Raad Responds to Hariri: Only Cowards Remain Silent over Saudi's Genocide of Yemenis


Head of Hizbullah's Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Mohammed Raad criticized on Thursday Mustaqbal Movement leader MP Saad Hariri's positions on the Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen, saying that linking Iran to the developments in Yemen and Lebanon are a “major mistake.”

He said in a statement: “Only ignorants and cowards remain silent over Saudi Arabia's genocide in Yemen.”

“We call on Hariri and all of his advisors to listen to their conscience and revise their policies, especially since it appears that the so-called Saudi-led Decisive Storm operation is reaching a dead end,” he added.

“They should instead focus on avoiding destroying Lebanon and avoiding stirring sectarian tensions,” he said, while emphasizing the importance of coexistence in confronting challenges.

Furthermore, Raad noted that the Mustaqbal Movement and Hizbullah have long had differing views over local and regional developments, adding however that the differences will not deter the party from continuing the dialogue with the movement.

“We understand the sensitive position that Hariri is in during this moment given the criticism directed against the Saudi Arabian leadership and its idiotic policy and failed aggression against Yemen and its people,” he continued.

“But remaining silent over the crimes against civilians and the will of the Yemeni people can only be accepted by slaves, ignorants, or cowards,” he stated.

“Condemning the Saudi intervention in Yemen and its military aggression against its land, army, and people is a national, constitutional, humanitarian, and moral commitment that should rein in the aggressors, warn them of the dangerousness of their actions, and steer developments towards a peaceful solution to the crisis.” declared Raad.

“It should not be wrong to condemn the aggression, but it should be wrong to justify it,” he noted.

“We consider Saudi Arabia an arrogant brother who cannot cover his crimes with regional and international coalitions or with wasting more of the wealth of its people and nation,” he added.

Moreover, the MP said: “Comparing Lebanon to the developments in Yemen is a major mistake that stems from failing to properly assess the developments that have taken place in Lebanon.”

“It also stems from the failure to acknowledge the will of the people by instead treating them as pawns to serve the interests of other powers,” he explained.

“Iran has long been keen on Lebanon's stability, security, sovereignty, and the right of its people to resist the Zionist aggressors,” he stated.

“Iran has never allowed itself to take decisions on behalf of the Lebanese people, whether in regards to Israel or their internal affairs,” Raad said.

“Iran has long sought to help the Lebanese people, regardless of their affiliations or sect in order to empower their national stances against the Israeli enemy or for the sake of their country,” he stressed.

He deemed as defamation any claims to the contrary against Iran.

“Such claims only serve the enemies of Lebanon,” the MP declared.

On Wednesday, Hariri condemned the manipulation of Tele Liban, Lebanon's official television station, after it aired an interview for Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah with Syria's al-Ikhbariya channel.

He remarked that Lebanon was “not in need of further problems created by Hizbullah”, the latest of which was dragging Tele Liban in the political and media battlefield in the country.

He condemned in a statement the use of “Lebanese media outlets to target friendly Arab countries and Saudi Arabia similar to the practices adopted by some suspicious voices and yellow journalism that want Lebanon to become a partner in antagonizing its Arab brothers for the sake of Iran and its regional policies.”

“Remaining silent over this issue is not justified, whether for the sake of dialogue, which we still seek, or for the sake of placing national interests above foreign ones, especially after witnessing officials from the other side of the divide being adept at jeopardizing these interests on a daily basis,” he added.

“It is unfortunate that Lebanon is being used to these ends, such as linking it to regional conflicts,” he lamented.

“Saudi Arabia's actions in the region stem from its belief in protecting the Arab identity and the rights of its people to security, stability, and development, as opposed to other countries, like Iran that seek to destroy this stability and turn Arab capitals into open grounds for sectarian and armed chaos,” declared the lawmaker.

“It has become apparent to observers that Iran does not pay heed to Arab countries and their official institutions as much as it is interested in infiltrating societies and manipulating sectarian tensions,” Hariri stated.

“Iran seeks to replicate the Lebanese scenario in Yemen where it has been fashioning the Ansarullah Huthi movement in the shape of Hizbullah in order to transform it into a pawn at the doorstep of Mecca and the Arab Gulf,” he noted, while saying that Saudi Arabia has sought to thwart this plan through its airstrikes on Yemen.


