Hizbullah Raises Tone against STL: Resistance is Much Too Noble to Be Harmed by Anyone

The head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Mohammad Raad warned on Saturday that "Lebanon's image would automatically change if the indictment is released without a settlement being reached in the country."

He added: "Everyone must assume the responsibility of their actions."

"The Resistance is much too noble, pure, and honest for anyone to harm it, its dignity, people, and martyrs," he said.

"After they failed to destroy the Resistance in a war, they are now adopting a new tactic, which is the indictment and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon," the MP noted.

Meanwhile, Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General Naim Qassem stated on Saturday: "The STL had several opportunities to demonstrate its credibility, but it wasted them."

"For us, the STL doesn't exist and it has no authority over Lebanon even if the entire U.N. Security Council were to convene," he stressed.

Furthermore, he called on "those hanging on to the tribunal to openly state that they will reject it if it indicted Hizbullah members."

Qassem added that dialogue is a necessity in Lebanon "and we will continue with it, but we will not be deceived."

On Saturday, Hizbullah politburo member Mahmoud Qmati said: "When we warn of unrest, we are not threatening or intimidating, when we say that the issuance of the indictment might cause unrest or civil strife, that does not mean, as they are interpreting, that Hizbullah and the opposition are plotting a coup."

"This means that the international scheme that wants such an indictment to be issued will launch in its wake …actions and other plots that will lead the country to chaos. Where is Lebanon's interest if we reach that stage? That's why we should negotiate and make an agreement before we reach such a moment," he explained.

He reiterated Hizbullah's support for the ongoing Saudi-Syrian, regional and international efforts to defuse tensions in Lebanon.

"There is no force on earth that can weaken or besiege the Resistance", he added.