Bid to Smuggle Narcotics Thwarted at Airport


Authorities at the Rafik Hariri International Airport thwarted an attempt to smuggle narcotics into the country en route from Brazil, through Addis Ababa and Cairo, the state-run National News Agency reported on Thursday.

The scheme was thwarted Thursday when a Swedish national tried to smuggle the ample amounts of narcotics, that almost weigh 18kg, in 12 plastic containers, NNA added.

Police said the material are believed to be cocaine paste.

The man hid the containers in two of his luggage.

The Swedish suspect and the confiscated drugs were referred to the Central Anti-Drug Office in Beirut for further investigation.



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Thumb joebustani almost 5 years

The Anti Drug Special Agents of the ISF confirmed the arrest of Ali Mehdi Jaafar, a Lebanese Shia national who was attempting to smuggle 18 kgs of cocaine hidden in his suitcase. The smuggler was arrested after immigration and custom officials became suspicious after verifying his fake Swedish passport.
Without further delay, the smuggler confessed to belonging to the global terror organization known as Hezbollah. He was remanded in custody and referred to the concerned judicial authorities for conviction and rehabilitation.

Hezbollah is a known terrorist organizations with links to organized crime, money laundering, political assassinations, and drug trafficking. The leader of the group has publicly ordered his fanatical followers to use, trade and export drugs to finance terrorist activities in many parts of the world.
Source: OTV Agence Press

Thumb _mowaten_ almost 5 years

lol what imagination you have. too bad the article says it was a "Swedish national"

Default-user-icon mowaten.chimp.313 (Guest) almost 5 years

why the nervous laugh mowaten?

Missing CFTC almost 5 years

@mowaten E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T. Still laughing since the day you declared with a straight face you were a shiaa atheist and also a member of hezbollah with only one account. I think i will also continue to laugh at your statement "lol what imagination you have ". Thank you Thank you

Default-user-icon national (Guest) almost 5 years

Lol yeah lol, although Bulgaria is looking for a "Canadian national" and an "Australian national" hezballah terrorist members involved in the terrorist attack there.

Default-user-icon rami abu nasr (Guest) almost 5 years

mowaten why do you always rush to defend hezbollah and the shiaa on every article? Didn't you say you were secular and atheist?

Thumb -phoenix1 almost 5 years

Is it an ethnic Swedish national ya Mowaten? What would he be doing at this particular time in Lebanon? And OK, if he was just a tourist, why and how would he be in possession of such a large quantity of drugs in his suitcase? Did he just buy it from the Souk El A7ad? Though the article stops short of shedding any more light on the story, but the whole thing reeks of foul-play by a member of a large organization that is well implanted on both Swedish and Lebanese soils. The trouble is that our authorities will stop short and dissimulate the matter in due time. If it was someone that did not belong to such a large organization, then by now his full ID would have been released to the public, if you caught my drift about that dual legal system we have here.

Thumb ex-fpm almost 5 years

phoenix i agree with you and I don't doubt josh's story one bit. mowaten acts as if his clan are saints and have never done anything similar.

Thumb ex-fpm almost 5 years

very unlikely @the_roar, very.

Thumb eagledawn almost 5 years

haha the troll is voting himself up without shame or honor;)

Thumb ex-fpm almost 5 years

rofl @terrorist
I don't why but the name is so mowaten;))

Thumb _mowaten_ almost 5 years

What a bunch of rotten comments, by the rotten sectarians you are.
Can any one of you claim he does not yet know that every claim by "joebustani" is pure fabrication and sectarian incitement?

Thumb _mowaten_ almost 5 years

What great lengths you go to pretend not seeing the disinformation he spreads and instead try to attack me with your pathetic slander. You guys are not morally corrupt, you're morally BANKRUPT.

Thumb s.o.s almost 5 years

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mowaten lost his dignity when he signed up for 101 accounts in Naharnet
Mowaten sent a distress signal as he also lost some of his account details as he was embarking on a boat towards the greek island of Kos.
Save the his data! SOS

Default-user-icon (Guest) almost 5 years

eat your heart out mowaten

Thumb eagledawn almost 5 years

mowaten iraní , is Douma still in Lebanon according to you iranians? hahahaha!

Default-user-icon Joe sarkis (Guest) almost 5 years

mowaten why are you surprised? you are a perfect example of the dilemma at hand. You you are an "Iranian national" but you also carry a Lebanese passport, am I right?

Default-user-icon illegitimate & illiterate.southern (Guest) almost 5 years

such a good point you make southern

Default-user-icon kelly services (Guest) almost 5 years

please call us southern, we found a job for you @ashraf.farouj

Default-user-icon Dodge (Guest) almost 5 years

Southern you should have listened to your mommy, look both ways before you cross!! In plain language it's not always the drivers' fault that you keep getting bumped.

Thumb -phoenix1 almost 5 years

Southern, though done in sarcastic style, however the truth does hurt.

Default-user-icon Dodge (Guest) almost 5 years

The truth does hurt but not as much as getting bumped by a Guagua while crossing the street high on produce by Jaafars®

Default-user-icon illiterate and very illegitimate southern (Guest) almost 5 years

Great work!
السياسه بعد نظر، أخلاق وضمير !!!

Default-user-icon Vitruvius (Guest) almost 5 years

@Southern I am impressed you are old enough to play with LEGOs.. who would have thunk it.

Default-user-icon prof (Guest) almost 5 years

Obviously you can take the boy from dahieh, put it thru schools and college, give him degrees, masters, doctorates in whatever but you cannot take dahieh from the boy here nature wins over nurture every time! #pointless

Default-user-icon crownmegold (Guest) almost 5 years

Apparently you keep hitting nerves, you're obviously not a very good dentist! Where from did you get your degree, the famous "Qom dentistry-ish university and delicatessen (Now Halal!)"?

Thumb -phoenix1 almost 5 years

An angry Hezbollah partisan is one that does not respond as a civilized human being. Furthermore when challenged and short of answers, he resorts to thumbing down his opponents. What is even worse, he makes it even more despicable by creating more trolls and finally lowers himself to gutter lows by using insults and derogation. Well, if our comments make you so uncomfortable, why do you come to this forum? I just forgot, rats live in sewers, daylight does blind them even further. Well, this is my little gift to you you cowardly rats.

Thumb liberty over 4 years

i thought you did not speak arabic roar? maybe sideways?