Sarkozy to al-Rahi: Assad’s Regime is Over


French President Nicolas Sarkozy informed Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi during his visit to France earlier this week that the “regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad is over,” reported An Nahar daily on Saturday.

The patriarch received assurances from various French officials that “Lebanon and Christians minorities will not be sacrificed” for regional interests.

In addition, they affirmed to him their support of the implementation of United Nations Security Council 1701 and the funding of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

However, the daily noted that al-Rahi’s positions on Syria were not positively received by French officials, with Sarkozy informing him during their Monday meeting that the Syrian regime is coming to an end.

The patriarch had stated on Wednesday: “Assad must be given a chance because he is implementing reforms in Syria.”

An Nahar also reported that al-Rahi’s talks in France addressed Hizbullah and the Lebanese government.

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Default-user-icon Romulus (Guest) over 8 years

Everybody knows whose side Fabrikante Marwan Hamade's An Nahar is on, a newspaper that has been sinking deeper and deeper into insignificance. The Party and the party are both over because reality says so and no amount of fabrications will change anything, not even the brainwashed crowd of the now-defunct March 14 (i.e. Hariri's sheep and his Christian Sunni retards). m3alla2in bi 7ibal al hawa. Poor LOSERS.

Default-user-icon Chemel (Guest) over 8 years

Sarkozy you have no power to remove the Syrian regime you grub...

Missing startrip over 8 years

This strategic shift by Al Rahi, a man of the cloth, to support ruthless dictators, thugs and assassins will go down as one of the worst blunders by Bkerke. I can see dimwitted politicians like Aoun the Clown ally himself with evil for political purposes, but a man of the church? Where happened to your sense of justice and decency? What happened to your principles?

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) over 8 years

a grave mistake monseigneur,a grave mistake indeed.
u accentuated the hate in bilad el arz for the profit of a dictator in syria...

Default-user-icon George Boutros (Guest) over 8 years

Would you prefer that patriach Al Rahi support Samir Gaegea ( a terrorist and butcher who slaughtered thousands of palestinians and christians???? ). Would you prefer Al Rahi support Saad Harriri, who is trying to turn lebanon into a wahhabi salafist state???? Id prefer Bashar Al Assad, a moderate leader who stands up to the puppets of the west and the wahhabi gulf countries and israel. ALLAH YEHMIK YA BASHAR AL ASSAD. MAY GOD GIVE YOU STRENGTH TO PROTECT SYRIA AND LEBANON

Default-user-icon M60 (Guest) over 8 years

As a proud Lebanese Maronite, I'm saddened to hear our patriarch distorted views on the current political situation.Myself and many Lebanese are shellshocked on how could Beshara blunder on such a sensitive topic.Beshara is condoning the actions and the behavior of the Syrian regime and their proxy Hizbullah.The Lebanese people will never forget nor forgive the atrocities the Syrian regime and there proxies inflicted on them, however I was hoping Besharra would at least not forget.To the brave Syrian opposition
as a Lebanese Maronite I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the behavior of patriarch Besharra.

Missing startrip over 8 years

I have a feeling that Titus meant his comment as a swipe against Sarkozy and not as a congratulatory note about leading a nation where leaders serve at the pleasure of their people. Sarkozy, Merkel, Obama, and the rest of the democratically elected leaders are the first to tell you that they are proud to lead nations where the people actually elect their leaders.

Default-user-icon Chabel (Guest) over 8 years

AL Rai learned how not to be like a sense always betting on the wrong horse........China and Russia are enjoying petro at cost prices and will not budge in their stances toward Assad.

Day in and day out The Valentino's have portrayed their lack of political foresight and remain as pathetic as they are today...bring from the sidelines.

Missing roger over 8 years

Let's keep it short and sweet bye bye Assad!

Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) over 8 years

i know thta sarkozy drinks a lot, but this is worse than white mice

Missing realist over 8 years

To GEORGE BUTRUS, you racist nazi suni hater, Saad hariri and the tayar is the only party in lebanon with people from all lebanese sects, go to the mustaqbal institutions and see how many christians, she3a, and armenians are working therre, Saad hariri did not own a militia, Tayar mustaqbal is THE HIGHEST voice in lebanon that insists on taef accord and the 50-50 split between christians and muslims in parliament. HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT TELL YOU THAT SAAD HARIRI WANTS A WAHABI SALAFIST STATE?? why all this racism?? why all this hate?? the sunis are the vast majority in the Arab world moron and christians work in those Arab countries and make a living there, why do you wana make enemies of all these people!?!? your bashar will be finished in few months, and the french and free world are smart, you gotta listen to them than to your orange idiots who does not have the slightest idea about time-politics, nazis like you end up in the hitler bin

Missing realist over 8 years

jabal amel, i hope one day you come out of your inner conflicts, we both know how much southern people love wine and women, you look stupid wearing those suits without ties.

Thumb ithinkthere14iam over 8 years

Ya allah ya Rahi, how much did Aoun and Bashar pay you?!?! Wheynak ya Sfeir!! Sarkozy is 100%%%%% correct!! Rahi, get ur act together man!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Default-user-icon Woody (Guest) over 8 years

Patriarch is right! he is presrving what´s left of Christian spirit in the midst of a jungle. Please weak up and make it straight for all to live and grow together! shame same.. Let´s focus on making lives better. cheers

Thumb shab over 8 years

He has been threatened like Jumblatt was

Default-user-icon Jacques (Guest) over 8 years

You guys trying to complain to the arz rahi cause saying true??? I agree and what is better??? Jews, wahabi or Syrian???? So really didmyou want this????think people without common sense...........

Default-user-icon Jacques (Guest) over 8 years

You guys trying to complain to the arz rahi cause saying true??? I agree and what is better??? Jews, wahabi or Syrian???? So really didmyou want this????think people without common sense...........