Cabinet Convenes Wednesday amid Concern over Possible Vote on False Witnesses File

Cabinet is set to convene at the Baabda palace on Wednesday for the first time since November 10, with 300 articles set to be discussed, the main one being the false witnesses file.

Sources close to Prime Minister Saad Hariri told the pan-Arab daily Ashraq al-Awsat Sunday that the March 14 forces ministers will refuse to subject the case to a vote if there are no legal justifications for referring it to justice council, as the opposition is demanding.

They stressed that such an issue can only be tackled through calm dialogue at Cabinet, adding that whether the case is addressed through the justice council or the regular judiciary, the result will be the same.

“The insistence that it be tackled through the justice council means that they have goals that extend beyond the false witnesses,” the sources noted.

Meanwhile, a ministerial source told the daily An Nahar Sunday that the dilemma of voting over the false witnesses file will continue on threatening Cabinet’s functioning.