Gunshots from Syria Fired at Akkar


Heavy gunshots were fired from Syria towards villages in the northern region of Akkar Friday night, creating a state of panic among the residents in the area, reported Voice of Lebanon radio on Saturday.

Several of them consequently moved to nearby villages in al-Rihanieh and Wadi Khaled to escape the gunshots.

Last week, a Lebanese army patrol was accidentally fired at by the Syrian army, also in the North at the Lebanese-Syrian border.

A 15-member unit from the Syrian army entered Lebanon near the northern town of al-Mwanseh as it was following shepherds along the Lebanese-Syrian border.

The Lebanese army soon arrived at the scene to inspect the affair.

The Syrian unit then accidentally fired at the army after it had mistaken its identity.

Over the past few months, hundreds of Syrian refugees had flooded into northern Lebanon to escape the crackdown against anti-regime protests.

In May, one woman was killed and several other people were wounded when gunshots were fired from Syria towards the town of al-Buqaia in the North.

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Thumb canaanite over 8 years

Bashar is going down and trying to take Lebanon with him...

Good riddance to him and long live a Free Lebanon and Free Syria...!

Thumb leblover over 8 years

إطلاق النار باتجاه عكار هو عمل استفزازي لدفع الشعب العكاري الى الرد و تثبيت اتهامه بامتلاك اسلحة و لكن الشعب العكاري اعقل من ان ينجر وراء غباء النظام السوري

Default-user-icon rami kremesti (Guest) over 8 years

the syrian soldiers are scared of their shadows these days they fire at anything...

Thumb will_rogers over 8 years

Why doesn't Lebanon file a UN Complaint against Syria for all these violations. The Tyrant's army has so far killed a Lebanese woman and wounded many Lebanese citizens, they have opened fire on Lebanese soldiers numerous times, how much more do we need before filing a complaint ? we do it against Israel all the time for much simpler reasons.

Thumb Nade over 8 years

Very well said will_rogers. Or the lebanese Government is under the full control of Bashar in his foreign Minister Ghosoun!!!!!! But not forget his Huzbolah Army in Lebanon

Thumb joeleb over 8 years

The Israeli army cut a tree, and all hell breaks loose! The Syrian army fires into our villages, not a peep! Of course people like jabalamel are going to immediately label me as a "zionist" and "traitor" let me beat you to it by saying: I am a Lebanese, I believe that anyone and any country that does anything to breach my country's teritory should be treated as an enemy, be it Israel or Syria, and ESPECIALLY Syria! The one country in the region that has harmed Lebanon the most! "Al Shakika" HA! To this day Syrians are invading our lands along the border and taking them away from their truthful Lebanese owners....why don't you want to liberate that Hizbullah!

Default-user-icon Pacifier (Guest) over 8 years

@ Joe leb , you are funny my friend, do you really need to prove ur self as lebanese for Jabal Habal Amel to not label you as a zionist? This Jabal Habal is not worth a shoe, nor he , or his master the famous underground big fat rat, hiding like a coward and shouting from 3341 levels below, what you need to know joeleb, that people like Jabal Habal are themselves zionists, they are the ones that welcomed with flowers and candys the israeli army in 82, they are the ones with most spies working for the mossad, they are the ones that got raped by PLO in the south and still lying about caring about Palestine, they are the ones following Wilayat al faqih and finally they are the ones like his master HASSOUNÉ said , are finding spies inside Hezbollah, 3 confirmed already from Mossad and CIA, now Joeleb, never ever again you have to justify yourself to a camelshit like Jabal Habal, he is the one lost and working for the ennemies ( syrian-iranian-israeli) , cocktail of treason those hezbies

Default-user-icon Sigamondo (Guest) over 8 years

Another proof that the Sunni crazies must be pursued all the way to the filthy Saudi Arabia. 3alehom