Gebran Tueni Remembered: God Will Judge All Men

Tueni's family and the family of An-Nahar newspaper held a memorial on Sunday to mark the fifth anniversary of the assassination of MP and journalist Gebran Tueni at St. Georges Cathedral in downtown Beirut.

"Gebran Tueni never bartered his principles or sold his conscious," Orthodox Archbishop of Beirut Elias Aude said during his sermon.

Tueni, editor and publisher of An-Nahar newspaper, was assassinated in a car bomb Dec. 12, 2005.

Aude described Tueni, one of the pillars of the Cedar Revolution, as a "lover of freedom and justice."

Tueni's daughter, Michelle, delivered the family address, saying her father would have been saddened with the current Lebanon situation.

"I am always afraid you might ask about the Cedar Revolution, as I'm embarrassed with the answer," Michelle said.

"Don't ask me for justice. God will judge all men. God is very fair," he added.