Jumblat Appeals for Preserving Stability over IS Fears


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat has called for preserving internal stability as the Islamic State extremist group continued to make more gains inside Syria.

The western city of Palmyra, home to a set of historic Roman-era ruins, was captured by the IS last week.

“After the IS reached Palmyra – and it could even expand more than that – the national priority is to preserve the government and stability,” Jumblat told As Safir daily published on Wednesday.

“This priority should overcome all differences,” he said.

Asked whether he backed calls for the army to lead a campaign against jihadists on the outskirts of the northeastern border town of Arsal, Jumblat said: “The government decides” such issues.

Hizbullah openly joined Syrian President Bashar Assad forces in the civil war in 2013 and its fighters have been taking part in a major battle in recent weeks against jihadists from the IS and al-Nusra Front in the Qalamoun mountain region that borders Lebanon.

On Sunday, Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah vowed his fighters will expand their involvement in Syria's war in support of government forces.

But the Lebanese army has been only stopping infiltrations of jihadists into eastern border towns and on several occasions has clashed with them inside Lebanese territories.



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Missing humble 5 years

Dear Jumbo,
It is timefor you to take a courageous stand. Never forget who assassinated your father.

Missing bigjohn 5 years

So to you humble, the killing of his father is more important than the slaughter of 100 innocent Christian men, women, and children who were murdered by Jumblat's men after his father assassination???

Missing coolmec 5 years

This guy looks like he is a few feet away from his coffin

Missing coolmec 5 years

Well I would much prefer lunatic jeddo passing away first. It will be a sigh of relief for the country

Missing coolmec 5 years

Since we are generalizing I really think that are way many more who need to go namely ALL our leaders who have been running the country in a very personal way enriching themselves and making their seat hereditary

Missing coolmec 5 years

My pleasure my friend

Thumb -phoenix1 5 years

@ayatollah_aounallah, may jiddo go first, Jombie may not be much of an improvement over jiddo, but nothing parallels Aboul Mish in acts of sabotage. There's a joke about the Clauon, when he died, quite naturally he arrived at the gates of heaven where Saint Peter was there to pass on judgement over him, but even before Saint Peter could utter one word, Jiddo Aboul Mish asked Saint Peter what was he, Saint Peter doing there because jiddo said that the post was his. Just to show you how mad this man is.

Missing bigjohn 5 years

"Jumblat Appeals for Preserving Stability over IS Fears"........ONLY IS??? So the pro-Al Qaida Takfiri groups should not be feared and they are "moderate"?