March 14 Lauds Geagea’s ‘Brave’ Speech

The opposition has described Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea’s words on Saturday as “brave” and a “March 14 speech par excellence.”

March 14 general-secretariat coordinator Fares Soaid told An Nahar daily on Sunday that through the presence of former Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir in the commemoration of the fallen members of the party, the “LF is now in the stage that characterizes the moral and political responsibility taken by the LF and the Maronite church to move Lebanon from civil war to civil peace in 1989.”

Soaid said Geagea’s statement represents the speech of the March 14-led opposition in all its aspects - political, party, sectarian and independent.

MP Nohad al-Mashnouq also told the newspaper that the ceremony was an occasion to honor the patriarch as a person and for his political viewpoints.

He hailed Sfeir for his role in Lebanon’s independence and sovereignty, he said.

“As for Geagea, he was brave in his speech when he said that Christians don’t need protection because they have principles,” al-Mashnouq added.

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Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) over 8 years

It was a farewell party to EX Batrak Sfeir that presided the LF's for longer than 22 years . Now Hakim is left alone in March 14 . Walid , Saad and Amine have left this revolution ! Mr Geagea and Fares Souheid , both of them non elected , are the only FARCES left in March 14 . Bye Bye Batrak - Bye bye Hariri - Bye Bye Mahkama - Bye bye ya helween .

Thumb canaanite over 8 years

Brave, Strong and Proud!

On the right side of history...!

Default-user-icon marie (Guest) over 8 years

be careful, jabal amel and his friends could kill you

Default-user-icon Pierre (Guest) over 8 years

Geagea is the real deal. A man with a clear vision. As someone that did not support the lebanese forces in the eighties and nineties, geagea is now clearly the true voice of christians. Btw, hope aoun was watching. While geagea stuck to principles, aoun ran scared and made deals with the killer party and syria.

Default-user-icon Good Job (Guest) over 8 years

Good job! Well spoken! That should be what everyone is saying!!!!!!

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) over 8 years

if christians does not need protection , how come we are celebrating thousands of christian martyrs ?
god blesss the soul of our martyrs OUA NABKA

Default-user-icon GB (Guest) over 8 years

The only way for Christians to maitain their historical presence in Lebanon and the East is for them to unite. Just imagine if Geagea, Aoun, Gemayel, Frangieh, Chamoun and all the other non-maronite Christians sit together to agree on a unified stand from the major issues and concerns that cause fear to this community, they could move mountains and become the main driving force in Lebanon that will be able to shift all foreign interference to their benefit and this be a legacy for the future generations.
Some call this UTOPIA, but I call it HOPE, as this is all what's left for the Christians if they want to remain in this region.

Default-user-icon Proud to be Lebanese (Guest) over 8 years

@Le Phenicien: You are clearly brainwashed and talking non-sense. I honestly can't see how you can be so stupid and say 'bye-bye' mahkama which means that anyone can come, kill our politicians without any justice. In addition your comments about March 14 are useless....Who is March 8? Aoun? You can see the major problems occurring between him and Hezbo terrorists. Amal? THEY HATE AOUN AND HEZBO. Jumblat? You'll be dreaming if you think that he likes Hezbo, Aoun or any March 8 party. So who is March 8? Ahmadi Nijad? Probably yes...So all your party are bunch of brainwashed, manipulated weirdos who are taking Lebanon backwards. We can see how they're falling, it may need some more time, but I'm curious to see how will Hassouna and Michel react when Assas is down :)

Default-user-icon liran (Guest) over 8 years

GB why would you want to stay in this Muslim region when you can go live in europe and the US where majority are christians. Only israel is modern and civilized, all the rest sucks so i would leave if i were you. Lebanon is a nightmare for christians you should go to europe who needs more christians because muslims are becoming more and more there.

