43 Dead, 239 Hurt as 2 IS Suicide Bombers Target Bourj al-Barajneh


Twin suicide bombings rocked a busy shopping street Thursday in the Beirut southern suburb of Bourj al-Barajneh, killing 43 people and wounding 239 others, in the worst such attack in years.

NNA said the attack was carried out by two suicide bombers who blew up their explosive vests in the Ain al-Sikkeh street.

The Internal Security Forces said two men on foot set off suicide vests in front of a shopping center.

Health Minister Wael Abou Faour, speaking from the scene on a street of shops where vendors also sell from stalls, said many of the injured were in serious condition.

The army said the body of a "third terrorist" was found at the scene of one of the blasts after he apparently failed to blow himself up.

The extremist Islamic State group claimed the attack in a statement posted online.

"Soldiers of the Caliphate detonated explosives planted on a motorbike in an area frequented by Rafida (Shiites),” the statement said.

"After the apostates gathered in the area, one of the knights of martyrdom detonated his explosive belt in the midst of them," the statement added.

The claim could not be independently verified but the statement followed the usual format of IS claims of responsibility and was circulated on jihadist online accounts.

An AFP photographer saw extensive damage to buildings around the site of the blast and bodies inside some of the nearby shops.

There was blood on the streets, and security forces were trying to cordon off the scene and keep people from gathering.

Local television stations showed footage of wounded people being carried away by emergency services and civilians.

"I'd just arrived at the shops when the blast went off. I carried four bodies with my own hands, three women and a man, a friend of mine," a man who gave his name as Zein al-Abideen Khaddam told local television.

- 'Thought world ended' -

Another described the sound of the blasts.

"When the second blast went off, I thought the world had ended," he said.

The wounded were evacuated to several hospitals in the area, including the Bahman hospital in neighboring Haret Hreik.

"We've received dozens of wounded people and they're continuing to arrive," a doctor there told AFP.

The blast is the first to target Beirut's southern suburbs since June 2014, when a suicide car bomb killed a General Security officer who had tried to stop the bomber.

But prior to that, a string of attacks targeted Hizbullah strongholds throughout the country.

Between July 2013 and February 2014, there were nine attacks on Hizbullah bastions, most claimed by jihadist extremists.

The groups claimed the attacks were in revenge for Hizbullah's decision to send thousands of fighters into neighboring Syria to support President Bashar Assad's forces against an Islamist-dominated uprising.


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Default-user-icon well.deseved (Guest) over 4 years

so well deserved so well timed so well executed labayka

Missing cedars over 4 years

Killing civilians is cowardly same as Assad does at all times. You want to be hero play at the same frequency and fight the militia not the civilians you cowards...shame on you.

Default-user-icon the_flamethrower (Guest) over 4 years

excellent news i swear

Thumb farsical.resistance over 4 years

I implore anyone in or around Beirut who can do so to please get to a hospital near where you are and give blood! Even if you cannot get to one of the three hospital in Dahieh do it locally, the blood will get to the injured people who really need it.. A couple of friends and I just donated in Hotel Dieu.

Missing helicopter over 4 years

Fellow Posters,
Defending HA is wrong, defending Assad is wrong, defending ISIS is wrong and this article is not the forum for that. RIP to the innocent civilians and may we focus on what brings us together whenever and wherever tragedy strikes. Lebanon and all Lebanese must be spared violence.
You know I am no HA lover, but I am against all forms of violence within our Lebanon. If we do not condemn all such acts, sooner or later all of us will be hit with tragedies such as this one. Lets use such occasion to express some sympathy and unity. Thank you.

Default-user-icon sayyed al nifaqq (Guest) over 4 years

I thought we could keep killing Syrians in Syria. I guess I was wrong.... again.

Default-user-icon illegitimate & illiterate Southern (Guest) over 4 years

Excellent and timely analysis. Well said southern

Default-user-icon just asking (Guest) over 4 years

could this attack be related to hizballah's war on the syrian people? I heard hizballah committed war crimes in Syria even burning people alive. I saw a few videos on youtube of hizballah fighters burning people alive and taking photos while smiling next to the burning corpses.

