UK Ambassador: STL is Not Tool In Anyone's Hand

British Ambassador to Lebanon Frances Guy stressed that the United Kingdom is a "strong supporter of international justice."

"We have provided financial support to several courts as part of our foreign policy and in harmony with the principle of pursuing international justice," she said in an interview published Tuesday by the daily An-Nahar.

Guy acknowledged that all these tribunals were "often set up for political reasons."

"I accept this logic because there are political motives behind the establishment of the tribunals, but I would like to say that this should not undermine justice," she added.

She emphasized that the STL is independent and "not a tool in anybody's hand."

Guy assured that nobody knows the contents of the indictment, adding that "Hizbullah thinks that the STL has been established to destroy it …whereas it is known that the indictment will be issued against individuals."

"It is in Hizbullah's favor to stop the STL since they think it is unconstitutional and politicized" she said, "but nobody knows what the indictment will hold."

When asked about the false witnesses' issue and talks on cutting funds for the STL, Guy said "this will not lead to the tribunal's termination."