Raad Denies he Had Placed a 3-4-Day Deadline to End Crisis

The head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Mohammad Raad denied on Sunday media reports that had quoted him as saying that he had given a three or four-day deadline for the Saudi-Syrian initiative to yield results.

He said in a statement that the reports were “inaccurate”.

“I meant that I had hoped that the results would be revealed soon,” he added.

On Friday, Raad had stated: "At this moment, we have given the final chance for the Saudi-Syrian effort to reach a settlement that would pull Lebanon out of the dilemma of the tribunal and its repercussions, and I hope this effort would yield positive results.”

He said that "those colluded with the tyrants against the Resistance must revise their calculations."

"There is currently an opportunity that may last two, three or four days. They must seize this opportunity because if time comes for taking a decisive stance (by Hizbullah and its allies), Lebanon will go into a new stage and we hope they revise their calculations before it's too late," Raad warned.