U.S. 'Deeply Disappointed' by Israel Settler Homes Plan


The United States said Tuesday it was disappointed by Israel's announced plans to build new homes for Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem.

"We are deeply disappointed," said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, adding the U.S. considered the move "counterproductive to our efforts to resume direct negotiations between the parties."

"We have long urged both parties to avoid actions which could undermine trust, including in Jerusalem, and we'll continue to work with the parties to try to resume direct negotiations," she added.

The U.S. reaction came hours after Israel approved a plan to build 1,100 new homes in a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, a move Palestinians slammed as a rejection of a proposal by the so called Quartet -- the United Nations, EU, United States and Russia -- for new peace talks.

The project's passage on Tuesday is just one stage of a lengthy, multi-year approvals process for the planned expansion of the Gilo neighborhood, which lies in Jerusalem's south.

"With this, Israel is responding to the Quartet's statement with 1,100 'Nos,'" Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat told Agence France Presse, shortly after the approval was made public.

The Quartet proposed a resumption of talks after the Palestinian formally requested admission to the United Nations as a full member state, a step vehemently opposed by Israel and its closest ally, the United States.

Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians broke off a year ago following Israel's refusal to extend a moratorium on construction of settlement housing in the West Bank.

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Default-user-icon Trey (Guest) almost 8 years

Those are very harsh words from the US to Israel. When an Arab country breaks un resolutions, they get sanctions and bombs, when Israel breaks UN resolutions they get words like Disappointed and here is a few hundred million dollars for the project. What double standards policy the US leads.

Thumb benzona almost 8 years

This is so disgusting... peace cannot be achieved with such a government.. It's hopeless.... :-/

Thumb canaanite almost 8 years

"U.S. deeply disappointed"... no their not...

Israel holds the U.S by the pinky toe... Once the world breaks this relationship, the world would be a better place...

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) almost 8 years

Wonder if UN dictates any county in the world weather to build or not to build in its capital.
Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people more than 3,000 years.
Each stone being found is with Hebrew letters.
We pray 3 times a day to the direction of Jerusalem.
We vow not to forget Jerusalem in our prayers.
Who are you to dictate the Jews where to build or not? what rights does Muslim in Jerusalem more than Jews.
When Jordan was the ruler of Jerusalem Jews were not allowed to pray in the wailing wall.
So stick your nose in Beirut and we'll do whatever is good for us.
The Muslim bad habit to build mosques on others holy place doesn't make it yours.
Below your mosque and temple mountain their is the Jewish holy place if you want it or not.