Raad: We Don’t Issue Threats, But Matters Will Develop Negatively, which Will Threaten Stability

The head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Mohammad Raad stated on Sunday that the other camp “should reconsider its calculations and review its choices because the country will be shaken up.”

He said: “I am warning them, we are not issuing threats, but the way things are, matters will develop in a negative manner that would threaten the country’s stability.”

“Cabinet is still studying whether it should convene or not, it has crippled the country,” he added.

Raad wondered: “Would there be a country or a government left if the indictment was fabricated and accused innocent individuals?”

“This is what we want to turn attention to, but in the end, we present excuse after excuse and evidence after evidence, and everyone must assume his responsibility,” the MP concluded.