Missing mohammad_ca over 4 years

You hav no one to thank but Nasrallat for pushing Lebanon into this war by defending ASSad.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

disgusting terrorist apologist.

Missing mohammad_ca over 4 years

Terrorist apologist comment coming from a hizbollat supporter. Roo7 el3ab.

Missing mohammad_ca over 4 years

Go educate yourself period. Stop blindly following vilayet-e-faqih.

Missing greatpierro over 4 years

Hezbollah servant to Iran has openly declared war in the el Seoud. The latest ashoura celebrations with thousands of hizbullahi shouting death to el Seoud is undoubtedly linked to what happened today. Unfortunately lebanese innocent are paying the price of this irani Saudi struggle.

Missing greatpierro over 4 years

I am ally with the lebanese people not the Iranians nor the Saudis. The innocent people of burj al Barajni do not deserve this massacre. I am only pointing at the potential responsible of this tragedy which is the struggle between Iran and al saud in which hizbollah is actively participating along the Iranians.

Missing mohammad_ca over 4 years

Innocents paying the price of Hizbollat 's crimes in Syria.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

what crimes? ridding the earth from the animals who commit such despicable terrorist crimes is a moral duty. with every crime like this one they only confirm the decision made by hezbollah was the right one. true men would fight hezbollah on the battlefield, but those cowards attack civilians.

Default-user-icon shia but secular (Guest) over 4 years

yes what crimes?!!!!

Thumb thepatriot over 4 years

what crimes?? Go to hell you delusional psycho!!!

Missing mohammad_ca over 4 years

Crimes of defending a dictator and killing innocents while shouting labbayka ya nsarallah. We had nothing to do with this war until hizbollaat started defending ASSad.

Thumb thepatriot over 4 years

Maybe the 10,000 pasdaran should go to hell as well momo! Huh??

Missing mohammad_ca over 4 years

Hizbollat went to their land and they are coming to ours as a result. The perils of vilayet e faqih deciding when to go to war.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

it's not their land, they belong in hell, and if not, in libya, saudi, chechnya, tunis, turkey, uk, australia, us, france and wheverer the hell they came from.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

and i know you're very proud feel like you know a cool word when you say "wilayat el fakih" but it's irrelevant here. i'm not going to waste time going back over how the war in syria started, but it clearly had nothing to do with it.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

you're trying to dodge the point with another irrelevant point. you claim hezbollah "went to their land", but syria is not their land. whether or not there are "russians" (more like chechens and extremists that russia has been fighting for decades) makes no difference here.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

shia.thug > what is that video supposed to show? iraqi militias burning the corpse of a foreign rodent who probably raped and beheaded more than you and your father together? how is that related to bombing civilians in dahieh?
people like you have the mentalities of dogs, when they get rabies they bark and bite anyone they can. there's only one solution with people like you.

Missing mohammad_ca over 4 years

You can try to li your way out of this a much as you want but a sectarian militia admitting that it receives its orders from a sectarian leader is always relevant.

Default-user-icon why the uproar (Guest) over 4 years

why all this uproar and over what? What happened is a daily occurrence in Syria where Hizballah and its allies bomb crowded markets with all kinds of weapons. I don't see why people are up in arms, strange!

Thumb kanaanljdid over 4 years

Condoleances to the innocent victims. Dirty terrorism

Default-user-icon question (Guest) over 4 years

do you even read where the majority of HA dead terrorists are from? Dahieh! They were civilian clothes and next week they go on a mission in syria to kill innocent civilians.

Missing peace over 4 years

targeting civilians is an act of cowardice....

as all acts of terror targeting innocent people this is to be condemned.

Default-user-icon question (Guest) over 4 years

@nonabel, you mean like the Free Sunni Brigades that your hizb created?

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

you have serious mental issues. i think people like you can't be cured and must be put down.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

you know what you can eat?

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

The half-men who cant face hezbollah on the battlefield resort to the lowest tactics, but what they dont realize is that this wont shake hezbollah's resolve.
To the contrary, the very fact that they commit such actions proves beyond any doubt that their eradication is not only moral and just, but necessary.

