Al-Rahi: Lebanon Can’t Overstep Security Council


Maronite Patriarch Beshara, who is on a three-day tour to the South, said Sunday that Lebanon cannot overstep the U.N. and the Security Council, in reference to resolutions issued by the world body.

In his sermon at the Sayyida church in Hasbaya, al-Rahi said: “Lebanon is going through a difficult and sensitive stage.”

The Lebanese should engage in dialogue, he said.

During his visit to Khelwat Bayyada in Hasbaya, the patriarch stressed that God has granted the Lebanese the wealth of diversity. He expressed commitment to the preservation of Lebanese families from all sects and confessions.

In Kawkaba, al-Rahi said Lebanon is the land of love. It is a message, he added.

“We stand in humility before the sacrifices of southerners so that this land remains the land of dignity and durability,” the patriarch said, adding: “We can’t build peace in our lives and communities without love.”

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Thumb canaanite almost 9 years

Rahi to citizens: No one can overstep security council resolutions except me!

Thumb dasphinx almost 9 years

Rahi had to wait a long time before he came out of his Tayyar closet.

Missing youssefhaddad almost 9 years

Suggestion to alrai, stop talking!

Default-user-icon marie (Guest) almost 9 years

batrak please do not get involved in politics

Thumb geha almost 9 years

Al Rahi: go live in hizbollah territory since you like them so much.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) almost 9 years

suggestion to monseigneur, start thinking!

Thumb jabalamel almost 9 years

the filthy zionist militia information war department still can't believe that we have patriotic patriarch.

just read their comments

Default-user-icon neutral (Guest) almost 9 years

It is so sad to read comments against the batrak from people who are still blinded by power hungry leaders. All the batrak is doing is spreading love and unity among the Lebanese people. If this is wrong i do not know what is right?The batrak knows well what is going on . The jewish plot of divide and conquer is uncovered by the batrak. alas some of the christians turned the deaf ear and attacked him. Either they are paid by the jews or they are crazy.When the jews attacked lebanon they did not discriminate by bombing christian and moslem territories. all in all they attacked all the lebanese people. any one who does not beleive of what the bebatrack is doing will regret it soon. taliban and al quaida were created by the cia and the jews to attack the russians at first. .They are still on the us payroll and if the lebanese people wont follow the battrak lebanon will become another afghanistan.while the jews are building more settlements and taking more palestinian lands.