Hizbullah Escalates Rhetorical Attacks

The Hizbullah-led Opposition has stepped up it rhetoric against the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, reiterating that a settlement to the crisis should precede the indictments.

Sheikh Naim Qassem believed that the STL was "dedicated to eliminate Hizbullah."

"Lebanon today is facing a conspiracy launched by the Special Tribunal," he said.

"I say 'Lebanon' because the Special Tribunal is not just against Hizbullah, but against Lebanon's independence.

"Hizbullah, however, is comfortable with itself and we know that we are neither concerned with the accusation nor the verdict.

State Minister Mohammed Fneish, for his part, said Hizbullah will not debate any issue in Cabinet before the false witnesses has been finalized.

“When the Opposition calls for internal consensus before issuance of the indictment, it is because of its keenness on the interests of this country and its stability,” Fneish said.

Hizbullah MP Ali Fayyad, meanwhile, stressed that “we have reached the final stage … after we waited a long time and spared no effort to reach an understanding.”