Missing Rita.Nahhas over 4 years

Even on an article as insignificant as this I find you mowaten spamming, trolling, and terrorizing other posters. What kind of person are you? New evidence surfaces by the minute that you are a paid poster but the question remains who pays you and for what exact purpose? Is it the Iranian embassy, is it the revolutionary guard, is it the syrian intelligence or the ex-KGB? These questions must be answered by you and NOW!

Default-user-icon mowaten.darta (Guest) over 4 years

mowaten, do you speak for hezbollah? how do you know of their resolve? do you have a life other than spamming this forum 24/7?

Default-user-icon rima al khatib (Guest) over 4 years

You must be a mowaten of Iran, Syria, or Iraq?! .... Certainly not Lebanon!

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

I already told you it's the ex-KGB Rita, why do you keep asking the same question after each and every one of my posts? Is it your job? Or are you just a spambot?

Thumb Mystic over 4 years

All martyrs will be avenged, be ready for that.
No more crap about why the Resistance goes into Syria, yes this is why.
If they didn't go into Syria to begin with, then all of Lebanon would be like this.

Now to the takfiris, if you really believe this will help you win, you are deadly wrong, they shall drown in their own blood for all their criminal acts.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

unbreakable spirit

Thumb justin over 4 years

مقتل مسؤول الأمن في "حزب الله" في منطقة برج البراجنة حسين ياغي (أبو مرتضى) في تفجيرات الضاحية.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i over 4 years

thank you @justin;
it does not look all those dead are civilians.

Missing ulpianus over 4 years

How short memory do you have? Never heard of shia suicide bombers or even Hezbollah?
All these parties based on religion or sects are same sh** different name.

And I wouldnt be so proud of Hezb in Syria. They are getting their ASS kicked obviously needing the help of Russia to fight a "bunch of terrorists"...

Missing ArabDemocrat.com over 4 years

This is disgusting crime. But it is no more disgusting than the barrel bombing of civilians in Syria. Both a criminals.

Default-user-icon cousin.flamethrower (Guest) over 4 years

well said mowaten

Default-user-icon calculator (Guest) over 4 years

let's see, 43 plus 239 equals 282 less thugs and criminalsroaming the street of Lebanon.

Default-user-icon expert (Guest) over 4 years

there are a variety of barrel bombs; some are flying barrel bombs others are walking barrel bombs. You cannot support one and condemn the other.... fair is fair.

Missing mohammad_ca over 4 years

Hizbollaat pushed Lebanon to this point. They took the war to the Syrians and now Lebanon is paying the price.

Thumb _mowaten_ over 4 years

lol 100% cousin.aznar

and mohamarde: these are not syrians bombing dahieh, they are saudis, or saudi servants.

Missing mohammad_ca over 4 years

The question is when did YOU Consider it Lebanese you follower of vilayet-e-faqih

Missing helicopter over 4 years

Yes, maybe so. But it does not justify rejoicing when innocent civilians are paying the price. This act must be deplored no matter what sect or affiliation one has. If one rejoices for such event, then the other side can not be blamed for rejoicing when your side is hit with the same. There is time to condemn and time to sympathize.

Missing mohammad_ca over 4 years

I condemn this act and hold hizbollaat responsible for getting us to this point.

Default-user-icon mowaten.fantoura (Guest) over 4 years

mowaten you call that a political psycho-analysis or pure nonsense?

Thumb lebanon_first over 4 years

sad story. I hope the victims rest in peace and the injured get better.

All this militancy of Hezbollah is a problem. I hope Hezbollah comes back to lebanon, sheds its weapons, and becomes a political party.

Nothing more to say.

Thumb westernlebanese over 4 years

I am Christian and I support this bombing!!! Thank god!! God is great!!! Murder these filthy trash. Minimize them! They have been in Syria for more than 4 years and have achieved nothing!!! Nothing!!!!!!! Thank go for this day once again.

Thumb lebanon_first over 4 years

this is killing of innocent civilians. if it were hezbollah fighters dying in combat, you would have a point. But women and children and innocent doing evening shopping dont deserve this.

Thumb thepatriot over 4 years

shame on you western. I despise Ebola more than you do, but this is unacceptable...