Default-user-icon M60 (Guest) over 8 years

Thank you Dr Geagea for confirming what I have said along.And that is :You are a loyal,brave,intelligent and a patriotic leader who lead by example in time of uncertainty.Unfurtunatly majority of Lebanon so called leaders are lacking real leadership at the moment.Dr you talk the talk and walk the walk.I thank you and I salute you for keeping the dream alive.

Missing youssefhaddad over 8 years

One ought to respect a person who did not escape or compromise his principles to save his hide.
He was a political prisoner for 11 years and came out more determined in his ways. Regretfully parts of his history as a militia leader still haunts him but what he is today should be an example of true patriotism and leadership.

Missing mirvete11 over 8 years

Fair and strong enough. Keep up the good job. (WE REALLY NEED STRONG LEADERS )

Thumb geha over 8 years

for those who did not hear properly: lebanon is our country, and we are here to stay.
not the syrians, nor the iranians and the multitude of their followers and their weapons will freighten us and push us to leave, rather they will leave.
already the Israelis have infiltrated hizbullah and their minister of infrastructure is now in israel. israel acquired lately 55 special missiles that go deep and destroy bunkers underground.
so basically, they now know the locations of the bunkers of hizbullah, and they have the means to destroy them.
the end is closer for the syrians, Iranians Hizbullah and their followers including Aoun.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) over 8 years

a breath of fresh air from the rock of lebanon.
bilad el arz are prevailing,and hakim is louder because he is brave,and talking from above the basement or a flat faqihi screen.

Default-user-icon Sondagio (Guest) over 8 years

As brave as when he threw himself in the lap of the Syrian occupiers against ebn balado, only to spend 11 friggin years underground, frequented by rats and cockroaches while perfecting the art and skill of throwing himself in the laps of any of Lebanon's enemies. And now he has the nerve to call the thugs that threw themselves uselessly in the fire martyrs!!! And look at the pathetic state of the Christians as a result of this criminal's collaboration with all of Lebanon's enemies, Israel AS WELL AS THE SYRIAN OCCUPATION!!! PEOPLE!!! What a fart. If he is a fart then what does this tell you about the farts who follow his fartations?

Thumb jabalamel over 8 years

the filthy zionist information war department is happy because they have spokesman in lebanon.

that spokesmen get about 5% of votes in elections, but who cares anyway, the zionists are living on illusions these days.

Thumb jabalamel over 8 years

the zionist information war department has another nickname: geha.

how does he know that zionist entity has 55 rocked that can destroy bunkers?

not only it knows what the rocket can do, he knows how much of those rocket?

and he says "we lebanese" lol what a joke, like we don't know who you are.

by the way, if you have 55 rockets for bunker destruction...use them

Thumb mrbrain over 8 years

be careful, jabal amel and his friends could kill you
Marie no one wants to Kill Dr Greenthumb because the man died in the 70’s when he committed his first massacre....And to make you comfortable he is not the only dead politicians we have many such as Jumblat, Berri, Gemayel, ect.... I hope this can relief you…
The idea of siding with the foreigners against his own people and creating a sectarian community doesn’t make him a brave man…
If he wants to do something brave he would take an early retirement, take Streda for a real honey moon and if it doesn't work well he can simply release Streda so she can have her own family

Thumb geha over 8 years

it seems jabelamel and no brain do not read the news!\
this informations is all over for those who know how to read :)

Thumb jabalamel over 8 years

no we don't read hebrew

Default-user-icon Just Lebanese (Guest) over 8 years

Spoken like a true leader. He's everything March 8 lack and everything Aoun wants to be.

Missing elielebnan over 8 years

@jabalamel...the only zionists found these days are from within the ranks of Hizbullah! it means they are all shiites from your family. Every other week, a new spy is uncovered and they are mainly Hizbullah members. It seems you produce Zionists at a high rate...and if it's not Hizbullah then it's your allies the Aounists!! Say hello to Colonel Fayez Karam who spied on Hizbullah on behalf of the zionists :-)