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Missing peace over 5 years

i guess that is why he stays silent over the genocide of the syrian people and their displacement...as he is a coward....

Missing peace over 5 years

“It also stems from the failure to acknowledge the will of the people by instead treating them as pawns to serve the interests of other powers,” he explained.

funny coz it is EXACTLY what hezbollah has denied the syrian people....

Missing peace over 5 years

“But remaining silent over the crimes against civilians and the will of the Yemeni people can only be accepted by slaves, ignorants, or cowards,” he stated.

he is a slave an ignorant and a coward as he silences the crimes bashar has commited against syrian civilians but rather support them! ....

hezbollah is in a very critical phase that is why they need to bark to make people forget how desperate their situation is.....

Thumb galaxy over 5 years

why are these terrorists so interested in what happens in Yemen? Don't we have enough problems of our own. It seems their sectarian hate and farsi roots control them at all times. The more I read how much hatred they have inside of them, the more I believe the Saudis did the right thing.

Thumb freedomarch over 5 years

Excelent analysis galaxy.

Thumb kanaandian over 5 years

its not a genocide yet but it has the potential to be one. in neighboring pakistan, who vowed "by allah" to defend the terrorist realm of ksa against the houthis, they have genocide campaign against shia muslims. brutally masscaring them routinely, as with the christians and sometimes sufis. they are butchers. hariri unfortunately is a saudi national, he should have honor and relinquish this citizenship as a former prime minister of lebanon, if not, i am afraid to say this man is a saudi at heart.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com over 5 years

kanaandian - Define a genocide and tell us how many Shia were killed in Pakistan over the last few years. Now tell us how many Sunni civilians were butchered in Syria over the last few years by the Assad regime.

Missing peace over 5 years

the cowards are the ones like you who apply double hypocrit standards....
praising the "will" of people if they support iran but spitting on it if the contrary...

Thumb Mystic over 5 years

Yes peace, you are a very good definition of a coward, so glad you could join us in here.

You need to set an example for all the other cowards my old friend.

Missing peace over 5 years

it is you who has double standards not me...you defend yemeni people but deny the syrians the same....

but too coward to admit it and assume it like a man...

Thumb Mystic over 5 years

I do stand with the Syrian people, against the Saudi backed takfiris of ISIS & Al Nusra etc.

Ofcourse you do not blame the takfiris at all for Syrias suffering, not even remembering it was one of the worlds most peaceful countries in year 2010 before the war.

Thumb Mystic over 5 years

So ISIS, Al Nusra, Ahrar Al Sham etc. They just came out of nowhere right? Typical mostaqbal, takfiris seems to be invisible to them, just as when they ordered their salafis from Tripoli to enter Syria from Lebanon in 2011, same takfiris that did the Halba Massacre in 2008 by the way.

People are beginning to wake up from your lies, I remember the whole world condemned Assad back in the day, now people are finally understanding this Gulf propaganda was an umbrella for ISIS & Nusra all along.

The few peaceful protests there were, got promised reforms and else. It was the takfiris from outside and even within that started this disaster, the world do not care for takfiri freedom, only Syrias freedom and Assad will provide them that.

Missing peace over 5 years

who cares what saudis do as long as they do not bring their war in Lebanon... yemen is none of lebanese business apart for hezbollah or hariri to try and look important...

Default-user-icon yul (Guest) over 5 years

batikh ykassir ba3do !

Thumb Mystic over 5 years

The Ansarullah will fight to the end, as the first Resistance group to advance towards the Wahabis in Riyadh.

Love & Respect -


Thumb ansarullah over 5 years

ansarullah like all chiaas are men of god, but they also have nuclear weapons

Thumb Mystic over 5 years

Very good, we have a Wahabi drone in here that can spread this picture around on the Internet, so they can all know that the Resistance stands with the Ansarullah.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com over 5 years

Hezbollah, Ansarullah, Hussein Brigade, .... And they accuse others of being salafist! HA supports the biggest murder in the Middle East and they do not see the hypocrisy of it all.

Thumb ex-fpm over 5 years

One has to remain within certain limits on a forum such as this. But, I will say this:
The Genocide in Syria is invisible to you and your Iranian bosses.
The Genocide in Iraq and the horrific crimes (since the American invasion) that are still being committed by your shia militias are also invisible to your tender heart.

