Jumblat: Fiery Statements Do Not Solve Pending Issues and Accumulating Problems

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat noted on Monday that fiery statements do not help resolve pending issues and accumulating problems in Lebanon.

Addressing the recent storm that hit Lebanon, he said in his weekly editorial in the PSP-affiliated al-Anbaa magazine that the lack of planning and management to execute necessary water projects is “unjustified.”

He demanded that “all projects and developmental files no longer remain hostage to endless political disputes.”

Furthermore, he called on the Higher Relief Council to compensate for the damages that have been caused by the storm.

Addressing the Wikileaks documents, Jumblat said: “Site founder Julian Assange is the best future candidate to receive a Nobel Prize because his actions have uncovered facts that have not been subject to changes and alterations.”

These documents were a “knockout blow to the American administration and U.S. President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy,” he continued.

He did question however the fact that Wikileaks did not publish any documents connected on Israel and its ties with the U.S.