-icon Dov Levy (Guest) over 8 years

How about the current price of food? Electricity? Gas? Books? Schools? Real estate? Going to the beach? Movie theaters? Rent? Cars? Clothes? Appliances? We have the same problems here in Israel, mainly because of the contorted and always wrong and DESTRUCTIVE policies of Dr. Geagea's friends. As a Lebanese friend once told me: al touyour 3ala ashkaliha taqa3ou

Thumb mrbrain over 8 years

Any comment issued by Dr Greent Thumb is trivial since this guy has lost his Credibility ages ago....