Thumb nickjames over 4 years

Everyone listen to Mowaten: "The half-men who cant face hezbollah on the battlefield resort to the lowest tactics"

Lmaooooooooo so what about the Bulgaria bus bombing, the Khobar towers bombing, the Argentina bombing, and the bombings of Hariri, Chatah, Wissam al-Hassan and Eid, Pierre Amine Gemayel?????? Don't these qualify as the same "lowest tactics" you are referring to??

Thumb nickjames over 4 years

Oh sorry Gemayel wasn't blown up, he was shot. But the rest were blown up...

Thumb marcus over 4 years

in above cases, it was Israel who killed those leaders according to the shia of lebanon.

Thumb ice-man over 4 years

How sad..... why are these "takfiris" killing our resistance and their families? This ain't right...!

Thumb s.o.s over 4 years

S.O.S - S.O.S - S.O.S

Safe Our Shia!

The Takfir of Syria has followed the Takfir-Kafir of Iran to his lair!

Default-user-icon Lebanese (Guest) over 4 years

I have never seen a nation like this! Happy for the killing of its own people and better yet, giving excuses to the people who murdered them! You are not a Christian obviously, please stop.

Thumb smarty over 4 years

Look at my avatar and tell me today isn't the return of the stick!

Thumb lubnani.masi7i over 4 years

Prior to hizb el irhab adventures in Syria, there was not a single explosion in Lebanon. The hizb under orders from its masters in tehran went into Syria and made mockery of Lebanon's dissociation policy. Hezbollah is committing equally heinous crimes in Syria if not worse.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i over 4 years

if you were not retarded you would not ask such a question.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i over 4 years

the Lebanese Hizbullah Militia Kill Wounded Syrians.

Thumb barrymore over 4 years

@lubnani, I remember seeing this video over a year ago and I thought it was disgusting then and is disgusting now. The people were executed in cold blood and they were unarmed, injured and dying.

Thumb liberty over 4 years

and you have the sectarian troll mowaten saying above "what crimes" did his terrorist party commit in Syria!

Thumb lubnani.masi7i over 4 years

I very much doubt there are Christians on Jupiter

Default-user-icon willypete (Guest) over 4 years

Mowaten is the modern day version of Joseph Goebbel.
if you don't know who I mean ..you should !
look it up

Thumb beiruti over 4 years

Play with matches and you get burned with fire. This is collateral damage from the Hezbollah decision to follow orders issued in Iran to engage in the Syrian War. Innocent Lebanese civilians getting killed. And I bet they didn't even ask them before he started off on his Syrian adventure.
When do the Shia of Lebanon finally figure out that they are being used, terribly used by Hezbollah to carry out his duties of fealty to Tehran?

Default-user-icon Al Najaf (Guest) over 4 years

you sound very christian to me

Default-user-icon saturn (Guest) over 4 years

milk is not always white
the sky is not always blue
barbie is not just a doll

Thumb skeletor over 4 years

I apologize @terrorist for my late appearance; I just finished receiving the last truckload of bodies. Most of my staff are focused on the Aleppo front these days which left my Dahieh operations a bit under staffed. Busy day indeed....

Thumb skeletor over 4 years

actually, you will be surprised..... none! they all go to heaven while yours come to me.

Thumb joebustani over 4 years

bless anyone person, entity, organization, brigade or country that inflicts extreme pain and unbearable suffering, death, torture, and destruction upon the iranian sectarian terrorist militia and its members, supporters or followers wherever they may be.

Missing arturo over 4 years

Think your points are that any post that in any way offends Hezbollah is by definition Zionist propaganda and the site hosting the post is a Zionist puppet. Interesting points!!

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) over 4 years

honestly.. to all in this forum,who was not sure that we will be reaching this point?????????????????

Missing humble over 4 years

Let me also repeat that the intervention of Ebola in Syria is bringing instability and terror inside Lebanon and as always it is civilians and innocents who pay the price.

Default-user-icon fu (Guest) over 4 years

You're a pathetic excuse of a "news" site for putting "third terrorist" in quotes.

Thumb cedar over 4 years

Rip to anyone who is killed in any circumstances. It is appalling to read the comments on here. A human life is a human life regardless if you like a person or not. It itls not permitted to kill peiple . anyone that says its good or they are happy should be arrested and charged for inciting hatred and murder.