You people have proven you were never Lebanese or Arab but Iranians and part of the "borderless iranian nation". Keep screaming it means you're hurting. Well done KSA

Default-user-icon jaafar ibn iblees (Guest) over 5 years

is that a martyred huthi jihadi iranian terrorist family in your avatar, God Forbid?

Default-user-icon illegitimate&illiterate.southern (Guest) over 5 years

best comment of the day
so well said
and indeed

Thumb barrymore over 5 years

"“Only ignorants and cowards remain silent " "“But remaining silent over the crimes against civilians and the will of the Yemeni people can only be accepted by slaves, ignorants, or cowards,”

then he says addressing Hariri: "“They should instead focus on avoiding destroying Lebanon and avoiding stirring sectarian tensions,”


Thumb ashtah over 5 years

like his boss, he contradicts himself 10 times in one sentence.

Thumb ashtah over 5 years

We still have no president, our institutions are paralyzed, our economy is shrinking, unemployment is soaring, we have 1.5 million refugees, our agricultural exports are halted, and we have hezbollah obsessed about yemen and dragging us into another war.

Thumb eagledawn over 5 years

7 iranian slaves agreed with flamethrower so far, alas.

Thumb -phoenix1 over 5 years

I am seeing quite a few frowning faces lately. I see Sayed Hassan's, Michel Al Capaoun Claoun's, I see Mohamed Raad's, Nabih Ali Baba Berri's, in fact the list is growing too fast for me to recall all them frowning faces. Yemen my dear Mr. Raad, who now is frowning even more than ever is a reality. It's a reality that you, your boss Sayed Hassan and the bosses of Sayed Hassan in Iran will now have to face to the bitter end and for quite a few more years to come. Now why is that? because your imperialist Iran had big dreams, that of Persia, yeah, the Persia that ruled all the Middle East. Mr. Raad, you people felt that you were working quietly, maybe even feeling unnoticed, but there you are, you guys got caught up. Now you have yourselves an open conflict between Iran and the KSA, proof is that you and your Hezbollah are nothing more than pawns in the paws of a bigger aspirant.

Thumb -phoenix1 over 5 years

@phoenix.bani.plo, pray as much as you can that I don't find your mom, :)

Default-user-icon TheTruthComeOutInTheEnd (Guest) over 5 years

someday you will all wake up and realize that both sides are playing you: Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Thumb beiruti over 5 years

Great! Nice deescalation of the rhetoric. Especially over an issue that has NOTHING to do with Lebanon, but everything to do with Iran and it's proxy, Hezbollah.

Thumb freedomarch over 5 years

KSA ONL? Raad, sorry you forgot almost all the arabic world including. USA and Europe all ok this move toward houthis. Hope this will stop soon and spare rhe blood of innocent people from all sides. We just won't allow an iranian backed militia in our yard just like you hizb zbelleh.

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) over 5 years

Only murderers give cover to the party operatives hiding in Dahyé and elsewhere. Only criminal thugs murder their fellow citizens and arab brethren to side with the basij paymasters!

Missing humble over 5 years

Also "kill the houthi before the viper"...will not forget your good advice

Missing humble over 5 years

Did Iran invade Syria?

Missing humble over 5 years

As a good Iranian servant...you have to support this "modern and advanced civilization"
Why don't you try to go and live there for a few months? You could be enrolled with the R.G ( unless you already are).

Missing humble over 5 years

Followers of Ebola and Iran you keep accusing others of being wahhabis. If wahhabis are traitors, you ALSO ARE TRAITORS.

Thumb liberty over 5 years

The iranian sectarian "lebanese" huthis are crying over freedom of speech. A few days ago, Al Jadeed TV (a mouthpiece of the axis of resistance and terrorism) referred to nassrallah's speech as "nervous" and what happened. Nassrallah's son tweeted, threatened, and described the station as a hired gun and threatened the editor in chief with her life.

Thumb shab over 5 years


Missing helicopter over 5 years

I thought he was going to say " only cowards will leave their country instead of facing assassinations by the experts on genocide". I guessed wrong.

Missing helicopter over 5 years

“Iran has long been keen on HA's stability, security, superiority, and the right of its members to resist the Zionist aggressors and the formation of a credible and strong Republic of Lebanon” is what he meant to say.

Thumb -phoenix1 over 5 years

@Hass, be my guest, you can start with yourself.