‘Hyphen Islam-Christianity’ Wins France-Lebanon 2011 Award

A 700‐page collector’s book called ‘Hyphen Islam-Christianity’ has been awarded with a Special Mention within the contest France‐Lebanon 2011 organized by the French‐writing Authors’ Association (ADELF) in France.

The book which was written by Joelle Sfeir and Nada Raphael is a human voyage into the heart of Lebanon, beyond all the preconceived ideas and political discourses.

“This is a book that lets you forget the world of politics, wars, and religious tensions and lets the readers discover another face of Lebanon, revealing the country’s unknown beauties”, the writers said in a press release.

They added: “Thanks to the testimonies of its inhabitants and their small stories that are but the stones that built the History of a country; thanks to their universal message of humanity, the book shows that it is possible for different religious identities to live in harmony in the same space.”

With beautiful photos of landscapes, villages and faces, or churches and mosques, it is a unique testimony of the religious and cultural diversity in Lebanon.