Just because you don't like a political stance dosent mean you get happy when they get killed, that makes you as bad as ISIS and you should be locked up in jail.

Lebanese Intelligence services should find the posters who are blogging on here saying they are happy and arrest them and detain them for being part of ISIS and supporting the biggest terrorist non humane group in the world.

Thumb popeye over 4 years

Nice comment, but why does not the lebanese intelligence service also arrest those in dahieh who openly celebrate the death of syrian and lebanese civilians and stop traffic to give passers by "arabic" sweets carrying banners saying "Qusayr has fallen"?

Thumb cedar over 4 years

I agree, Lebanese Intelligence Services should arrest anyone who celebrates others being killed or promotes it publicly. Its simply inhumane.

I understand people dont like Hezbollah because they have weapons, however it has been proven that those weapons are strategic in its purpose, infact so is the whole reason Hezbollah exists, its a strategic deterrent from Israel. I wouldn't be surprised if Israel was part of this some how.

In Lebanon Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese parliament, therefore it has been legalized, and it is legal. ISIS is not legal under any law in any country, therefor it is not legitimate and directly terrorist, even more Evil.

the problem with Lebanese is they dont know how to follow the law anymore, its a lawless country.

Thumb ashtah over 4 years

" however it has been proven that those weapons are strategic in its purpose
you mean like on May 7th, in Burj abi Haider clashes , in Saida, in protecting wanted criminals, in the black t-shirts armed parade; in killing syrian civilians; in training and arming bahraini and yemeni terrorists... Sure, that is all strategic and proven.

Default-user-icon jihadi.flamethrower (Guest) over 4 years

well put jihadi.john

Default-user-icon GATEKEEPER (Guest) over 4 years

As an Australian living in Lebanon I am disgusted with the way most of you are commenting on this attack. You have a beautiful country and lovely Lebanese people living in it. I wonder what you will be chatting about if you were under the same circumstances as those that were murdered. Yes MURDERED. My advice to all of you: Why don't you concentrate all your energy to make this country more beautiful than what it is. As they say either LOVE it or LEAVE it. I personally love this country and haveno intentions of leaving it any time soon. Since you are all so tough, why don't you go remove the TRASH from your beautiful country that you have been happily lving in in the last few months.

Default-user-icon Immigration (Guest) over 4 years

You are not who you pretend to be; there are no Australians living in Lebanon at the moment.

Default-user-icon DAHIAH GATEKEEPER (Guest) over 4 years

I know a gatekeeper when i see one; you are not a gatekeeper

Default-user-icon just asking (Guest) over 4 years

I just read your comment about being an Australian living in Lebanon and have no intentions of leaving it because as they say Love or Leave it. Do you happen to know a Lebanese living now in Australia by the name of the_roar. He does not speak arabic mind you and hardly posts anymore.

Thumb scorpyonn over 4 years

So sick of Hezbollah implementing Iran's agenda and being a lapdog to those Shiite creeps in Tehran. Enough is enough.

Default-user-icon Fee Sunni Brigade (Guest) over 4 years

I agree with jabbyjabz who is a shia paid by hezbollah.

Default-user-icon analyst (Guest) over 4 years

so it is because of hezbollah, the attacks have not reached the EAST yet ;) In other words, Hezbollah is able to prevent these attacks from happening in Christian areas yet is unable to prevent them from happening in its own area;) How noble of Hezbollah!

Missing servant-of-jesus over 4 years

this is the context of the Bible quote:

" Then they came up and laid hands on Jesus and seized him. 51 And behold, one of those who were with Jesus stretched out his hand and drew his sword and struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his ear. 52 Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword. 53 Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels? 54 But how then should the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it must be so?” "
Matthew 26:47-54

In Gospel of John we are told that the disciple who struck the servant was Peter.

Missing servant-of-jesus over 4 years

@peacelove and @everyoneelse

What this means is that Jesus was teaching that anyone who follows Jesus does not kill others.
The heart of the Gospel is love, mercy, compassion, grace, kindness, self-sacrifice (where you die to save your enemy not die to kill your enemy). That is how Jesus lived, that is how his disciples lived.
Will those who call themselves Christians accept to live like this?