Controversial STL Funding Discussed Away from Media Glare


The funding of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon probing the assassination of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri will be discussed away from the media spotlight, An Nahar newspaper reported on Monday.

“The issue is being discussed away from the media especially between the Prime Minister (Najib Miqati) and Hizbullah,” informed sources told the daily.

The sources ruled out that a solution will be reached before President Michel Suleiman and Miqati return from New York at the end of September.

However, they stressed that the decision for Lebanon’s payment of its share of the STL funds will not be taken by secluding any party, where Hizbullah’s stance and its allies from the tribunal will be taken into consideration.

The sources added that a “cohesive file” should be prepared including the point of view of those who oppose the international tribunal and a way to sort out the false witnesses issue before discussing the funding.

The STL had released arrest warrants against four Hizbullah members, accusing them of being involved in Hariri’s Feb. 2005 murder.

The party has repeatedly announced that it will not cooperate with the tribunal, describing it as an American-Israeli product aimed at destroying it.

A dispute recently rose in Lebanon on whether the March 8-dominant government would commit to funding the tribunal.

However, Miqati has announced that it is in Lebanon’s interest to pay its share of the tribunal funds.

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for all the true lebanese, and not traitors, sectarian haters and filthy zionist information war department:

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