Gemayel Holds Talks with Hariri in Saudi Arabia


Phalange party leader Amin Gemayel has held talks with former Premier Saad Hariri in Saudi Arabia, the party announced on Monday.

MP Sami Gemayel also attended the talks on the latest developments, the statement said.

The former president also met with Saudi Second Deputy Prime Minister Prince Nayef.

An Nahar daily said Sunday that Gemayel’s visit was the first by a Lebanese official since the failure of the Saudi-Syrian initiative that was aimed at ending Lebanon’s political crisis last year.

It quoted sources as saying that Hariri is currently residing in the kingdom.

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Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) over 8 years

i guess saudis found couple of minutes to give him instruction and tap him on the head saying "good boy...good...irrelevant though, but we apreciate the effort"

Default-user-icon GB (Guest) over 8 years

Things are now back into their real perspective: that's where Saad Hariri should be met, in his home country Saudi Arabia. Let him stay there, it's much better for him and for Lebanon!

Thumb sunni over 8 years

I dream of a day when lebanese decisions become truly lebanese...a day when all of the countries on earth and the galaxies above stop interferring in our daily business... a day when a lebanese politician like Salim El Hoss rejects a private jet as a gift because of his own ethical values and nothing more....i will go back to sleep and continue dreaming....

Default-user-icon Sombrero (Guest) over 8 years

I home Cheikh Amin 3al Fashal convinces Cheikh Imbecile Hariri to come back to Lebanon because we, the people, miss his hilarious stuttering speeches and are bored to death. The pagliaccis Geagea, Gemayels (plural) and the defunct March 14 nobodies are not that funny alone. Cheikh Imbecile will be an added value to their almost-daily lame stand-up comedy shows. PLEASE COME BACK, CHEIKH IMBECILE. PLEASE!!!

Thumb ado.australia over 8 years

Did sheik Amin have the time to take his son to see his first public beheading?

Thumb thepatriot over 8 years


No, they were busy watching the mass slaughtering of innocents on syrian tv.

Default-user-icon Just Lebanese (Guest) over 8 years

If you people are going to be so negative and antagonistic towards certain politicians, go to another website where people of your kind get along just fine. At least President Gemayel isn't afraid of meeting people whereas a certain former General is too chicken to go to Bekaa because he thinks people might kill him. Take Bassil as your boy here